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    Phenoms of Wrestling I

    1) Mason Westhoff def Aquarius via pinfall.

    2) Flexilla def Darren Bull via submission.

    3) Jonathan Hyada def Don Hibachi via pinfall.

    4) Cerberus (Ramparte & Flex Mussél) W/Eve Taylor def Krypto & Facecruch McSpinesmasher W/ Missy via pinfall.

    Phenoms of Wrestling II

    1) S.H.I.T. & Alhazred def Joe West & Darren Bull via submission.

    2) Gino Galluci def Mason Westhoff via pinfall.

    3) Pinkie def Trixie via submission.

    4) Colby Congo vs Facecruch Mcspinesmasher ends in a Double pinfall after 3 deaths.

    5) The WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Matt Tastic def Lexi Hayes via pinfall.
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