Meltdown 157: Vega vs Eve Taylor vs Callie Clark

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    The door was flung open with such force that it created a small dent on the wall. General Manager Becky Serra looked up from her paperwork and was ready to yell; yet, what she saw caused her to bite her tongue for a moment. At the entrance to her office, Eve Taylor stood there. The horrible posture, the heavy breathing and the gaze staring into the distance: Becky knew that Eve was fuming. She sighed for a moment, put down her paperwork and attempted to calmly address the situation.

    "Okay." Becky said.

    But that is all she could say before Eve Taylor interrupted her.

    "I want you to fire Jun Akiyama immediately!" Eve Taylor said. "He has cost me the World championship and he has cost me my match last week against Stetson Hayes. He has also instructed his referees to cost me my chance at challenging for the World title! I want justice!"

    "Hold on a second." Becky said.

    Again, Eve interrupted her.

    "Don't you tell me what to do!" Eve Taylor replied. "You're not off the hook, neither! I know that you, Vance Bateman and the shareholders of this company are the ones behind the screwjobs! Ever since I came through that door and became something more than just a model attraction for publicity, you never wanted me to succeed here in WZCW! The only reason why this company signed me was to increase its audience size and ratings because you got a world-famous supermodel to wrestle here... but the moment I sever my ties with the modelling industry and dedicate my life to this business, my stock plummeted and you've wanted nothing to do with me."

    Becky shook her head in disbelief.

    "That was never our intention." Becky said.

    For the third time, that is all she was allowed to say before Eve Taylor continued.

    "No PR bullshit, Becky!" Eve said. "I can read through everyone's fake bullshit. I was a supermodel, y'know! I know when people are being fake. And this 'I don't know what you're talking about' business isn't going to fly with me. You've been screwing with my progression for years! At first, I thought I was failing to live up to expectations but within the last few months, it is clear that there is a conspiracy out there against me to keep me down and relegate me to a novelty attraction. I mean, how the hell does someone as accomplished as myself lose to someone like Stetson Hayes? How does an old decrepit star like Tyrone Blades beat me? Hell, you even authorised to have the main event that I earned be pushed down the card in an effort to suppress my success! All because I'm not what you want to have as a representative for this company. Because you consider me the alternative! Well, I won't stand for this until every single person in this company who has held me down is gone from this place! Do you hear me, Becky! I won't rest until everyone is fired and removed from the WZCW that I helped shape today... and I will create in my vision!"

    At this point, Becky stood there flabbergasted.

    "Are you done?" Becky asked.

    "Did you not just listen to me?" Eve replied. "I will not be done until Jun Akiyama is fired. I will not be done until you are fired. I won't be done until every single conspirator is rooted out and gone from WZCW! You have my word!"

    "Your word means nothing to me, Eve." Becky said.

    "See!" Eve said, looking around to nobody. "This is what I mean! You are out to get me."

    "No." Becky said, composing herself. "You physically assaulted a WZCW official prior to your match on Meltdown. You have accused Vance and myself of misconduct, as well as take aim at the shareholders and stakeholders of WZCW. Along with this declaration of revenge you've admitted, I worry for what you could possibly do to other WZCW employees, as well as the fans who attend our shows. I am giving you a warning and I will be watching you very carefully. If you do anything else, I'll put you on probation. I can suspend you without pay. I will force you to attend rehab for these violent tendencies you've displayed."

    Eve laughed at this statement.

    "Oh, of course something is wrong with me!" Eve said. "It always has to be me, doesn't it. Why can't you just wake up and see that it is you who is wrong. Everyone is wrong. I am the victim here. Everything I've done is justified. Jun Akiyama deserved what he got and I will do it again, especially after he gave me the loss against Stetson Hayes when I was clearly reaching out for the ropes yet, he decided to use that as an excuse to count that as me submitting."

