ROUND ONE: Astro Boy & Multiple Man vs. Raiden & Asuka Kazama

Discussion in '3rd BattleZone Tournament (2013)' started by JGlass, Oct 22, 2013.


Who wins?

  1. Astro Boy & Multiple Man

  2. Raiden & Asuka Kazama

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  1. JGlass

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Most of the first round fights are going to be two on two, but this one has the potential to be two on a whole hell of a lot more than two. The Multiple Man can make plenty of copies of himself, but Raiden and Asuka Kazama are surely more than up to the task to take out a few Jamie Madrox dupes. But Multiple Man will not be alone, fighting alongside him is Astro Boy, a powerful ally indeed. But can the Metal Gear Solid Cyborg and Tekken badass stop the mutant and the robot?

  2. The Doctor

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    Dec 19, 2008
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    Okay, this is one heck of a fight, and I don't think people realize that.

    On one side, you have a plucky fighting robot and a man who can make multiple copies of himself, which to me is one of the coolest powers in the tournament. On the other you have a badass cyborg warrior with crazy sword powers, and a karate expert. They're pretty evenly matched.

    I think what will turn the tides towards Asuka and Raiden would be their experience in fighting multiple enemies at a time. Even before he became what he did in Metal Gear Solid 4, Raiden shone when facing many guards at a time. However, after he became the cyborg swordsman, he did nothing but kick serious ass against many foes at once. It's the same with Asuka - When training, she had to take on five or six people at a time, and that's not to mention her experience in tag team tournaments with the Tekken Tag games.

    What this means is that Multiple Man's power isn't as useful as you might think. When you fight two people used to clearing rooms of baddies you can't just rely on distraction and the numbers game. As for Astro Boy, he's plucky and strong and tough and has some serious firepower, but with Multiple Man taken out at this point it'd just take a combination attack and he's out. I'm imagining Astro Boy trying to fly out of range only for Asuka to give Raiden a boost and boom, off with his head.

    Asuka and Raiden advance.
  3. Bernkastel

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    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. This isn't Raiden from Mortal Kombat? Fuck, there goes my card. My money would have been that Raiden solo fucks Team 1 by himself, since he's essentially a planet buster while unrestricted. Anywho after some quick research I've found MGS Raiden to not be so bad. This match is coming down to Astroboy vs Raiden, as Multiple Man and Asuka are non factors. And in that battle, my money would be on the clone maker.


    Strength: Punched through 30 feet of solid iron. Can demolish tanks and plane with one blow.

    Speed: Massively hypersonic. With 1,000,000 HP engine.

    Durability: At least large building level. Can withstand water pressures at 15,000 ft. Can withstand temperatures up to 5400 degrees, and was only partially melted by the heat of an artificial sun.

    Destructive output: Large building level. His lasers can melt steel, and blast right through.


    Strength: Comparable to Astroboy's

    Speed: Hypersonic in strongest form.

    Durability: Multiple city block level. Tanked a punch that created a shockwave that destroyed this big fucker...

    [​IMG] the process.

    Destructive Output: Multiple city block level. Was able to match punches with, and later defeated, the guy that one shotted the EXCELSUS.

    Basically Raiden can one shot Astroboy if he can get his hands on him, but that won't be easy since the latter's a bit faster, and can fly. What would likely happen is that Raiden would probably catch AB off guard, and could quickly finish the job with a couple punches.

    Team 2 wins.
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