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    Post Count is on!
    Remember when making your posts that the nonspam rule is in effect. It's easy to make a nonspam post, just post an opinion and a reason for said opinion. Infractions will be handed out to those who break the spamming rule.

    Round time is four days
    Once the rounds go up, the polls will stay open for four days. After that time is up, the thread will be closed and the winner will move on to the next round.

    Tie-breakers are decided with written votes
    By all means, defend your favorite heroes! Your posts matter, and can sway the voting one way or the other and can even lead to victory or defeat for your guy.

    Matches can end in death or incapacitation
    This rule is to prevent any arguments like the one last year where the only way to defeat a certain hero is to chop off his head and bury it. If one competitor is argued to be able to subdue the other for a reasonable amount of time, that would count as a victory.

    The matches have no pre-game warmup time
    Imagine this tournament like a fighting game. As soon as the word "FIGHT!" is mentioned, the competitors can do whatever they want to each other. Beforehand, however, they only know their names and what they saw in the previous round. No arguing that Black Dynamite could "throw that shit before he walked in the room!", so to speak.

    No backup, no support
    Batman cannot call in Robin, Raphael can't tag in Leonardo, and the rest of the X-Men can't get Wolverine's back. These are one on one fights.

    Have fun!
    This is supposed to be a fun tourney. It's great to nerd out a bit and have some lighthearted debating but try not to take things TOO seriously. If you find yourself getting angry at your computer, just remember that you're arguing about fictional heroes having a fictional fight on an internet message board. ;)

    That's all for now. Any questions regarding the rules, tournament setup, or anything at all can be asked in the official Ask A Question Thread located in this very section.

    Let the battle begin!​
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