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    Real Name : Marcus Wagman

    Gimmick Name : Remarkable Mark Keaton

    Announced as : Remarkable Mark Keaton

    Weight : 225 Pounds

    Height : 6’3

    Hometown : Toronto, Ontario Canada

    Billed from : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Alignment : Heel

    Introductions: Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Big Bad Roady, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Remarkable Mark Keaton!

    Hair : Short blonde

    Eyes : Blue

    Facial hair : Five o clock shadow

    Ring attire : Black Leather pants with jagged -RMK - on the rear in white, leather wrist straps, white tape on fingers. Black leather jacket and sunglasses during ring entrance.


    Backstage attire : Black leather jacket , sunglasses. Same as ring gear. Can also show up wearing cheesy 80's dress shirts with high collars.


    Tattoos : Skulls and smoke on both arms running right up to shoulders. Large dragon on right chest stretching over to his back with parts going up neck.

    Gimmick: Remarkable Mark Keaton is an 80’s rocker at heart and his mic skills will confirm it with references straight from the 80’s and late 70’s. Mark Keaton is a dude who kills the ladies and his heavy metal theme influences his entrance as well, he’ll headbang his way to the ring while rocking an air guitar. But not just any air guitar, an electric air guitar. Doesn't trust anyone and often loses his cool.

    Entrance music :

    Entrance Description : Mark Keaton makes his way out to the ramp with a big sneer on his face. Big Bad Roady follows him and yells at people to show respect.Mark then bangs his head as he heads to the ring. He slides in the ring and plays more air guitar for the crowd before taking off his leather jacket and handing it over the ropes to Big Road.

    Fighting style: Brawler with 80’s style wrestling.

    Prior Injuries: Ligament strains.

    Finishing moves:

    The Voltron Suplex! (Jackhammer Suplex)

    Signature moves:

    Form Voltron (Snake Eyes set up to Voltron Suplex)

    Form Voltron Two (Three snap inverted atomic drops set up to Voltron Suplex)

    *Rare* Hidden White sand attack, concealed in pants

    12 most used moves:

    Multiple snap jabs
    Backpack sleeper hold
    Scoop body slam
    Classic delay piledriver
    Single leg boston crab
    Standing dropkick
    Rake to the eyes
    Back body drop
    Side suplex
    Classic backbreaker
    Elbow drop off the top ropes
    Chop block



    • WZCW Tag Team Champion (x2)
      [*]WZCW Tag Team of the Year (2016) with Justin Cooper
    • WZCW Rookie of the Year (2016)


    Once in a blue moon, Mark's alter ego comes the spoiler but be warned, it's scary.....



    Weight: 225 Pounds

    Height: 6'3

    Hometown: From the depths of hell.

    Alignment: Unknown!

    Introductions: From the depths of hell, weighing 225 pounds...Superbeast Mark Keaton!

    Hair: Blonde with streaks of grey

    Eyes: White

    Facial hair: Five o clock shadow

    Ring attire: Same black leather pants, but with Superbeast on the rear instead of RMK, black gloves.

    Entrance Gear: Long dark cloak with high collar, bone designed guitar.

    Backstage attire: Same as entrance attire.


    Gimmick: Back during Gold Rush, Mark Keaton was possessed by a demon before his match with Kagura, he's been able to keep the Superbeast away, but it's always lurking, looking for a chance to let loose. RMK is trapped inside while Superbeast awakens, he will often find a way to put the Superbeast back to rest after awhile.

    Entrance Music:
    Entrance description: Fog covers the stage, Superbeast glides out as if on ice, his black cloak covering his features, his collar high. He grabs a leather strap on his chest and whips his bone guitar around, he strums on the guitar and headbangs with a hard foot slam on the stage, with every foot slam fire balls shoot out in a line behind him. Superbeast drops the guitar and goes back to being scary, he slowly walks to the ring, not paying any attention to the crowd. He climbs in the ring and removes his cloak, he adjusts his black gloves and waits for the match to start.

    Fighting Style: Vicious brawler with little regard to his own safety, can take more punishment than RMK.

    Moves: All the same as RMK's, except some of his moves he takes a longer time to execute, as if Superbeast is enjoying the punishment he's dishing out.

    Other notes: Superbeast can relate to other scary wrestlers (If any are around) but his interest is only to do harm to others. If in an interview, the lights may dim or other strange ghost things may happen.
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