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Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by [ WALKER ], Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. [ WALKER ]

    [ WALKER ] Guest

    I'm talking about the guys that are really getting on. Guys like Finlay, Flair, Michaels, Taker, etc are all still going. I just want to know everyones opinion on them, how you feel is the right way to properly retire them.
  2. lalakerz

    lalakerz Fusion is back baby!!

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Ric Flair- Don't like him at all... Should have retired from the ring 5 years ago.

    Finlay- I love watching him and his style's great! I hope he stays around for a while and gets a World Title reign, as well as long US/IC title reigns. Maybe even a great tag team wrestler!

    Shawn Michaels- I really just plain HATE Shawn!

    Undertaker- On the top along with stars like Steve Austin,The Rock and Triple H... By far one of my favorites and I'd like to see at least another 5 years of Taker! :p

    Chris Benoit- Been around for long... Still great and does deserve at least one more world title run in his career.

    Hulk Hogan- Yes he is gone... But he fought just one year ago. I think his last match should have been 10 years ago. DONT LIKE HIM!

    Mick Foley- Happy to still see him around. He's what keeps the show going! (for example... When he fought Taker in Hell in a Cell, it wasn't in the script to jump off the cell! but he did it and risked his life for us/the fans

    Batista- Some say he's old, but I say he's just starting!

    Yes there's SO MANY more and I can go all day, but i wont! lol
  3. the only old people i am sick of is:

    Ric Flair- Its time for him to retire, and become a manager

    Hogan- never liked him and now is just an embarassment

    Old People I like:

    Taker- He's still putting on good matches and is a good entertainer

    HBK- look at Taker

    Finlay- I love his style, and i think he's one of the best wrestlers on smackdown
  4. Ipswichicon

    Ipswichicon Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Ric Flair: Overated anyway now overated and old get rid!
    Undertaker: Should go soon at mania next year.
    HBK: Should retire soon best days are well behind him.
    Mick Foley: 3 months ago I was praying he'd never come back. Since mania I've changed my mind! He's still got it and his recent promo's have been great.
    Hogan: Please never wrestle again!
    Steve Austin: Hope he has "one last match" left in him. Also I hope it's against the right opponent. (Triple H).
    Beniot: Great wrestler but what's left for him? Can't see where he can go. Maybe ECW.:wwf:

  5. I agree with all of those and i think benoit's best move is to go to ecw also, he would fit in great there
  6. Ric Flair- needs to stop wrestling and became GM again
    Undertaker- Still puts on a show
    HBK- Still in great shape has a lot left in the tank
    Mick Foley- Out of shape but always has been, he can never leave wwe for good so I guess he can still wrestle
    Hogan- Needs to stop, but he will another match against Stone Cold
    Stone Cold- Needs to come back to entertain the fans not to wrestle
    Finley-he still has some left
    Beniot- Not even close to being done
    Vince himself- No more matches, him wrestling makes me puke
  7. JKO

    JKO Guest

    Ric Flair...Liked hiim better as a GM than a wrestler, thanks for showin us that u can do it Ric, but its time to hang up the boots...

    Taker..stop gettin involved in these BS matches..get back to sacrifice and what not...I still like you tho, keep it goin

    Ric Flair- Don't like him at all... Should have retired from the ring 5 years ago.

    Finlay- Yea this guy is cool, and i liked him in wcw

    Shawn Michaels- Get back to the old show stopper and we can get some where

    Chris Benoit- Please give this man the belt again, he was a great champ

    Hulk Hogan- Ugh....

    Mick Foley- Old Clown..Go away please

    Scotty 2 Hotty/....waste of time and space, its over old man...
  8. carmy

    carmy Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Flair is GOD & deserves to stick around...he does wrestle full-time. He is NOT half the wrestler he was before in his prime but he deserves to stick in there even if he isn't has good as before.

    Finlay in my opionion is BORING as hell...even in WCW...did not like him in WCW and esp. do not like him in WWE.

    Mick Foley is another GOD & deserves the spotlight...his match with Edge @ Wrestlemania was the BEST one on the card...another reason to stick w/Foley.

