New York Region, Third Round: Dog Collar: (1) Ric Flair vs. (8) Goldberg

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  2. Goldberg

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  1. klunderbunker

    klunderbunker Welcome to My (And Not Sly's) House

    Jan 8, 2007
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    The following contest is a third round match in the New York Region.

    This match takes place in Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York.


    It is a Dog Collar Match.

    Rules: In this contest the participants will be attached around the neck by a 12 foot chain which will be attached to two collars. Victory is attained by pinfall or submission.

    #1 Ric Flair



    #8 Goldberg


    This contest is one fall with a 30 minute time limit. The match will take place in a 16 x 16 ring with no ramp leading to it. Any traditional managers for either competitor will be allowed at ringside.

    As for voting, vote for who you think would win this match based on the criteria you choose. Some suggestions would be (not limited to): in ring ability, overall skill, their level of influence at the highest point in their career, ability to connect with the crowd, experience in major matches or simply personal preference etc.

    The most votes in the voting period wins and in the case of a tie, the most written votes wins. There is one written vote per user, meaning if a poster make ten posts saying Bret should win that will count as a single vote. In the event of a second tie, both men are ELIMINATED, no questions asked. Only winners advance.

    Voting will open in 48 hours and will be open for five days and all posts must be non-spam. You may use the 48 hours to present your cases as to why either competitor should/should not win.​
  2. Con T.

    Con T. Yaz ain't enough, I need Fluttershy

    Nov 30, 2010
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    And Flair goes down in this round, with relative ease.

    If history has shown anything, it's that Ric Flair not only struggles with men of strength, but also is happy to put over stars when the time calls for it. When push comes to shove, Flair jobs out to a man like Hogan, or even The Giant back in WCW. I think this match, actually comes around similarly to Flair's matchup with the Giant, where he used every cheating method in the book, and yet still was overpowered by The Giant, a green rookie, who still had immense size and strength. Goldberg may not be as tall as The Giant, but he sure as Hell is as strong as him. Not only is Goldberg incredibly strong, but he's got one of the most muscular necks in wrestling, which in a match calling for wrestlers to pull each other by the neck, doesn't exactly bode well.

    Face it, this is the exact type of match that Flair loses, to the young, strong babyface to put him over huge. He put over Sting in such a manner, he put over The Giant. And in his heyday, Goldberg was just as big a star as these two were. Sure, his heyday lasted less amount of time than Sting's (The Giant is iffy), but that said, he was still one of the premiere faces of WCW during it's white hot streak. And Flair more often than not puts that man over.

    Give me Goldberg in an upset.

    Also, spare me the Spear-Distance rhetoric. Goldberg is in a 16x16 foot ring. It's like he needs the full length of the ring to take out Flair with the spear. For that matter, performing the Jackhammer will likely not exceed the 12 foot chain, either
  3. Tastycles

    Tastycles Turn Bayley heel

    Jun 16, 2008
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    Yeah, I think this is the end of the road for Flair. Goldberg is an absolute beast, and there's very little that Flair could do to stop him here. Flair's style was always about keeping distance from his opponents, taking time to take a breather, taking time to get something to cheat with, etc. Goldberg was all about raw power, and the lack of seperation will affect him far less adversely. Goldberg would be able to hit his moves effectively enough to win, and would do so.
  4. I Suck Ass

    I Suck Ass I survived the Rapture

    Mar 25, 2010
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    This is it for Flair. There is no feasible way that he has a chance here, because Goldberg is just to strong for Flair to mount any offense. Flair was a master at running away. That just went away. What was Goldberg about? Raw power. That separation will give him the win here.
  5. Big Nick Dudley

    Dec 1, 2009
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    Watching these two hooked to a chain would be hilarious. Flair would get in his usual spots, which were never used to further his offense. Goldberg is just too much man.

    To win this match, Flair would need the freedom of moving around, inside of the ring and out. Attached to Goldberg, Flair doesn't last ten minutes. This is the type of match that would be used to end a feud filled with Flair screwing Goldberg over. This has a Goldberg victory written all over it. Also, Flair has never pinned Goldberg.

    Goldberg wins.
  6. Ace Sleeper

    Ace Sleeper That's some grade 'A' protein!

    Jul 17, 2010
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    Yeah, that chain just fucked over Ric Flair. Not completely but it helped out Goldberg in this match. Goldberg has all of the room he needs to inflict punishment, and more with that chain there. Ric could try to wear him down but Goldberg would yank that chain and damn near break Flair's neck doing it. And even if that did happen, Goldberg tapping out? No. Sorry man it ain't gonna happen.
  7. Nate DaMac

    Nate DaMac Fuck erbody but me

    Mar 4, 2009
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    Christ there is no way I'm going to be able to sway this one in Flair's favor. Flair is undoubtedly more relevant than Goldberg in the history of the industry, but at his peak, Goldberg was damn near untouchable.

    But as I say damn near untouchable, one name comes to mind. Bret Hart. Bret Hart beat Goldberg, and in a match with no disqualifications, I think Flair has just as much of a chance to do so as well.

    I know it's a stretch, but hopefully coupled with all of the hate Goldberg has on the internet, this could be good enough reason to vote for Flair.

