Mitch, what do you think of the new Halloween?

Discussion in 'The Bar Room' started by SSJPhenom, Jul 19, 2018.

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    Wanted to get your take on the newest film coming out to the Halloween franchise. Looks like they're completely doing away with all sequels and this new one is going to be a direct follow up to the original.
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    I wasn’t too crazy about it at first, but the more I think about it, the decision to ignore the sequels is honestly the best they could do to maintain any sort of continuity. Season Of The Witch is a spin-off, and after that, they basically ignore Laurie to focus on Jamie in The Curse Trilogy. And H20 and Resurrection are supposed to be direct sequels to the original, ignoring Jamie’s storylines.

    There’s just too much crap to sift through after the first two original films storyline wise, and it’s damn near impossible to tie up any loose ends without a new film devolving into a giant mess. A cinematic universe for Halloween would be the only answer, but I’m not so sure that could work out.

    With the way they’re doing things now, you have a more appealing and simple story with Laurie trying to finish Michael off. I had my doubts about David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, but the trailer (with a few nods and winks to H20 and Halloween 4) looks good. There’s just something really creepy about Michael calmly standing outside in the prison, when the guy making the documentary is trying to show him his mask. You also get the impression it’s going to be a brutal horror film after the shots with Michael dropping the bloody teeth over the bathroom stall and Michael banging his head against the door.

    I don’t think anything can be as bad as Resurrection, and the vast majority of Halloween fans despise Rob Zombie’s films, especially H2. I’m holding out hope, because John Carpenter is involved, Nick Castle is back (not 100%, but it’s a good sign they’re taking this seriously), and Jamie Lee Curtis was against returning to anything Halloween related for years. She’s not a paycheck chaser, so she had to see something special in this. I’ve seen a few skeptical comparisons with James Cameron hyping up Terminator Genisys, nostalgia, and Arnold’s return to the series, but Genisys was doomed from the start for a number of reasons.

    I just hope Curtis finally receives a proper send off, if they decide to kill Laurie off. Her character deserves something that’s truly memorable, and I’m all for a second chance over quickly killing her off in the early stages of Resurrection to build up to Busta Rhymes showing off his karate moves in a poor attempt at a big final showdown.
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