    Taker - I don't like Taker but you can't ignore his record and being in one year federation for so long. He wrestled in WCW but under name nick...after that he's been w/WWE for ages and deserves the respect of other wrestlers.

    Austin...please stay retired unless he can wrestler full-time because on the mic he's good but it's all the same repeative stuff. Drinks beer and hates his boss.

    Shawn Micheals - be interesting how he will fair under the nex DX...I've heard he's a born again Christian and he probably wouldn't do half the $h!# he did before.

    Chris Beniot...I wish there were more guys like Beniot in WWE...guys that can flat out wrestler.

  9. I think finlay is great, and one of the best on smackdown right now, and is a great athlete for his age. Hopefully he will be getting a push soon at least for the U.S championship
  10. Trance Metaphor

    Trance Metaphor Floundering in Mid-Card Hell

    Jun 4, 2006
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    Ric Flair - He should retire...for good, and not return from his retirements like he has in the past several times. I never really liked him.

    Hulk Hogan - Is he retired or what? He's just too corny now. The leg drop that used to put opponents away in the 80s and early 90s is just a regular move now. It's nothing exciting. I did like Hogan when I was a kid though.

    Undertaker - He should retire soon. I don't care if he can still go. He just has nothing more to prove. Plus, the gimmick is old now. It was a gimmick that I used to love as a kid, but it's just a bit corny now.

    Shawn Michaels - He can still go, but like Undertaker, he has nothing more to prove. HBK should have at least one more World Heavyweight title reign that lasts at least three months, before he retires. He doesn't do as much as he used to either. He does the usual punches, clotheslines, elbow drop off the top rope and the sweet chin music. It's kind of boring and repetitive.

    Fit Finlay - I think he's good, despite his age. He uses the emerald fusion as his finisher which is just awesome to look at. He has a unique wrestling style too, something that you don't see that often in the WWE. I liked him in the WCW too. He was impressive against guys like Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko.

    Chris Benoit - He's still good and he should become the World Heavyweight Champion again. I've always liked Chris Benoit.

    Road Warrior - He's old and stale. He made a name for himself as a Tag Team wrestler. As a singles wrestler, he's going nowhere.
  11. hhh_#1fan

    hhh_#1fan Guest

    Each superstar should have a going away party in the ring lol
  12. exoskeletion

    exoskeletion Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 2, 2006
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    Personally, i love to see guys like Finlay and Benoit going at it in the ring. They are two of the better wrestlers in the WWE, and infinitely better than the brick shithouses that seem to be taking over the place, especially on Smackdown.

    HBK has still got it, and can perform in the ring, but the guy just plain annoys me. His refusal to job to anyone annoys me too. Last year he fought Masters, Carlito and Benjamin, and it would've been a great way to put them over and send them to the next level, but it didn't happen.

    Taker - His match against Angle showed that he's still got it, HOWEVER, Maria could put on a good match with Angle. Putting him in pointless feuds with big man after big man sucks.

    Flair. Just no. He doesn't do anything. Chop, chop, chop, poke in the eye, take out the knee. Chop. Top rope move. Chop. chop. Figure Four. Stop it.

    Tatanka - pleasantly surprised by him, although still don't really care.

    Road Warrior - No. Let it go. LOD do not deserve this.

    Foley - he's doing alright. He's willing to do anything for the business so that helps. i can see his chapter of the ECW angle going well.

    As for Hogan, stay retired. Nobody wants to see you wrestle anymore.
  13. McLean26

    McLean26 Guest

    Flair- Rinkly Idiot That Should Be A Gm Maybe For Raw They Need Agood One
    Stone Cold- Plzzzzzz Come Back
    Hulk Hogan- Stop Thinking Your The Best And Tryign To Make Comebacks
    Undertaker- Effective When Healthy Notice The Word When
    Shawn Michaels- He Has Another 2-4 Years
    Chris Beniot- Good Job Hes Gonna Be A Flair Never Gonna Know When To Stop But He Is Entertaining
    Finlay- When You Go The Lleaperchaun Goes So Plz Dont Go
    Mick Foley- So Entertaining Dont Care If He Cant Wrestle Anymore But When He Does Its Great
  14. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    Flair - He has been in wrestling for like 186 years he shouldv'e retire a long time go I alwayz had hated him.(He should not be a GM!)