    "Jun Akiyama was correct in his-"

    "Jun Akiyama can go fuck himself, Becky! He deserved what he got and he will deserve what he gets the next time I see him. Just like Vega is going to deserve what he gets in our match this week. Just like Callie Clark is going to deserve what she is going to get in our match this week. You want Vega to be the next big star and give him a platform? Well, how about I shove him off that platform and turn him into a shooting star and watch him splat into the ground below? You want to finally start promoting Callie Clark as a top contender after all the years I've said that this girl deserves a push? Well, you know what? I've changed my mind. I'm going to push her stupid cosplaying, cheap model knock-off ass right into my fist and destroy her career so you have to promote me instead. And you know why? Because I am the best in this company and the best wrestler to ever step foot in WZCW in its 10 plus year existence... and if I have to destroy everyone and everything to get there, then so be it. I'll do what it takes to prove I am the best and anyone who stands in my way to get there is going to met with a Fashion Statement the likes they've never seen before. So, you better give an Extreme Makeover to your company policy before it becomes my policy to give this company and everyone invested in it an Extreme Makeover myself... because I will not be the Alternative any longer. I am the best and you best be recognising that before I force you to do so."

    Eve turned around and gave Becky the middle finger as she slammed the door shut.

    "Fuck you, cunt."
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    Backstage Shortly After Meltdown 156:

    I was FURIOUS! Not only did Kagura rob me of my moment of glory, rob me of making the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament, but she had to do it by spitting that disgusting red mist in my eyes! I had spent the last hour washing it off my face and out of my eyes, and I still might have missed a spot, ugh! This would not stand, oh no, in fact before she could even leave the arena tonight, it was time to pay a visit to my old friend Becky, and make this right. I stormed into her office as she was putting on her jacket, and slammed the door shut behind me. Across the room Becky crossed her arms in annoyance as she looked at me, but the look in her eyes wasn't reflected in her voice.

    Callie...long time no talk....what can I do for you?

    Oh I think you know what you can do for me!

    I walked over to the chairs in front of her desk, and took a seat. Becky let out a little sigh as she sat back behind the desk, I was probably making her mad by not letting her leave yet but sucks to suck for her doesn't it? Boo hoo she has to do her job, cry me a river.

    That bitch Kagura blinded me! That's the only reason she won, because I couldn't freaking see! If I wasn't blinded, I totes would have been able to escape that submission! I demand you reverse the referee's decision, and declare me the winner of the match by DQ!

    I crossed my arms back at her, and glared at her waiting for her to speak. I was caught off guard when she chuckled though, what was funny about this!?

    That's funny, I mean you of all people complaining about cheating? I seem to recall you hitting Kagura with your helmet, and trying multiple times to use that hammer as a weapon. The way I see it, if anybody should be disqualified it's you Callie. But I am not changing the referee's decision.

    Becky shook her head, how rude! I should have known she wouldn't see things my way, she's simply not that smart. Luckily, I had a plan B.

    Hmph, of course you don't see things the right way.

    I shook my head.

    But fine, if I can't be in the finals of the Gold Rush Tournament, I'm invoking my rematch clause for the Elite Openweight Championship for Gold Rush. Just picture it Becky, the same show where I broke the curse on the Elite Championship, I make history again by beating my own record to become a 4 time Elite Champion! It's a beautiful thought isn't it?

    I grinned as I pictured getting my championship back, and standing tall over that loser Mikey, one foot planted firmly on his disgusting face while I posed with my belt...boy that'll be my best selling 8 x 10 when that happens! I looked over at Becky, who was giving me a weird look, clearly she wasn't picturing what I was picturing.

    Yeeeah here's the thing about can't do that. Because you were in the Gold Rush Tournament, you lost the chance to get your rematch at Gold Rush. But don't worry, we'll get you on the card, I promise.

    Becky offered me a smile, but I stared daggers back at her, who the hell does she think she is!?

    Um excuse you? Puh-lease tell me you did not just say that! Do you not realize who you're talking to Becky? The greatest Elite Champion EVER! I made that championship relevant again, I made it the most important championship in the company! Hell because of me, I made hall of famers want that belt!

    I shook my head in disgust, the disrespect was real.

    Besides my rematch is legally guaranteed! In fact you should be BEGGING me to take back the Elite Championship, after all it's losing more and more prestige every second that idiot Mikey is holding it. So, how about you rethink your decision, and give me my rematch?

    I raised an eyebrow and waited for an answer, as Becky quickly shook her head and stood up.

    No you will not be getting your rematch at Gold Rush, and there's no such thing as a legally guaranteed rematch clause either. Now please, leave my office. It's been a long day and I just wanna go home.

