NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II - No Way Jose VS Austin Aries

Discussion in 'The Wrestling Archives' started by Jack-Hammer, Aug 10, 2016.

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    I think that Jose has the potential to be a significant player, but the dancing gimmick is only going to take him so far. It might be enough for NXT, but he won't last long on the main roster, if he makes it there. I like the intensity he's shown the past couple of weeks as it adds depth to his persona, but I see Aries taking the win here. I'm not really sure what to expect from this match in terms of quality, but the card has more than enough oomph going for it if this bout turns out to be a dud.
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    I see Jose actually picking up the win since he's the face that was first attacked by the heel. Plus, with the arrival of Roode, it's like Triple H cooled on Austin Aries.
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    The result shouldn't be anything other than a Double A victory.

    No Way Jose is a good wrestler and is good at mic too but his gimmick is just right for only NxT. I might be wrong but he does need to have a good enough gimmick to support himself. I can't buy him as serious title contender. It's all opposite in case of Double A. He could be a good first title feud for Nakamura after the latter wins it. Or we could get Roode Vs. Aries although I am doubtful about it because of it being heel Vs. heel.
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    I don't know what to think of No Way Jose. I almost wish he was a heel. Aries fell short against Nakamura, so I think on top of being more deserving in general, he also needs the win. Jose is the new guy though, should he lose his first Takeover?

    Jose's dancing gimmick is only going to carry him so far. If he debuted on the main roster tomorrow, I think most fans would cringe. The fact that he's in NXT gives him the brush from the NXT midas touch in a lot of ways. I think he has huge potential, but not as a babyface.

    Aries should go over here, likely with dirty tactics. That way you protect Jose a bit while legitamizing Aries' heel turn. I see a lot of faces going over in Brooklyn, so the heel here makes sense.

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