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    Bret Hart,
    Kurt Angle,
    Chris Jericho,
    CM Punk.

    All four can lay claim to being considered the best in the world at one point in their wrestling careers.

    Together, they have put on countless great matches, (including two five star matches) won the hearts of wrestling fans everywhere and together have won a total combined thirty three world title reigns ranging from WWF to WCW and ECW and even ROH.

    But a new man has staked his claim into being the greatest of all time; and the best part? He's simply phenomenal.

    A.J Styles has done everything. He's wrestled in WCW, wrestled in ROH, wrestled in TNA, wrestled in New Japan, he's even wrestled in WWE. And everywhere he's been, he's been nothing short of amazing. He can brawl, he can fly, he can submit, he can talk with the best. He can also hold claim to being the only known man in existence to hold the NWA, TNA, NJPW and WWE world titles. That's the four biggest world titles in wrestling today.

    But friends; the biggest reason as to why you should endorse Mr. Styles, is that Styles is an inventor. He made the X-Division and TNA into major players, he made SmackDown must see television and when he was in a slump in 2012-14; he went to Japan and invented himself again.

    In conclusion, it doesn't matter what happens. As long as the result is phenomenal, so get out there and vote for A.J Styles!

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