ROUND ONE: Crono and Solid Snake vs. Sabrewulf and Spyro

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Who wins?

  1. Crono & Solid Snake

  2. Sabrewulf & Spyro

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  1. JGlass

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    Swords and guns and martial arts are great, but can you truly go to war with a pair of monsters? The Sabrewulf bears his fangs for battle as Spyro glides overhead, and the men hunting them down are Crono and Solid Snake. Does man or beast win in this new take on a classic battle?

  2. The 1-2-3 Killam

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    I'm going to hold off on voting for a bit until somebody else with more knowledge gives a compelling argument. I'm really intrigued by this first round match though. It's freaking Chrono and Solid Snake against A DRAGON.

    Is this Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct? I played the crap out of the original back in the day, but I'm not going to be able to put anything viable together for the sake of argument, based off knowledge from a decade and a half ago.

    Here's an argument for Chrono...I distinctly remember taking down much bigger, much more threatening villains in Chrono Trigger than what we've got here in Spyro the Friendly Dragon. That being said, he usually had a posse of even more awesome characters at his side, so it'd be interesting to see him try and fell somebody like Sabrewulf on his own.

    Solid Snake is a badass, but I'm not really sure how much help he's going to be here. I don't like the Metal Gear series though, so again I'm going to hold judgement until I see some more compelling discussion.
  3. Dan Severn's Moustache

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    Massive fan of both Metal Gear Solid and Killer Instinct, so I'm digging this battle a lot. Played some Spyro and Chrono Trigger too, so this should be a good fight.

    Sabrewulf is a very quick and highly damaging combatant in hand to hand combat. I could see him even giving Mike Tyson a run for his money with the amount of damage he can deal. If he can get close to you, he can tear you to pieces. He can clear quite big distances too with his attacks, so fleeing is quite difficult, but not impossible. Sabrewulf does lack range though. Although Sabrewulf can throw exploding bats, they really won't be very damaging to Crono and Snake can easily dodge them.

    Crono is essentially a jack of all trades, but a very powerful jack of all trades at that. (oh yeah, and before any of you say Luminaire could kill Sabrewulf in one hit, Sabrewulf can fight in bright sunlight just as well as he can in moonlight, so that is invalid. It can certainly damage him though). His katana skills are pretty good too, but his Raise ability is VERY helpful. Should SS fall at any point, he can revive him to continue the battle. This is INVALUABE to avoid Crono being ganged up on or being out of his depth in fights. He also uses the power of lightning to great effect. However, Crono struggles against anyone that is more powerful than himself, and he'll be easy prey for anyone stronger than him in the tournament. His opponents here are about his level though.

    Solid Snake's stealth and combat expertise make him essentially a one man army. However, if there was anyone at a disadvantage in this match-up, it's him. For one, Snake primarily fights humans. Even some of his weirdest opponents such as Psycho Mantis, are still human. Sabrewulf may have been human, but that part of him has gone. And Spyro is obviously a dragon. Whilst Crono may have fought intelligent animals in his adventures, Snake has not. The second thing is Snake's stealth really cannot come into play here. Spyro can fly, and Sabrewulf will constantly be on his heels due to his speed. Therefore, it will be very difficult for Snake to get a necessary sucker punch on either opponent. Not to mention that his weapons are adapted for combat against humans and both opponents are hard ones to hit.

    Spyro has powers over Ice, Fire, Earth, Electricity and even Time, making for an impressive arsenal to overwhelm his opponents. He's also fairly proficient in melee combat. However, Spyro's flying ability is limited, and that could be his best weapon against his opponents here.

    I see the fight starting with Sabrewulf quickly targetting Snake, Snake attempting to keep range from Sabrewulf, Spyro ascending and attempting to take out Crono and Crono targetting Spyro with lightning, which won't be very effective, seeing as Spyro wields the power of Electricity and the speed of which he'll be travelling at.

    Snake can't run forever. Sabrewulf will eventually catch up to Snake having dodged Snake's heavy but slow weaponry and not sustained enough damage from the bullets. Sabrewulf ravages Snake and moves onto Crono. Spyro meanwhile has fallen from the air and is engaging Crono in close combat, where Crono's katana skills prove to be vital. But Crono can't use any magic because he is locked in with Spyro, who is arguably equally as strong as him in Melee combat. Sabrewulf quickly approaches, Crono is Catch-22'd and dies a horrible death at the beasts.

    The thing that matters here is that Snake will die early here. He's arguably the most brittle out of the 4 characters here and his tactics are simply not effective against the beasts. Humans definitely, but not animals. Because of the agility from Sabrewulf and Spyro, unless Crono uses Luminaire early, he'll be double teamed very quickly.

    Tl;dr the beasts have a hyper offensive strategy which is very hard to respond to. Snake relies on patience and cunning and he will be the downfall here.
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