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Discussion in 'Campaigning Headquarters' started by Uncle Sam, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Uncle Sam

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    Mick Foley was never giving up while John Cena was still learning to identify colours. Bright, garish colours. While Foley's peers - Triple H, Austin, Rock, etc. - are often pushed hard in this thing, Foley is comparatively ignored. That's not to say he doesn't do well; it's just to say that the people who rally behind him aren't as numerous as those for people who are, frankly, equals and not superiors.

    A participant in some of the greatest matches, angles and moments in wrestling, Foley is just as much a legend as anyone in the WWE Hall of Fame. Whether it be partnering with The Rock to have one of the greatest promos of all-time, fighting Shawn Michaels in one of Michaels' very favourite matches or being tossed from twenty feet through an announce table by The Undertaker, Foley never let the fans down.

    Simply put, Foley is the one of the best promo men of all-time, one of the best psychologists of all-time, one of the best brawlers of all-time (Austin who?) and one of the best wrestlers of all-time. He's hard as nails and would never go down without a fight, even when hopelessly outmatched. All this while being built like - and with a face like - a sack of spuds. Dusty Rhodes eat your heart out. God knows you'd like to, you fat bastard.
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  2. JGlass

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    I'll be throwing some weight behind Mick Foley, though quite frankly he has enough for the both of us. (I can make fat jokes too!)

    Mick has always been one of my favorites. There's nothing the dude won't do to make his fans happy. He'll do something as dramatic as throw himself off the top of a Hell in a Cell cage or mangle his body with barbed wire to doing something as simple as special commentary or public appearances.

    Furthermore, Mick Foley is one of the toughest mother fuckers in the history of wrestling. A lesser man would have probably cried and quit wrestling after his ear was cut off in a wrestling related match. Mick Foley is not a lesser man. In fact, when given the option to either have his ear attached or wrestle at a PPV, Mick picked wrestling. That is why Mick Foley is the Hardcore Legend, and that's why I'll be supporting Mick Foley through much of this tournament.
  3. Nate DaMac

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    You won me over with the Dusty Rhodes fat joke. That may very well be one of the best fat jokes I've ever seen. Foley it is, unless he's up against Flair, Hennig, or Cena.
  4. The_Misson

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    I have to agree with you on this. Each year it sems Mick either gets no support at all do to the fact of just pretty much being ignored or due to getting a terrible gimmick match draw. But, this year is the time for Mick Foley to shine he's pretty much everything you could ask for in a wrestler, except for a great body. But, other then that he has it all he can brawl, sometimes get technical, is great on the mic, and would always give it his all.


  5. DirtyJosé

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    Being of a larger stature than most, Foley can count on a few votes from yours truly.
  6. Uncle Chester

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    I don't give a shit what anyone says about that overacting child that the Rock has turned into, no one ahs ever had my attention fixed on a promo than Mick ma'fucking Foley.
  7. LittleStevie

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    Well, Ive been reading about this tournament and I will be putting my full support behind Mrs. Foleys baby boy. He is my all time favorite and Im hoping with my knowledge and debating skills I can help get him as far as possible.
  8. gd

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    I can't go against you, Sam.

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