Meltdown 157: PC Stevie Broon vs Alice Adams

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    Deadline is Tuesday, December 11th, 11:59 PM EST
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    7:00 p.m. 1 week Before Meltdown:

    Alice hastily walks down the corridor, out the back of the Arena and into a sleek Black car. As soon as she closes the door she car drives away from the brightly lit arena and straight onto the dimly lit street. Once the Arena was only a spec in the rearview mirror Alice; still in her wrestling gear pulls her phone out of her Gym bag and makes a phone call.

    [glumly] “Hey, how are the kids? Oh… that’s great, are they asleep? Oh.. really? Can you do me a favor mom… kiss them for me… Huh? Oh me? No… I’m fine… I just don’t feel well, I took a bump tonight way to hard… Oh… the results… I gave it my best… yeah… again… I know mom… yes… No… Oh… but Mo-… hello? Mom?

    Alice stares at her phone screen dumbfounded, she stifles a cry in her throat and stares out the window.

    (thinking out loud) “I don’t get it, I tried my best… fucking grotesque bloated annoyance! (Kicks the back of the drivers seat and spits out the window) I’m Lucky I didn’t contract diabetes after desperately tearing a chunk out of that walking tub of manteca.”

    Alice glares a the driver through the rearview mirror as she catches him whispering under his breath; she rolls her eyes and flips open her phone, browses her contacts and once finding the one she was looking for, press call.

    Mutters under her breath “I need something to take my mind off of all of WZCW… (puts on her must sultry voice) Hey darling, you busy tonight…? I need a little… stress reliever. (Softly clicks her young in disappointment) come on Jimmy, I know I said I was done but, I have all this pent up stress,”

    The driver glimpsed in the rearview mirror to see Alice slowly running her fingers up and down her thigh as she put on a very seductive pouty voice; Alice glances up to see a very red driver, locks eyes for a second til he looks back at the road hastily. She giggles and refocused on her phone conversation.

    “Plus doll, I kinda missed seeing you… Yeah? You meant it? Well I mean I’m staying in a hotel in Boston… Oh, we’re not allowed to give out our room numbers out… I mean (lowers her voice) I could get in trouble for just even telling you what hotel, but let’s say, YOU rented a room for the night, well then, everything would turn out just fine. So, what do you say? Just this once? Promise after this I’m done."

    Alice sits silent for what seemed like an eternity, a smile slowly spreads across her face.

    “You… missed me too? I know… this won’t be good for either of us… look if you can’t, it’s fine… oh really? Well I’ll be checking and getting settled in tonight so.. how about you make a reservation for, let’s say… 1:00 a.m.? I knew I could count on you, I’ll text you the address right now, this driver is getting a Little too nosy. Kisses doll.”

    Alice ends her call and places her phone back into her bag, leans forward and places a hand on the drivers shoulder, she could feel him tremble under her touch.

    “Now, can we behave like a gentleman and take this poor tired woman to her final destination without turning creepy and or homicidal maniac?”

    The driver quickly shakes his head in agreement and jumps as Alice’s fingers started to trace the nape of his Neck, She laughs cynically whispers the address of the hotel to the now fear stricken driver and sits back and waits. She pulls her phone out and absentmindedly scrolls through her emails, she stops dead in her tracks when she sees a new one from WZCW with the details on her next match. She opens the email and quickly scans it’s contents, her eyes stop to take in a picture of a grotesque looking troll of a man, with a bead that just screamed Lumberjack wannabe; underneath the picture was the name Stevie Broon. Alice rolls her eyes and closes her email, right now wasn’t the time for business… it was for pleasure.

