Phoenix Region, NC Subregion: First Round: (14) Jack Brisco vs. (19) Lance Storm

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  2. Lance Storm

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    The following contest is a first round match in the Phoenix Region.

    This match takes place in the Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina


    #14 Jack Brisco



    #19 Lance Storm


    This contest is one fall with a 20 minute time limit. The match will take place in a 16 x 16 ring with no ramp leading to it. Any traditional managers for either competitor will be allowed at ringside.

    As for voting, vote for who you think would win this match based on the criteria you choose. Some suggestions would be (not limited to): in ring ability, overall skill, their level of influence at the highest point in their career, ability to connect with the crowd, experience in major matches or simply personal preference etc.

    The most votes in the voting period wins and in the case of a tie, the most written votes wins. There is one written vote per user, meaning if a poster make ten posts saying Bret should win that will count as a single vote. In the event of a second tie, both men are ELIMINATED, no questions asked. Only winners advance.

    Voting is open for four days and all posts must be non-spam.​
  2. The Brain

    The Brain King Of The Ring

    Mar 8, 2009
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    Poor Storm. He didn't have much chance of advancing beyone the first round anyway, but at least if he came up against someone like The Ultimate Warrior or Goldberg his supporters could make a case. They would argue Storm's in ring ability would trump their popularity. Too bad Storm matched up against one of the all time in ring greats here. This would be a fun match to watch but Brisco would have little trouble getting the win over Storm. Storm was never really a headliner anywhere while Brisco was NWA champion back when it was the undisputed most important title in wrestling.
  3. Uncle Phatso

    Uncle Phatso Mid-Card Championship Winner

    Aug 18, 2007
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    Literally what does Lance bring to the table here against Jack, either one of the Brisco brothers wouldn't have much of a time dispatching him. While Lance was a good wrestler, he isn't up to the level of either of the Brisco brothers let alone Jack. Both Jack and Jerry were pretty good in the ring in singles and tag competition, but for me Jack sort of outshines Jerry. Lance was never really anything large in any of the promotions he worked for, when you think of tag teams The Brisco Brothers is a big name in that area. Now I know it isn't a tag match, but Jack can undoubtedly hold his own against Lance Storm.
  4. 8thwotwATG

    8thwotwATG The Big Boss

    Jan 1, 2008
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    Poor Lance...unfortunately for him, he caught a really, really bad draw here in the first round. I take nothing away from the guy, but he's up against one of the arguably 25 greatest pro wrestlers of all time here. Storm is a very good wrestler, but he is in over his head against Jack Brisco, who was one of the finest pro wrestlers ever to wear the NWA Championship. His wars against Dory Funk Jr. are the stuff of legend, his ability as an in ring technician are well documented, and quite frankly Lance Storm was never the draw that Brisco was, even at his best. If you want to go Kayfabe here, Storm hangs around for a bit before Brisco rols him up for an easy W. Brisc all the way.
  5. Tech N9ne

    Tech N9ne All 6's and 7's

    Nov 14, 2010
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    Damn... Another bad draw for a another guy that may have had a chance against the right guy to advance to the next round.

    Not Storm over Brisco, though. Storm could have been defended easier if it wasn't against the type of wrestler that Brisco was.

    Storm gets his ass beat in this one, plain and simple.
  6. Hollywood Naitch

    Hollywood Naitch The current reigning and defending

    May 27, 2010
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    I have always rated Lance Storm. I believe he could have been one of the best IC champions of all time in the WWE, had he been used correctly. His "serious" gimmick was great, he had a great look and was clearly one of the most talented wrestlers on the roster. He brought credibility to whatever title he held.

    I always hoped they would reform The Thrillseekers Tag Team with Y2J or the Impact Players with Justin Credible while both were on the roster. That would have added another factor to the Invasion, as the Impact Players were an awesome tag team.

    Jack Brisco was undoubtably a great in pro wrestling, and firmly deserves his spot in the HOF, but both Brisco's were honest this one Justin Credible's interferance would prove crucial, as a singapor cane shot to the head dazes Jack, leaving him open for a Calgary Kick, and Storm comes away with a huge upset victory.
  7. Jack-Hammer

    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 26, 2009
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    Another lousy draw for someone that's really an IWC darling. When you look at Brisco's accomplishments and some of the wrestlers he defeated over the course of his career, you just can't help but see Lance Storm as being a minnow in an ocean surrounded by sharks.

