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    The following matches have been announced as having spaces on the wheel for the "Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal" participants. Once a match has been selected, it cannot be used again for that round.

    Leather Strap Match
    Russian Chain Match
    Last Man Standing Match
    Steel Cage Match
    Hell in a Cell Match
    Tables Match
    MMA Match (KO or Submission only)
    Throw in the Towel Match (manager will be selected by the ICPW)
    Bodyslam Challenge
    Barbed Wire Rope Match
    Coal Miners Glove Match
    3 Stages of Hell Match (pinfall only, submission only, steel cage escape only)
    Stretcher Match
    Blindfold Match
    Freestyle Wrestling Match (2-3-3 minute periods)
    Lumberjack Match (other 6 country participants are lumberjacks)

    Some matches will obviously benefit certain wrestlers, so there is an element of luck to this round. Should be loads of fun!
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