    I shook my head back at her, she doesn't give me what I want and she expects me to give her what she wants?

    No no no, that's not how this works Becky!

    Suddenly I got an idea, I knew why she was holding out and saying no, she wants what everybody wants, and I have plenty of, money! I stood up now and pulled my checkbook out, and placed it down on the desk.

    Fine fine, you need a bribe? How much is it going to take for you to give me everything I want? Name your price.

    I looked up at her, and she had a surprised look on her face. I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, I could have had a lot more opportunities this way. Becky however didn't give me an answer, and instead shook her head and looked angry.

    Callie! You cannot bribe me! And if you don't leave right now I'm going to have to ask security to remove you, and on top of that I'll make sure you never get a rematch for the Elite Openweight Championship.

    I was offended, how dare she threaten me! If I didn't know she had it out for me, and would make those threats promises I totes wouldn't be leaving. But I know how evil Becky can be, and while I can be more evil, I also know to pick my battles.

    Ugh you're so lame Becky. But fine I'll leave, but only because I've been here way too long and you're terrible company. I'll be contacting my lawyer about this "no legally guaranteed rematch" thing though, trust me.

    I put away my checkbook and walked out of the office before that witch could even respond, one way or another I'd get what I want, I always do. It's just a matter of when it happens. But for now I had better things to do than deal with Becky and her crap. My homecoming had been ruined all thanks to Kagura, but she's a choker who's gonna fail in the finals most likely anyway, pathetic.

    Three Days Before Meltdown: An Indoor Dog Park In Boston

    I had arrived in Boston with Meltdown mere days away, why in the world did this company decide to tour the Northeast in December? Sure New York was great, but Boston sucks in the summer, never mind the winter! I decided while I was here I'd treat Sid to something for a change, I found an ad online for an indoor play place for dogs and figured he could use some time with other dogs for a change, so away we went. He seemed happy as we got there, instantly taking off to go play with the other dogs, surely a bunch of mutts not worthy of playing with my boy, but what can I say he's a dog, he doesn't understand he's a higher class than them. I sat down in one of the chairs to watch him, and pulled out my phone, deciding to call Harper while I was there.

    Heyyy girl, how are you?

    I'm good, how about you?

    Ugh not good. I'm still mad over what happened with Kagura last week. And then Becky takes her side, of course.

    Yeah that had to be a disappointing loss, I...

    Before she could continue, I cut her off. She needed to be corrected there.

    Hey! I did NOT lose, I just didn't win.

    Isn't that the same as losing....?

    No no, she cheated to win, in a fair fight I would have won.

    I could hear the confusion in Harper's voice as she started talking again.

    But you cheated too didn't you? Sometimes, I don't get you Callie.

    She laughed awkwardly, but I shrugged it off. I wasn't in the mood to explain things to her if she didn't get it, and she seemed like she wanted to move the conversation along anyway, which was fine with me. Before we could continue our conversation, someone tapped me on the shoulder, which meant now I had to get this jacket disinfected, greeeeat.

    Excuse me miss? Can you..

    I cut him off, I already know where this is going and I don't need to deal with that, not today, not here.

    Excuse me? No, excuse you. I'm on the phone and watching my dog enjoy some playtime, I'm not signing an autograph for you or taking a selfie with you. Now shoo.

    I shooed him away and put my hand up for him to talk to as I went back to my conversation, he was probably frustrated and annoyed with me but oh well, I didn't even bother giving him a second look so I didn't know. I heard him say something about talking too loud, but I didn't really listen, he wasn't important enough for me to pay attention to.

    Ugh sorry about that Harper, damn fans can't ever leave me alone.

    I shook my head.

    Oh, no problem. I was just telling you about my work.

    Ugh speaking of work, I have a match with Vega and Eve coming up in a few days. Eve is the only person I've faced multiple times and have yet to beat in this damn company. Isn't that totes ridiculous? And Vega, another one making us New Yorkers look bad. At least he's not as bad as that Mancini was, but I heard Banks lied about him being a New Yorker, and he's really from Jersey, which would explain a lot.

    I laughed, as did Harper before speaking up.

    Vega and you are at similar points right now aren't you? Both got knocked out of the Gold Rush Tournament in the semi finals and now are both kinda in a position of figuring out what's next.

