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    Born John J. Rambo, Rambo enlisted in the army immediately following high school. From there on, he would go on to have a decorated military career, with silver stars, bronze stars, a purple heart, and a medal of honor to his name. As if that wasn't enough, he was also a ruthless mercenary and a killing machine -- basically, a badass in the truest sense of the word.

    He isn't motivated by greed or a blood lust, he is simply a loyal man, scarred by what he has seen in the field of combat, willing to do anything for the things he cares about. He has been tortured, chased through jungles, into forests, and onto mountains, but he has always returned alive -- with the mission complete.

    While he is but a regular man, Rambo's proficiency with weapons, extensive military training, and will to survive may prove difficult to overcome. Come after Rambo and he'll give you a war.


    • Guerrilla Warfare Expert: Due to often being outnumbered, Rambo has mastered the craft of guerrilla warfare. He can strike silently, quickly, and effectively.
    • Proficient in Hand-To-Hand Combat: Rambo's training and experience have prepared him very well for engagements with his enemies. He is deadly without a weapon and can fight with the best of them.
    • Extensive Military Training: Though exact degree of his military training is unknown (and possibly classified), Rambo is trained to use many weapons, he is a good military tactician, and he can take advantage of any standard military equipment.


    • Bowie Knife: Rambo often carries his knife and will not hesitate to kill with it. His knife is a favorite weapon of his and has been used to subdue countless enemies.
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