Mexican region, Monterrey subregion, 1st round: (1) Trish Stratus vs (16) Ivelisse

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Who wins this match up?

  1. Trish Stratus

  2. Ivelisse Velez

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  1. Bernkastel

    Bernkastel Reaper of Miracles
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    Jul 3, 2006
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    This is a first round match in the Mexican region. It is a standard wrestling match. It will be held at the Monterrey Arena in Monterrey City, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.



    #1 Trish Stratus



    #16 Ivelisse Velez

    There will be 1 day of discussion before the poll opens. It will remain open for 2 days. Spam rules will apply. In case of a tie the winner will be decided based upon how many people have made a case for them in the discussion thread. One per each poster.

    Who wins the match up?
  2. It's...Baylariat!

    It's...Baylariat! Team Finnley Baylor

    Apr 2, 2009
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    The only woman I'd vote over Madusa.

    Trish Stratus should have this tournament named after her, because she's amazing in the ring, could tell you a good story out of it, and she could be the hottest woman ever. Her ass... would stop wars.

    Seriously, I don't say the words 'marriage' often, but I'd marry Trish Stratus, get her pregnant and just be there for her like a good man should be.

    In all seriousness, Trish could be the greatest woman's wrestler in history, so vote for her and let's see how dominant she can be.
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  3. stingray11214

    stingray11214 Cena is no Bruno & Cole is no Solie

    Aug 14, 2014
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    Trish Stratus was a great wrestler for what WWE's Divas were. However, I cannot, in good conscience, consider her a truly great wrestler for she did not do one thing I feel a female wrestler in the modern era needs to do for at least a spell: Wrestle a tour in Japan after she left the E. I know some of the Divas marks in this place will be up in arms, but the reality has been that when it comes to Women's wrestling, Joshi Puroresu has been, since at least the early 1980's, the "Gold Standard" in Women's wrestling. In Japan, the take their Joshi Puroresu seriously. You won't see a "Show me the puppies!" or "Let the pigeons loose!" mentality. You will see women trying to beat the living *(&* out of one another. The one major company that actually tried to do the WWF/E style, jdStar (Joshi fans, remember their "Athtresses"?), crashed and burned. Though they did develop stars like Sumie Sakai that wrestled, and found success, here in American rings. Since 2001, how many Divas went to Japan to tour for JWP? Arsion? GAEA? Oz? Many women from some of the biggest companies in Japan have wrestled here for WCW and WWF. Today, they go to ROH and TNA, as well as SHIMMER and Shine.

    Now, some people will say what I just said takes away from what Stratus did in the Divas Division. It may or may not. Nobody can deny her impact on the Divas division. Nobody can deny her 7 titles. Nobody can deny her numerous PWI Awards. The problem is with Stratus is that she won them in a Divas division that has been, and remains to this day, extremely suspect. People need to step back and ask themselves is Trish great because she could beat everyone on the planet? Or, is she great because VKM pushed her on RAW and SmackDown every week?

    In contrast, the book is still being written on Ivelisse. Maybe now is too soon for her to be in a competition like this. However, one cannot deny that her best work may be yet to come. Her biggest successes came AFTER she left NXT. She defended the Shine Title 11 times before losing to Mia Yim in November, and is now with Lucha Underground.

    However, we are dealing with accomplishment vs. potential. There may be a time when Ivelisse will fulfill her potential, and actually be considered on Stratus' level. But, right now, Ivelisse is not in Stratus' league. Stratus would win this.
  4. Hollywood Naitch

    Hollywood Naitch The current reigning and defending

    May 27, 2010
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    Trish Stratus is one of the most beautiful women in history. When she first debuted in WWE, I'd just be staring open mouthed. That cleavage, that ass....Sweet Mother of all that is good and pure!

    I've got huge respect for Trish because she worked so hard at her craft. She joined WWE as simply a piece of T&A and over time worked to improve her in-ring skills to the point where she was the well-deserved face of the WWE Women's Division and putting on excellent matches night after night. She had great rivalries with Lita and Mickie James and rightfully goes down as one of the best of all time.

    Trish should do well very in this tournament. Vote for her.
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  5. Lowdown

    Lowdown Ooh baby I like it roooaaaaw!

    Sep 30, 2011
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    Gotta go Trish with this one. I mean she WAS the women's division of WWE for the better part of the early 2000's. I forget how many titles she's won, and she continued to get better each time. Ivie is no slouch, and it's still a crime that Lei'd Tapa was chosen over her to be on the Impact roster. But she's not on Trish's level.
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