Mildred Burke: Profession: Joshi Killer

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    Perhaps it was sheer dumb luck or fate that almost all the Japanese women who made the tournament ended up in the same subregion. Under different conditions either Toyota or Nagayo would be prime to run away with that whole region in route to kicking Trish's ass in the regional finals. But they all have one massive roadblock in their way...

    And that's the greatest of all time Mildred Burke...

    Akira Hokuto - former WCW women's champion. International icon. Joshi puro goddess... still doesn't compare to Mildred Burke.

    Chigusa Nagayo - Former Crush Gal. International superstar. Former WWWA champion. Puro Legend. Founded GAEA Japan and was a big draw for many years... still doesn't compare to Mildred Burke.

    Manami Toyota - Japan's top women's wrestler. Huge draw. Former WWWA and AJW champion, has just about as many 5 star matches as Mitsuharu Misawa... still doesn't compare to Mildred Burke.

    So join me and Mildred as we kick Joshi ass, rampage through the region, and clench the finals.

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