Miracle violence connection: Gordy and Williams

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    Let me stump for the greatest tag team of all time, the miracle violence connection.

    Perhaps you scoffed at that first sentence. Perhaps you thought, what about the steiners or the roadwarriors or the hart foundation or some other stellar team. All of them were good, many were great, but none were Williams and Gordy.

    What makes this team so special?

    Well first, the name is such an awesome badass description that sums them up beautifully. Many of you have probably been deprived of seeing the work done by these two monsters, either as a team or individuals, but i encourage you to take a gander.

    5x ajpw world tag team champions
    1x wcw naw world tag team champions
    2x ajpw world strongest tag team tournament winners

    That last stat, winning the worlds strongest tag tournament includes tournaments with name a like Hansen, baba, tsuruta, kobashi, misawa, Johnny ace, billy black and Joel Denton. Etc.

    This team was absolutely brilliant and must watch tv. They don't have the quantity of matches that some others have, but that's because both men were also main eventing japan while they alternated dominating the tag ranks.

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