    Sadly I guess you're right. You know I used to respect him, when he would do anything to win, that was smart. If he didn't start pandering to the idiot fans, he would have beat Xander you know. But this new Vega? He sucks. He doesn't scare me, if he wants to beat me he better bring out the old Vega, then he might have a chance.

    What about Eve? She has a couple victories over you, and you said you never beat her even in multi person matches.

    I was worried about Eve, she has been my mortal enemy since I started in this company and I was determined to beat her.

    Oh she's the biggest issue, even if she's not exactly on her game lately. I mean two submission losses in a row? That's not the Eve I faced. Then again last time I fought her she wasn't going through her emo stage either. I wonder if she's spending all her time on tumblr, responding to things like "what drink are you?" with bleach? I mean that's the typical thing the emo teens seem to do these days.

    I rolled my eyes and took a breath, which let Harper chime in.

    I don't think she's doing things like that, or is even emo. She's just an alternative fashion model.

    Yeah what the hell is that anyway? "Alternative fashion"? Sounds like a fancy way of saying emo to me. Either way, the new look is totes ugly. But oh well, with her going through her emo phase and on a losing streak, now's my time to strike and finally get a victory over her.

    You might be right, this could be your chance. But don't forget about Vega. After all just because you're not worried about him doesn't mean he's not a threat. And he's going to want the win just as much as you after the loss last week.

    Okay she might be right, I will have to deal with him still. But I still don't consider him the biggest threat in the match. Not when the other person in the match is a former World Champion, and my mortal enemy.

    Hmm I guess so. I mean there is always the chance those two realize how dangerous I am and gang up on me, or he lets the old Vega out and takes advantage of the fact there's no DQ's in the match like I know I won't be afraid to. But really I still don't get how he's allowed to compete for this company, I mean he's a freaking criminal!

    Former criminal, and you can't hold his past against him.

    I sure as hell can! Once a criminal, always a criminal. In fact based off his past I'm going to have extra security at Meltdown, just in case he tries to steal from me! I mean even a pair of my shoes are probably worth more than everything he owns.

    I arrogantly flipped my hair and smirked to nobody about that, boy it was nice being rich.

    And his whole special training he's gone through? Yeah that's not gonna make a difference because I'm a much better high flyer than his new friend ECD ever was.

    I laughed and looked over at Sid, who was still having the time of his life with the other dogs. I'm glad I decided to take him here, all the travel wares him down and massages only help him so much, sometimes he just needs to let all his built up energy out.

    Sounds like you know a lot about your opponents then. So what is coming for you at Gold Rush? You got another title opportunity?

    Ugh don't even go there. I tried to get one, but Becky is a bitch and wouldn't give me what's rightfully mine. So I don't know who my opponent at Gold Rush will be yet, but really it doesn't matter. Gold Rush was where I became the curse breaker last year, this year I'll find some other way to make history there, after all nobody is better at making history than me.

    I winked, again at nobody. I'm sure I would find out my match for Gold Rush during Meltdown this week, but even if they didn't tell me ahead of time, I wasn't worried. I might have had a set back recently, and sure this might be the first time in a loooong time I wasn't a champion or number one contender, but soon enough I'll have championship gold back around my waist, and nothing would get me back to gold quicker than using Eve and Vega and anybody else in my path as a stepping stone to send a message to everybody. I hung up with Harper shortly after, and let Sid play for a few more minutes after that before taking him home. Now it was time to get ready for Meltdown, but first it was time for dinner, and I was thinking steak.

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    "I'm a wrestler." -Vega

    The beeping of a heart monitor pounds within Vega's ears. He stares at the machine attached to his arm with a pain wrought glaze in his squinted eyes. The lights in the hospital room feel like penetrating lasers piercing through his head. The bandage haphazardly wrapped around his skull is in desperate need of changing, seemingly having soaked up as much blood as possible that leaked out of Vega's vicious laceration at the hands of Xander about an hour ago. He stares down at the blood stains on his body, his arms, and his legs while trying to remember what happened. Vega is almost ashamed to admit to himself he can't exactly remember why he's there to begin with.

