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Discussion in 'WrestleZone Movie Tournament (2008)' started by Y 2 Jake, Oct 5, 2008.

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    Because of the way the thread has been created, films before the 70's aren't allowed in. This is a great idea if you ask me. While some people might bitch about Psycho not being in the tournament, it wouldn't win anyway. And it gives people the option of talking about them in a thread like this. So what films could have gone far in the tournament, or what films would you have liked to see go far due to personal reasons?

    2001: A Space Odyssey - Great film. Even if you're not a huge fan of film you can still appreciate a Stanley Kubrick film. While you might find a film like this to be boring, you can still enjoy some of the visuals. Also no Dr. Strangelove because of the way the tournamant has been done.

    Some Like It Hot - Possibly one of the best comedies of all time. Again this wouldn't have gotten very far, which is why it's better to just not include it.

    The Hitchcock Collection - No Psycho, no Vertigo, no Rear Window, no North By Northwest. All great films, but no loss to the tournament. Would any one other than Psycho get people talking?

    Rosemary's Baby - Forget all your Friday The 13th, Halloween & Screams. This is on of the best horror films of all time. And unlike others it's actually scary.

    Notable Mentions - Goldfinger, Brief Encounter, The Searchers, The Wizard Of Oz, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Bride Of Frankenstein etc. I could probably name several hundred more.
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    I was actually planning on doing a thread like this. If I thought I would have had the time, I probably would have done four more decades. But it would have been pointless, I doubt most would have seen any of the movies. All the movies mentioned are great. But the one I REALLY wish I could have put in, keep talking about Kubrick here, is Dr. Strangelove. Fantastic movie, one of the funniest movies of all time, and definitely the greatest parody film ever.
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    Absolutely correct, Dr. Strangelove is an all-time classic (though it is not a "parody" it is a "satire.") and would have had a shot in the tourney. And using a degree of George C. Scott, "Patton" and "A Christmas Carol." This is why he's one of the greatest actors of all time.

    Maybe a classic films thread needs to be started. SO films like "12 Angry Men" and "Inherit the Wind" get some love.
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    Dr Strangelove is sort of a twisted satire on the state of the world in the 60s. Kubrick was a genius at what he did, one of the finest directors America has ever produced!

    Then you have things like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid(rip Paul Newman) and all those other classic westerns. Plus things like Laurence of Arabia and

    And come on, how many of you have not seen Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Mary Poppins?

    Looking back at it, the 60's had some of the greatest films ever produced, with a lot of them being bastardised by Hollywood and remade, often failing.

    And lets not forget the Disney Animation of the time ebfore the 60s. 7 of my top 10 disney films(im not afraid to admitting I still enjoy them now as much as I did as a kid)
    were made before 1968, which shows you films that are that old are still immensely popular today.
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    I hope the people bitching about Psycho not being in this isn't directed towards me. All I said is it would have been cool if 60's movies were in it and I never complained and said I understood why. ANyways, Pyscho will go down as one of the greatest movies ever and I think AFI(American Film Institute) rated it top 20 ever. Another movie that would have been cool to have in is A Beautiful Mind.
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    I have Six that would have gone far if people have seen them:

    Bonnie & Clyde:(1967) This movie is one of the greats it made a name for Faye Dunaway, it has Gene Wilder and Gene Hackman in it, if that is not future starpower right there I don't know what is, this is one of the films that brought in the ratings system rather than the older seal of approval that films had to get. It was violent in ways that make it iconic, the ending with the ambush of Bonnie & Clyde is shot so beautifully that it is almost a dance.

    The Graduate: (1967) This is the movie that brought Dustin Hoffman to the screen in the first place, it has a great soundtrack, which was for the time very revolutionary in the use of Simon & Garfunkel for the entire soundtrack. The acting is great, it is quotable, and there is a sweet car in it that just looks awesome. Combine in the reference to youth angst over the Hypocracy of the adults and you have a great film.

    Easy Rider: (1969) This film is the ultimate road trip movie, it has a couple of sweet Choppers in it. Jack Nicholson is great in it, the soundtrack is one of the best ever. Great reference to the Counterculture in it. It has the second best LSD hallucination on screen, behind the movie 'The Trip'.

    The Public Enemy: (1931) watch this film and you can see why the gangster film was so popular, it is one of the three big gangster films of that era with Little Caesar and Scarface making up the other two. James Cagney is just pure awesome in this as the main character, he draws you into his character and proceeds to show the act of crime in a positive light to the opposite of the comical little disclaimer at the start stating the films name.

    The Great Escape: (1963) This is one of the pivotal war movies of all time, it depicts the escape bid of prisoners from Stalag Luft III. this film is relatively speaking historically speaking accurate, it has two of the actual escapers involved in the making of it.

    Seven Samurai: (1954) This film is a masterpiece from Akira Kurosawa, bloody long but a masterpiece none the less. It has inspired so many movies out of it, The Magnificant Seven being an almost blatant ripoff, Star Wars takes elements of it. Three Amigos is more or less Seven Samurai. A Bug's Life is another almost complete ripoff of Seven Samurai. If that doesn't say enough it has that quintessential samurai in Toshiro Mifune.

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