Repost: Sam Points Out the Rules or At Least His Interpretation of Them

Discussion in 'The 3rd Annual Wrestlezone Tournament (2009)' started by Uncle Sam, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Uncle Sam

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    I used to be such a douche.
  2. Lee

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    I'm going to have my say on this as well Sam. Whilst I am not known for liking reat wrestlers (see RTC avatar) I feel this tournament will be good to look at matches and see more about them. So there are a few things I am recommending;

    1) The campaign HQs...go through and read them all, especially if you don't know about the wrestler. I hadn't watched much of Stings work but Monkey's thread has made me appreciate the wrestler.

    2) Go Kayfabe. Will I be avoiding Benoit because of what happened with him? No! I will vote for him because I think he was a sound wrestler.

    3) Research; Wikipedia and youtube are your friends, you can learn their history and see some good matches/promos by that wrestler.

    I recommend you should do that before casting your vote and not just voting for people who you know and have seen before, but put effort in and research.

  3. 48.7 is Approximately 49 Times Better Than You

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    I'm sure that most know this already, but there are surely a select few who will overlook it. I've come to the conclusion that in years past, each match up is contested in a certain type of match. (Ladder, ironman, submission, hardcore, normal singles..) Please remember to take these into account. I'm sorry, but there isn't a chance that Edge beats Kurt Angle in an ultimate submission match.
  4. Benjaminfan27

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    Another example is there is no way Big show or Khali beats Shelton or HBK in a ladder match.
  5. NSL

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    That may be, but outside of a ladder match, the odds even up for the big men. Will used the Ultimate X as an example, when explaining that AJ Styles would obviously have an advantage over Big Show.

    In an Ultimate X match though, Big Show probably wouldn't need to use the X-ropes. He may be able to just stand there and pull the X down.

    Matches like the Barbwire Match, or the TLC match really don't effect either side.
  6. The Big Gunnzbowski

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    Speaking of the rules, I'm sure this is a simple answer, but I've scoured this tournaments' pages, and came up empty...How do I vote? I'm itching to!!

    And I see no reason why Khali or Big Show couldnt beat Shelton or HBK in a ladder match...They wouldn't have to climb as high up on the ladder!
  7. IrishCanadian25

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    Dude, Gunz, you don't start voting on matches before there are even matches. Only 16 seeding rounds have been announced. There are 256 wrestlers in this thing, and nobody even has an opponent yet.

    Shocky will post the match-ups, and you will debate each match and vote then. Single elimination.

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