Psychologically Disturbing, Round One: In My Skin vs. Combat Shock

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Which Film Is More Disturbing?

  1. In My Skin

  2. Combat Shock

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    In My Skin (2002, Directed by Marina de Van)


    Synopsis: After accidentally gashing her leg at a party, a woman becomes fascinated with further disfiguring her body.

    Why This Film Was Chosen: Because I love the New French Extremity. Also, when I rented this one from netflix, I was totally caught off-guard.

    Key Disturbing Moment: Near the end of the film, the protagonist holes up in a room and cuts a significant amount of her skin off.


    Combat Shock (1986, Directed by Buddy Giovinazzo)


    Synopsis: A look at the life of Frankie Dunlan, a man psychologically ruined by the Vietnam War and the impoverished, inner-city lifestyle he can't escape.

    Why This Film Was Chosen: While Troma is mainly known for their gross-out horror-comedies, Combat Shock is one of the highlights of their distribution history.

    Key Disturbing Moment: The main character's mutated, "Agent Orange" baby makes the baby from Eraserhead look beautiful in comparison. ​

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