RIP Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart

Discussion in 'WWE News' started by Lee, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Lee

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    Sad times, RIP.
  2. Bookerkingston

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    Jan 28, 2012
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    Damn man, now Bret is the only one left. Damn this is sad to hear, R.I.P. Anvil :(
    Condolences to Natalya and the rest of the family
  3. Ceen

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    Feb 18, 2018
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    The best wishes for all the family. RIP
    It's too bad that they leave us so early, they had a lot to see and live.
  4. HeenanGorilla

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    My favorite tag team growing up. Loved how Bret and Jim brought different strengths to the table. Such a cool look and a cool finisher. I've only been to one PPV, SummerSlam '89, but I made a poster of the Hart Foundation. You watch Raw during the Attitude Era and every person has a poster. But, back in '89, I couldn't even bring it up to my seat in the upper deck. My dad didn't want me to have to throw it out, so he rolled it up inside his pant leg and smuggled it in. Haha. They were the opening match and lost to the Brain Busters in a battle of legendary teams (which I didn't know until years later because I was WWF all the way and didn't know of Arn and Tully beforehand) Anyway, loved the match then and still thought so when I re-watched recently. Great memories, directly and indirectly, from the Anvil.
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  5. enviousdominous

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    Jim always had a level of intensity about him that made him seem bigger and meaner than any of his opponents. His promos were legendary in terms of how the raw fury exhibited could electrify anyone. I remember his epic "THAT'S 25% HARDER WE'RE GONNA SLAM 'EM!" promo toward Jimmy Hart and the Rougeaus. He and Bret were like a perfect yin and yang when they elevated the WWF's tag-team scene, and they were my absolute favorite tag-team growing up

    There wasn't a whole lot to him, he was just great at wrestling and he was great to watch. He was just pure talent, and I'm thankful that he chose prowrestling.

    See you on the other side big man.
  6. d_henderson1810

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    I would have loved to have seen a feud between Bret Hart v Jim Neidhart. I think that would have been interesting.

    I remember I actually had a feud between them on GM Mode of one of the video games. I tried to make a CAW of Neidhart, but I couldn't get his goatee all long and pointed. So, I had him and Bret Hart fight in a "Hair v Hair" Match, where Bret put his long locks against Neidhart's hair and goatee. Neidhart lose my match, so I could then remove the beard I put on him, and have him clean-shaven.

    I think Neidhart was an underutilised member of the Hart Foundation faction, and Bret, Owen and Davey Boy seem to overshadow him. But he was tough, and I remember his cackle when he and Bret were heels as the Hart Foundation.

    So, we have lost Vader, Grandmaster Sexay, Brickhouse Brown, Nikolai Volkoff, Ivan Koloff, George "The Animal" Steele and now Neidhart. A sad year for wrestling indeed.
  7. Goldie

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    May 8, 2012
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    In the Bret vs Owen fued of 1994- Jim came back and sides with Owen. There is the odd Jim vs Bret house show match floating around youtube- though they never feuded on a major PPV.
    Jim more often than not by Brets side.

    They likely had a few matches in Stampede too.

    The Harts vs Bulldogs will always stay in wrestling legend- Jim was underated. A colourful and entertaining big man.

    This was a bit of a shocker because 63 is no great age.... though it was reported Jim had been diagnosed with Alzeheimers and suffered a bad fall.

    RIP Jim thanks for the memories
  8. Dave

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    Totally gutted for Natalya and the rest of the Neidhart family. So sad to see all of these guys so soon. I'd read that he died after falling and hitting his head. What a tragic way to go if that's indeed what happened to him. I watched a lot of Total Divas and Jim was a brilliant part of that. You could tell that Natalya was totally in awe of her father and that he was the focus of that whole family. My heart is aching thinking of poor Natalya and her family.

    Gone too soon, Jim. Rest in peace, Anvil.
  9. Just an Old Guy

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    Aug 4, 2018
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    He's 100% legend. Those promo packages where bret would do his thing and then anvil would DO HIS THING!!!!! STROKE THE GOAT! HAHAHHAHAHA! STROKE THE GOAT! then... back to bret, just chilled out talking. Anvil was unhinged... bret was cool and collected. It was perfect and you could stick them in any era and they'd still be fantastic.

    That was how tag teams were done. Their matches still hold up today and as a team they're obviously one of a handful of gold standard teams from the 80's and early 90's. The rockers were my number 1; On the playground i was marty when we would tag... but HF was 1-B. Without anvil, I don't know that bret would have made it as far, because that gave him those extra years to learn how to talk...better.

    It stinks that he's gone. but 63 in wrestler years is 117 in regular dude years, and he didn't have a long agonizing illness, (at least that we know.) he just fell and went. I'll continue to celebrate those classic years every time I dig up something on the network from back in the day.

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