Punishment Martinez Headed For WWE

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    After successfully defeating Chris Sabin at 'Death Before Dishonor', Punishment Martinez lost his ROH Television Championship to Jeff Cobb the day after at the ROH TV tapings. Right after, PW Insider have claimed that he has finished up all his ROH dates and will now be heading to the WWE.

    Link to PW Insider's report here.

    At the age of 36, Martinez started training at New Jersey's 'Monster Factory' in 2004 and would follow up in 2015 at the ROH Dojo. He would have short stints with ROH and independent promotions in the east coast before becoming a regular in 2016 following a loss against now-WWE alumni Lio Rush in the Finals of the Top Prospect Tournament.

    Martinez is a Puerto Rican wrestler as well as a national championship winning martial artist.


    What are your thoughts on Punishment Martinez coming to the WWE? Sound off below.
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    I think he's someone who could potentially do well in NXT but I wouldn't expect much once he reaches the main roster unless Vince sees his work in NXT, falls in love with him and wants him fast tracked as soon as possible. He'll be 37 early next year and while WWE has made big deals, to varying degrees, of wrestlers coming in his age and older, they've been far bigger and more established names like AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode. Joe is still waiting for his big moment, Nakamura has been so misused at times that I hope he either returns to Japan or, if he does stay with WWE once his current deal expires early next year, he heads back to NXT. Bobby Roode is just smack in the middle of limbo and that's probably where he's going to stay as he's been miscast since his arrival on the main roster and is nothing more now than an entrance and catchphrase.

    I think Martinez will do well as a big destroyer who mows through most of his opponents in NXT, goes up against the top guys, gives them a good fight and ultimately puts them over like Lars Sullivan. If he makes it to the main roster, there's a great chance he just gets lost in the shuffle.

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