Paul Wall to make grill for Brooke Hogan!

Discussion in 'Non-Wrestling Archives' started by Mr.Benjamin, Jun 4, 2006.

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    Paul Wall may have outdone himself this time with his custom made, icy gangsta grills.

    According to MTV News, the Houston native is going to fit none other than retired World Wrestling Entertainment great Hulk Hogan with an iced-out disco ball grill.

    The People’s Champ made the connect to Hogan, after co-starring in his daughter Brooke’s “About Us” video. The H-Town MC wanted to make sure Brooke’s mouth was extra fresh for the video shoot, so he presented the new artist with her own grill.

    "Since I was doing the video with Paul Wall, I had to have the diamonds in my mouth," Brooke told "He unveiled [the grill] at the video shoot, and I started freakin' out because it's so cool. Paul is making my dad some [grills] right now. He's already got the molding from the dentist."

    Brooke Hogan’s single, “About Us,” was produced by Scott Storch. Brooke is halfway done with her debut album, Undiscovered, which is scheduled to hit stores Sept. 26. In addition to Paul Wall, her album also features a guest appearance from Beenie Man.

    Meanwhile, Swisha House/Atlantic is prepping Paul Wall’s highly-anticipated follow-up album, Ain’t No 401K For A Hustla, for a Fall release.

    VH1 recently ordered a pilot for an unscripted series featuring Paul Wall. Ironically, The People’s Champ's show will be produced by Pink Sneakers, the same production company responsible for the Hogan Knows Best reality series, starring Hulk and Brooke.
  2. FLUFF

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    OMG, thats rediculous! lol
  3. Mr.Benjamin

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    What next Britney Spears doing Reggae?
  4. FLUFF

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    ^LMAO, damn this guyz funny.
  5. McLean26

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    Why does Hulk Hogan need icy grills? Maybe so people wont look at his rinkly head and look at his mouth
  6. KabalB2D

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    :lol2: wonderful! absolutely wonderful...
  7. rkolover09

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    Jun 11, 2006
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    smile for me daddy!! lol
  8. virginpusher

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    Jun 12, 2006
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    LOL. I took the thread as literal english and pictured a bezzeled out Webber.


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