    Wishful thinking.....
  8. Shocky

    Shocky Kissin Babies and Huggin Fat Girlz

    Jan 17, 2007
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    There is no way in hell that Ric Flair wins this match. In fact, this is about as much of a glorified squash that we could get in this round. Goldberg is only going to be 12 feet away from Flair at most? No room to run away to rest, no nothing. Flair is obviously a better pro wrestler, but there is no way possible he can pull this match out. Goldberg would probably win this match in a legit 5 minutes or less.
  9. Burnout

    Jul 29, 2010
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    Flair is the better wrestler, but when he's tied to a chain, with Goldberg on the other, he has got no chance. Goldberg is a monster, and Flair just isn't going to be able to hang with Goldberg here, with no escape possible. Goldberg will just crush Flair in less than 10 minutes. It’s a pity, because Flair is one of the greatest of all times, and deserves more, but Goldberg was extremely dominant, powerful, controlling, and with Flair on the other end of the chain, no way Flair can overcome this, so Goldberg goes through this round quite easily.
  10. Jack-Hammer

    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 26, 2009
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    Yeah, I can't vote for Flair against Bill Goldberg in this sort of setting. Just about everyone loves Ric Flair and rightly so. From an overall perspective, Ric Flair is arguably the greatest professional wrestler of all time but he's chained to a monster. In a standard wrestling match, I think Flair would be able to win against Goldberg by cheating his ass off but this isn't a standard match.

    Ric Flair is gonna bleed. Oh my Lord, how this man would bleed in this match. Goldberg would use the dog collar to choke the crap out of flair while wrapping part of the chain around his fist and hammer Flair's face and forehead like he was driving nails.
  11. The Chosen One of WZ

    The Chosen One of WZ Even TNA cant ruin ECW for me

    Oct 2, 2010
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    I don't think anyone can vote flair in this situation. Goldberg is just so much more stronger then Flair is and this gimmick really fucks him with a monster like Goldberg being at most 12 feet away at all times. Goldberg over in probably the only squash in this round.
  12. SavageTaker

    SavageTaker Everybody Has A Price!

    Feb 14, 2009
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    This one of those matches where you just have to throw out all accomplishments and focus on one thing: strength. Goldberg is much bigger than Flair and much more stronger. There is absolutely no way Flair will be able to get away from Bill and even if he does somehow, he'll just get pulled back easily seeing as how they'll be connected to eachother. So I have to give the nod to Bill because he's stronger and more powerful.

    However another factor that we to take into account is intelligence. I think Flair is the smarter wrestler however I don't think he'll able to use his smarts much to his advantage and it probably won't be that big of a factor. Because of the nature of the match, making your environment work for you is a smart thing to do and I'm sure Flair will try but at the end I think Bill will be too much for Flair and he'll get the win.
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  13. The Brain

    The Brain King Of The Ring

    Mar 8, 2009
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    I guess I’ll be the minority here and vote Flair. Everyone is mentioning distance here. The chain is going to prevent Flair from being able to distance himself from Goldberg. Distance is only one element of the chain. Ric Flair is the dirtiest player in the game and he has full legal access to a weapon for this match. There is no level he won’t stoop. Goldberg is a big and powerful fighter. One thing that gets in the way of guys like that is pride. I could see him using the chain to keep Flair close and just try to overpower him like a normal match. Flair has no shame. He satisfies his pride with winning by any means necessary. Flair will do whatever it takes with that chain to get a victory. The chain serves yet another purpose besides limiting distance and being a direct weapon. I’ve always thought the most overlooked aspect of this kind of match is the leverage game. There are other ways to use that chain besides hitting and choking an opponent. Flair’s smart enough to know that and to know how to use that to his advantage.
  14. hatehabsforever

    hatehabsforever Moderator
    Staff Member Moderator

    Mar 5, 2007
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    If this was virtually any other style or stipulation of match, I would, in all likelihood, give the edge to the Nature Boy. But connect these guys together via a chain, and there is simply nowhere to run or nowhere to hide for the dirtiest player in the game. Goldberg's power and size will be too much for Ric Flair to withstand. Even though Flair is the better pure wrestler, the more decorated and celebrated competitor, Goldberg is a beast and Flair will simply be unable to use his strategies or tactics to offset such a size discrepancy which is exaggerated by being in such close proximity for the whole match.

    I see a mauling of Flair at the hand of Goldberg. It won't be pretty and it won't be close. Who knows, we may even see Flair shed a drop of blood or two in this one. Stranger things have happened.
  15. JXL

    JXL Pre-Show Stalwart

    Feb 22, 2011
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    As much as I love the Nature Boy, Goldberg would yank him around with that collar and demolish him. Ric's tactics inquire him to be the dirtiest player in the game, so he will try his low blows, thumb-to-eyes, and whatever else he does. Doesn't change the fact that two things will happen:

    1) Spear --> Jackhammer --> Pin. Goldberg advances

    2) Spear'd --> Jackhammer'd --> Pinned. Flair counting the lights of the Garden.

    My vote: Goldberg.
  16. The HEEL JuiceLee

    The HEEL JuiceLee Pre-Show Stalwart

    Dec 9, 2010
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    iTs a shame a great wrestler like FLair drew a DOG COLLAR match with a beast like GoldBerg.I really wanted Flair to get to the at least the semi-finals,maybe even the finals vs The Macho King

  17. Hollywood Naitch

    Hollywood Naitch The current reigning and defending

    May 27, 2010
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    Spot on. In a normal wrestling match, I would have to go with Flair. But in a match of this kind, you have to give the advantage to Goldberg. He is much stronger and more vicious than Flair and would be able to drag Ric around the ring with no issue at all. I just could not see Flair offering anything that would get him any control in this match. Goldberg's aggression, neck strength and power would let him dominate and beat the crap out of The Nature Boy.

    I do not think Flair's experience and ring smarts will help him, there is no way you can plan your next move when getting bloodied and destroyed by someone. Flair would not get chance for a breather and to think of a way to get an advantage, he would be too busy trying to survive in this one.

    There are not many wrestlers I would say could beat Goldberg in a match of this type, and Flair is not one of them. His style of wrestling would not give him a chance in this one, it would be a brutal beating for Naitch and Goldberg would win quite easily. Jackhammer with the chain wrapped around Flairs throat. BOOM 3 Count for Bill

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