[NWA Bracket] Round 1 Match 12: Bruiser Brody Vs Nick Bockwinkel

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Who is the bigger legend?

  1. Bruiser Brody

  2. Nick Bockwinkel

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    Bruiser Brody
    As a wrestler, he helped innovate the "brawling" style and was infamous for his wild and legitimately uncooperative demeanor. Brody was nevertheless a highly sought free agent who worked for various major wrestling promotions worldwide, attaining fame, notoriety, and several championship titles until his murder in 1988. The modern hardcore "brawling style" of wrestling has been heavily influenced by the work of Bruiser Brody, and wrestlers such as Mick Foley, The Predator, "The Necro Butcher" Dylan Keith Summers, and The Berzerker have all patterned their styles off of Brody. In addition to this, Brody is also the man who helped break in Vader (Leon White) and The Undertaker, wrestling both of them in their first professional matches in the AWA and WCCW, respectively. Both men have said Brody played a big role in the style they wrestle.

    Nick Bockwinkel
    Nick Bockwinkel mainly competed in the American Wrestling Association (AWA) in the United States. He is a former multi-time AWA World Heavyweight Champion and co-holder of the AWA World Tag Team Title. He also won PWI Tag Team of the year award in 1979 with partner Ray Stevens.
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