    There's one thing Vega does remember, though. In fact, it's the main thought that has ran through his head for the past two weeks, and that's the words Xander said to him backstage at Meltdown. Was Xander right? Vega couldn't help but feel like the combination of a blood stained body, hazy memory and visit to the hospital could only mean his match against Xander did not end in his favor. Gently, Vega touches his head, and winces. He shakes his head in disappointment, sure of the fact that these injuries were not all the result of a clean victory for Xander.

    That doesn't matter much now, though... does it? Xander is on his way to the Gold Rush Tournament Finals. On the other hand, here we have Vega, sitting in a hospital room, trying to remember what city he's in. Was Xander right? When Vega embraced the darkness, he never found himself waiting for doctors while being at the mercy of fluorescent lighting. This was supposed to be the moment Vega proved to the entire company that he is a changed man. This was supposed to be Vega's evolution into a superstar. Instead, it's Xander who moves on. And Vega is left sitting, wondering if the outcome would have been different if he weren't so determined to change for the better. Is Vega the type of man who is truly at his best when he is at his worst? He wasn't sure which worried him more... his inability to recall recent events, or the memory of his former self. Perhaps Vega will always be haunted by his days as an assassin, but with every passing day he is able to believe that the person he once was will not be the person he will always be. If he was no longer an assassin... no longer embracing the darkness, who was Vega now?

    Vega, lost in thought, is snapped back into the present moment by the door swinging open. In walks a doctor ready with gloves and a set of tools. He places them on a table next to Vega, and starts unraveling the bloody bandage around his head.

    Alright, let's see how bad this is.

    Vega, isn't even sure himself. He grimaces at every motion the doctor makes until he finally removes the entire bandage.

    Well, this is definitely a nice sized cut. How did this happen?

    The pensive look in Vega's eyes as he struggles to recall worries the doctor, who now begins to clean the wound.

    You can't remember how this happened?

    His silence serves as enough of an answer for the doctor. With the area around the cut now clean, the doctor prepares an injection.

    This is a local anesthetic. It's going to numb the area around your wound, and then I'll be sealing that cut up with just couple of stitches. Sound good?

    Vega nods. The doctor injects the local anesthetic directly into Vega's forehead, and waits a couple of moment for the effect to take place. He picks up the needle and threads it while continuing to question his patient.

    How did you get here?

    Vega hadn't thought about that. He doesn't remember driving here on his own. Did he take an Uber or something? Perhaps. He offered no response.

    Okay... well, sir you shouldn't feel a thing.

    The doctor approached Vega's wound with the needle, and pierced his skin. The needle poked back through on the other side, and is pulled through with the thread following behind. The doctor repeats this motion as he continues to seal the wound.

    Do you know where you are, sir?

    Obviously this was a hospital, but Vega had already given up trying to remember what city he was in. Nothing in the room provided any clues to his location. Unable to offer a proper answer, he remained silent once again. The doctor worried more and more about his patient with every pierce of his needle.

    Sir, whats your name?

    Vega looked straight ahead, slowly coming to the haunting realization that he couldn't remember his own name. Here he is, running away from the person he used to be while unable to tell him who he is right now. Just as he finishes stitching up Vega, the doctor shakes his head and decides he's seen enough.

    Sir, I want to keep you overnight for further observation. I don't know how, but I'm quite certain you've suffered a concussion.

    Vega doesn't argue with the doctors orders. He sits there, feeling defeated with the understanding that he isn't well. The doctor writes down his notes on his patient's chart as he makes his way to the door. He shakes his head, wondering out loud to himself as he reads over his notes...

    Who are you?

    The doctor knew no to expect an answer has he reached for the door knob. Vega's eyes widened. For the first time, a glimmer of recollection entered his eyes. He may not know his name, what happened, where he is, or how he got there, but there was one thing he did know. Certain of something for the first time, he finally offers the doctor a response.

    I'm a wrestler.

    The doctor turned around, surprised to finally hear a response from his injured patient. He stares at Vega for a couple of moments, studying him. He writes a final note in his chart.

    Occupation: Wrestler.

    A slight smile comes across the doctor's face as he reacts to finally hearing his patient's voice. He nods his head before exiting the room and closing the door behind him. Vega was uncertain of a lot of things, but there was on thing he was certain of now. He wasn't the man he used to be. Not anymore. And that brings a smile to Vega's face.
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