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How would you end The Shield completely?

  1. Have The Shield end on good terms

  2. Ambrose heel turn;join Evolution

  3. Other:Put it in your comments

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    Jun 8, 2014
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    My idea is that instead of addind a member is they should split up The Shield completely at MITB.There has probably been nobody in WWE history better booked than The Shield.They have taken out legends (The Undertaker,The Rock,Batista,Triple H,John Cena,Randy Orton,Big Show,Kane,Ric Flair,Mick Foley), up-and-comers,champions,to number one contender.Then they were members of the stable "The Authority." Then they turned face and feuded with other stables including one of the greatest all-time stables.Then the betrayal.To make it and even more perfectly it could end on one or two ways.Have Ambrose turn on Reigns and join Evolution as well at MITB or a future show.Or after Summerslam have the two just announce their going their separate ways on good terms.I would go with option 1 personally and book it (their pushes) like this.

    Roman Reigns- I would have Ambrose turn on him at MITB.He would then feud with the two(Rollins and Ambrose) leading to a handicap match at Battleground which he loses by DQ Triple H get's involved.I would then have him focus on Triple H and beat him at Summerslam.After the match I would have Triple H turn face and tell Roman he earned his respect and raise his hand up in the air.The next night I would have Orton come out to confront Triple H and get speared by Reigns.Rollins,Ambrose,and a returning newly rejoined leader Batista would then jump the two leading to Orton vs Reigns,Batista vs HHH,Uso's vs Ambrose/Rollins (tag titles) for NOC,then I would have Reigns vs Orton,and the tag title match again at HIAC and Triple H sits out while Batista fights for the title.I would have The Rock come back early (or put Cena in the storyline.) and save Triple H,Reigns from an assault by Evolution v3.0 .This would lead to Survivor Series Rock,Reigns,Triple H,The Uso's vs Evolution (Batista,Orton,Rollins,Ambrose,Rhodes.) The next night I would have Orton invoke his title rematch against the champ.He wins the champ gets his rematch on SD! and loses.While Reigns feuds with Batista,The Rock challenges Orton for the title at TLC.If you haven't figured out yet.I have The Rock back this early for a number of reason's.

    1. To knock off the ring rust
      • To help out Roman (kayfabe)
      • His schedule is free
      • To win the title at a lesser PPV so the fans won't turn on him.
    1. . At Royal Rumble I would have Reigns beat Batista by DQ when Orton get's involved.Rock def. Orton again.Roman wins the RR match.
      At Elimination Chamber: The Rock defends the title in a tag match with The Rock,Roman Reigns vs Orton,Batista (whoever pins The Rock is champ.) Mid-match Roman goes for a hot-tag but Rock walks out on him turning heel for the first time since '03.Batista and Orton turns on eachother and so does.The EC match would be a title unification of the US/IC titles,and to determine the #1 contender for the title at EC.Wrestlemania-Roman Reigns def. The Rock for the title.He drops it to Dean 3 weeks before NOC.

      Seth Rollins
      After WrestleMania 31 is when his real push will begin.After ending his feud with Ambrose he feuds with Bray Wyatt (if he is still heel) until Summerslam.Then he feuds with Orton heading into Summerslam.He would win the title at TLC 2014 from Dean Ambrose which brings me too

      Dean AmbroseAfter ending his feud with Rollins at Payback he feuds with John Cena until MITB.He wins MITB that year.He then fakes an injury and returns 3 weeks until NOC and cashes in on Roman successfully.Seth Rollins would then def. Dean at TLC 2015.

      And there we have 3 stars right there.My point is you don't have to rush Rollins to the world title.Just like you don't have to bury 2 to push 1.And we damn sure don't need a 3rd member of The Shield when the future is now.
      My questions are should they add a 3rd member of The Shield? How would you book the 3's pushes? and what way would you have Ambrose and Reigns end The Shield?

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