ROUND ONE: Cole MacGrath & Adam Jensen vs. Batman & Hei

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Who wins?

  1. Cole MacGrath and Adam Jensen

  2. Batman and Hei

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  1. The Doctor

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    In one of the most spectacular fights of the first round, the augmented agent Adam Jensen teams with the electric Cole MacGrath to take on the team of Batman and what some call the Batman of China. Both teams have technology and electricity on their side, but only one can move forward.

  2. Bernkastel

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    So we have Cole MacGrath & Adam Jensen vs. Batman & Hei. Right...

    Cole MacGrath

    Strength: Superhuman. 1000+ pounds.

    Speed: Superhuman. Can grind himself on metal to reach much higher speeds.

    Durability: Superhuman. Can survive long falls.

    Destructive Output: Large building level. Either via freezing it or frying the internal structures with electricity.

    Adam Jenson

    Strength: The same as his partner.

    Speed: Supersonic. Can dodge bullets at close range.

    Durability: Building level.


    Destructive capacities: Same as his partner. With Typhoon gun.


    Strength: Superhuman. 1000+ pounds in best showings.

    Speed: Peak human.

    Durability: Peak human.

    Destructive output: Building level with Batmobile.


    Strength: Peak human

    Speed: Faster than the eye. Bullet timer.

    Durability: Superhuman. Coat is bulletproof.

    Destructive output: City block level


    After analysis Team 1 has the advantage over Team 2 in every category except destructive output. Hei could one shot, but arguably he wouldn't be fast enough to deal with Jenson's speed. Even if Batman gets taken out and leaves one opponent behind, I think Hei can deal with Jenson if he catches him off guard; same with Cole, who isn't much faster or slower than Hei. Because of that I'm going to give Team 2 the victory in a really close match.
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