NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia - Kassius Ohno VS The Velveteen Dream

Discussion in 'WWE NXT' started by Jack-Hammer, Jan 24, 2018.

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    This one on one match was announced just a bit ago and looks to round out the TakeOver card.

    Under normal circumstances, I'd be pretty put off by a match that's had absolutely zero build up. However, the last match that had no build up for a TakeOver card was Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas at TakeOver: Brooklyn III and it was a helluva match. I suspect a similar outing here as Ohno has sort of become the gatekeeper in NXT while the wrestling world is still buzzing over Velveteen Dream's match against Aleister Black last year.

    This match can also serve a purpose. On tonight's NXT episode, Dream is slated to take on Johnny Gargano for Gargano's spot in Philly. Now, I don't think anybody expected Dream to win in the first place so Triple H pretty much spoiled the ending to the match but, again, nobody really expected Dream to win but the match should still be fun. So, this gives Dream an opportunity to have a good match at TakeOver AND a match that he'll probably win as Ohno is putting over younger guys during his current NXT run.

    I thought, like a lot of others, that a hoss fight between Lars Sullivan and Killian Dane was gonna be on the card but they haven't had any interaction since the #1 contender's fatal four way match late last year. Roderick Strong called out Sullivan on last week's episode of NXT so I'm wondering if Dane is out with an injury or if I was reading too much into things and Sullivan vs. Dane was never the plan in the first place.
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    I imagine Dream goes over here. He does need a win to keep up his momentum and Ohno is in a spot right now where he is over enough to absorb losses but still get a reaction due to his usually solid matches and veteran status. He is a good gatekeeper type guy for NXT due to his ability to stay over and his age, and is a good fit to be in these matches putting over the up and comers.
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    I agree with Yaz on this one. Dream only needs to keep up his momentum until there's space for him to do something interesting again. He really showed a lot of his character in his last outing against Aleister Black, specially to be taken seriously since his gimmick wasn't all that and it promised to have a very small ceilling for a main event run.

    Ohno will be able to have a solid match with Dream and help him stay in the minds of the NXT fans. After this, if Roderick Strong gets the championship, he could easily have a good story against Andrade Almas and beat a former NXT Champion, before Almas goes over to the main roster. This seems like a standard NXT booking, but this could very well be the beginning of a Ohno vs. Dream feud that can last until the very next Takeover at WrestleMania.

    There's a lot that they can do with Dream now, but I understand why he isn't a main selling point this time around. There are a lot of talented people in the roster and he'll get his due if he just keeps up having good matches, also Dream is that kind of wrestler that proves that storytelling is way more interesting than random spot fest. Ohno will certainly take him to his limit or at least I hope so, since he's as fierce as Black and shows a lot of agression.

    I'm interested in this.
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    After Dream's match against Black at the previous TakeOver totally stole the show, he needs another strong showing and there aren't too many as polished as Kassius Ohno when it comes to being a performer. He's a ring general and will give Dream a match that can be talked about once the night is over. Dream's character is over and he's an up and comer in NXT. He needs this win more and there isn't a reason Ohno should go over here — especially since Dream is one of NXT's most promising standouts and Ohno is pretty much a jobber that'll put on great matches.

    Hamler's Prediction: The Velveteen Dream will defeat Kassius Ohno.
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    Happy for dream, he got a win over the resident veteran jobber of NXT and he looked good while doing it. I want him to stay in NXT for as long as humanly possible because he's a great character for that brand but I still feel he's still a little bit to cartonny for the main roster. He reminds me of a mix between the artist formerly known as Prince Waukee and what Orlando Jordan was doing in tna and that's not a good thing since these type of characters don't work on the main.

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