    Brisco was NWA World Heavyweight Champion for 866 days and, over the course of his career, scored wins over people like the Funks, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Bob Backlund, Giant Baba and scores of others. That's also not taking into account his accomplishments as a tag team wrestler.

    I think it'd be a fun match to watch with Storm's superior overall athleticism giving him enough of a competitive edge but, in the end, he'd just wind up being outwrestled by the superior mat technician.
  8. D-Man

    D-Man Gone but never forgotten.

    Jan 26, 2009
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    I was tempted to vote for Lance Storm until I read this. Yeah, I know... I had a dumb moment.

    Guys, Jack Brisco was a fucking BEAST. Lance Storm, with his vast resume and incredible ring skills, really can't hold a candle to someone like Brisco. It's a matter of one guy being great facing off with another guy that is legendary... and rightfully so.
  9. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    Jack Brisco would win this. Lance Storm was a wrestler who managed to win midcard titles and put on great matches, and is one of the few wrestlers to retire with any dignity, which is well worth remembering. However, he never really did what he needed to when faced with wrestlers from the upper echelons of the card, and I don't think that would be any different here. Jack Brisco would be tested to an exciting match here, before winning.
  10. Janice

    Janice Dark Match Winner

    Feb 24, 2011
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    James Storm always had the potential. He had the potential to be an Intercontinental champion that people would remember! He had the potential to make a mighty nice team with more than a few guys and he had the potential to go very far with a gimmick that was general but perfect when used correctly. But you know what? Never did he cash in on any of it. You'd see flashes of it here and there, sure. He always had the IWC hoping, everyone trying to just find that reason to keep supporting him but there isn't anymore. He's washed up and in a few years, I hope that the last few people of the IWC will have finally let go and accepted the fact he isn't the James Storm that for some reason, they loved. No, he's retired and he doesn't deserve any more attention than he's already getting. Jack Brisco is pretty much the complete opposite of this man.

    Jack faced everyone he could possibly face, did everything he could possibly do and he held the NWA Heavyweight Title longer than one entire school year. That is insane! The ways he disposed of opponent after opponent was equally insane and I'm sure that if he could have kept on going until he was a hundred and two, he would've. And then add on the fact that he is one of the rare breeds of singles and tag team wrestler, he did both and did both of them to perfection. You think John Cena or AJ Styles is amazing? Look at this guy and maybe you'll just change your mind.
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  11. hatehabsforever

    hatehabsforever Moderator
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    Mar 5, 2007
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    I voted for Lance Storm, but it is one of the few choices where I think I may have picked the wrong guy. Brisco was a little before my time, yet I do realize that he was a very impressive competitor in his heyday. But I don't know, I always really liked Lance Storm as well. Maybe this was a case of voting with my heart rather than with my head, so I went with Lance Storm. In the end, however, I feel reasonably certain that Jack Brisco will be the one getting the nod here, and probably rightfully so.
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  12. FitFinlay4Life

    FitFinlay4Life What's the craic?

    May 4, 2010
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    I'm going to vote for my favourite here - Lance Storm. Brisco is deservedly a legend in wrestling and career versus career, Storm hasn't an icecubes chance in hell.

    But I'm going to be churlish and dig my heels in, if it was Briscoe versus Eddie or Benoit or Jericho I think Jack'd be struggling. I think Lance is on a level with these three guys and only circumstance stopped him reaching the heights they did (had he not been so loyal to ECW for so long).

    A battle based on the figure four against the single leg Boston crab. The Canadian comes out with the shock win over the two time NWA Champ.
  13. TheOneBigWill

    TheOneBigWill [This Space for Rent]

    May 28, 2007
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    It's pretty much all over, but my vote went to Lance Storm for no other reason than he's a personal favorite of mine.

    One of the ways I vote, besides trying to be fair through the most part (this one, obviously not included) is which guy entertained me more. Lance Storm was one of those guys that didn't need a fancy gimmick, or a flashy outfit to steal your hearts and win you over. Storm was a guy that was just down right amazing to watch in the ring. Similar to William Regal, Storm never got much of a chance because his name didn't end in "Hart" and he had to follow in their footsteps, coming out of Calgary.. .. Alberta, Canada. (had to)

    Look, I have no real reason why Storm should win here because I don't know Brisco and I haven't seen enough of the guy to understand if he could or even would lose. All I know is the guy, from what I've seen in the very limited matches I've ever had of him - looked like pure shit and extremely unentertaining. At (going on) 29 years of age, call me young minded.. but Storm is simply the better guy to watch, regardless of who's won how many higher awards.

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