    Stone Cold - It's ok if he comes back but I'm concerned about his broken neck.

    Hulk Hogan - He's prett good but he already proved he's a 1 of the biggest Legends anywhere.

    Undertaker - He should win the World Title then when he loses it he can retire he's already a Legend.

    Shawn Michaels - He could still wrestle for another 3 years he's cool.

    Chris Benoit - He still has like 5 more years in him if he doesn't break his neck or somethin.

    Finlay - He still has a lot more years in him he shouldn't quit.

    Mick Foley - He could come back to wrestle once a month or something.
  15. Akine82

    Akine82 Occasional Pre-Show

    Jun 12, 2006
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    Flair (retire i love ya, but its time to hang them up 4 Horseman style RIC)

    Stone cold (STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


    Taker(i would say uou have at least another year or two big guy)

    Finlay (ASS kicking shamrock wearing shelayly{sp?} swinging, Late start but could have a good go )

    HBK( hang'em up )

    Benoit(keep going don't stop)

    Foley( EH?????? he still falls good)

    Big Vis( go to smackdown and show them what the worlds biggest love machine can do)

    Goldust( best damn powerslam PERIOD)

    Regal( this man can still wrestle but he's brittish)

    scotty 2 hotty (the new brooklin brawler )

    Tatanka(thought he died)

    and that's that
  16. Markster

    Markster Dark Match Jobber

    Jun 9, 2006
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    I believed he wrestled as Mean Mark Callous in WCW.

    Ric Flair should become GM or a Manager to help a young wrestler. Charlie Haas perhaps? He can't wrestle anymore, but he can talk. The last showing against Umaga is just brutal.

    Undertaker will extend his Wrestlemania record a bit more. But is getting squashed by the Great Khali really helping Khali? (See a pattern here? I am not sure if Umaga and the Great Khali got the rub they needed.)

    Steve Austin - one more match - with Hogan? Not sure if that will really sell tickets. I too dig Hogan big time 20 years ago. It's different today.

    Benoit and HBK as champions should be good. They deserve it and the fans will love it.

    Vince McMahon the wrestler was not, is not and never will be. Shane has potential though.
  17. RawFan22

    RawFan22 Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 11, 2006
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  18. 5thHorseman

    5thHorseman Getting Noticed By Management

    Jun 11, 2006
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    Ric Flair - should've retired from wrestling and should become an agent or a booker or something outside the ring

    Hulk Hogan - I hope the rumors aren't true for WM XXIII, stay retired, keep your reality show

    Undertaker - He is the PHENOM!!! but like Flair retire and get a role backstage while your known as a legend

    Shawn Michaels - Getting older by the minute but his matches are still entertaining to watch, should go onto a part-time schedule eventually retiring on top

    Tatanka - what the hell? left the ring to early(enjoyed his feud with Lex Luger) came back to late, go back into retirement

    Benoit/Finlay/Regal - I'll group all three in the same, probably three of the best mat technicians, and the best Smackdown has to offer, they should have a 3-way feud for the world championship before one of them retires

    Stone Cold - One More match maybe WM XXIII or the royal rumble against The Rock

    The Rock - One more match at WMIII or the Rumble against you know who^
  19. lonely_god

    lonely_god Dark Match Winner

    Jun 1, 2006
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    Yep, cos being British... oh sorry.. "Brittish"... influences how you wrestle!?
  20. J-Slim

    J-Slim Guest

    Screw Flair
  21. Zoltaire

    Zoltaire Pre-Show Stalwart

    Jun 14, 2006
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    The only old wrestler I really want to see stop wrestling is Flair. I don't know if he has money problems are what, but he seems an embarassment to what he once was. He looks old, and out of shape and like pretty much any guy on the roster even the jobbers would decimate him these days. He's a legend and can still entertain, but if he's going to remain on camera he needs to be a manager, or a GM or something like that. Otherwise give him a job off camera.
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