    1 A.m. 6 Days before Meltdown:

    Alice clumsily, but silently, slips out of her room, checking to make sure she has her room key, closes the door and casually strolls to the elevator and presses for the 3rd floor. As the doors close behind her, She then closes her eyes and takes a slow deep breath, trying to calm her nerves; in an act of frustration she begins to picture herself in a big dark room, facing a black wall hundreds of Chinese inspired masks, all seemingly hand painted with different emotions emulated by Geisha Inspired face paint. She Walks up to the towering wall as if something was calling out to her, reaches out and grabs a mask of the wall; she brings the mask close to her chest and as if on queue her body began to Feel as If a fire was burning her from the inside out. With what felt like an eternity the ding of the Elevator was what seemed to be her saving grace from some trance she seemed to put herself in, but when she opened her eyes the once shy, broken and timid look was gone; Only to be replaced with a look of hunger, anger and drunken determination. Alice straightens herself up and walks out of the elevator and up to room number 205. She knocks on the door and waits for Jimmy to open up. As soon as the door opens Alice throws herself on to him and begins to kiss him roughly and hungrily. They tumble backwards onto the bed but as soon as she hooked onto him he pushed her away.

    “Woah, Allie calm down, I missed you too, geeze can we at least say hi before we start taking our clothes off?

    Alice looks up at him and frowns in disappointment; she wasn’t here for pleasantries, she was here for a distraction. She groans in annoyance and gets up off of the bed.

    “Look Baby, I get it, it’s been awhile…”

    “Five years to be exact.”

    “Don’t be a prick, I’m talking.”

    Jimmy looks up at Alice in disbelief, then a look of realization crossed his face and he went from hurt to annoyed.

    “How dare you?! My feelings are not a joke! 5 years I waited and nothing, no phone call, no text, Fuck not even a letter for Christ’s sake!” (Jimmy stalks up to Alice and grabs her wrist)

    “N-now Darling… I’m sorry, look I’ve just been busy with finding myself and work that’s all… (winces in pain) baby please… I have a surprise for you… (breathes a sigh of relief as Jimmy releases her hand)

    “I always did enjoy your surprises.”

    “oh believe me baby, this one is my best one yet.”

    Alice grabs his hand and gingerly guides him to the bed and sits him down. She slowly saunters away and stops right in front view of the bed; she slowly unties her sleeping robe, shimmies it off her shoulders and watches it fall to her feet. Alice is now clothed in nothing more but her sinister smile and a black lace teddy with matching panties. She turns to face an awestruck man and walks up to him. Leaning in closely she runs her hands through his hair and seamlessly straddles him. As soon as her lips met his she knew she had him hooked, angrily he pulls her onto the bed and bites her. As soon as Alice knew she won suddenly all the fun and adrenaline wore off, her once energetic moans where replaced with artificial ones; she suddenly remembered w hy they never worked,with each moan a little louder than the next to, hopefully, appease the big crybaby so he could finish and go to sleep.

    “Oh, Valerie I love you!”

    Alice snaps back into reality and slaps Jimmy in the face

    “Who, in the Fuck, is Valerie?”

    (Stammers) “my… um… girl-gir-girlfriend.”

    Alice jumps out of the bed as if poked by a hot poker; this was it, her way out of having to pity Fuck this annoying man child with no skills in bed whatsoever. Trying to hide her excitement she walks over to her robe and ties it back on; once she felt Jimmy’s touch on her shoulder she spins around and kicks him square in the balls.

    “You disgust me, you have a girl you say you love yet you’re here trying to shove your little 3 inch turtle into me, don’t fucking follow me, I hope I popped a testicle.”

    Alice leaves a crying mess huddled in the middle of the room and closes the door behind her; her once smug attitude was replaced with frustration and embarrassment. Three rooms down Alice finally looks up to see Kole struggling to get into his room; after hearing a small victory cheer of ‘Fuck yeah!’ he finally notices a dazed and half dressed Alice, he pushes open his room door and calls out in her direction.

    “So, you finally succumbed to the glorious power of the Keith Kole? Oh and you even dressed up for me, how cute.”

    Kole’s backhanded compliment triggered Alice to rush up and slap him; She was fast, but at this time Kole was just a bit faster. He caught her wrist mid swing and pulled her close.

    “Oh so you want to play with the big boys now, well, did I ever mention I like it rough?”

    Alice smirks and spits in his face

    “well I am a big girl, I can handle mysel-“

    Before she can finish her sentence Koles lips came crashing down on hers, Alice Hungrily accepted them, wraps her arms around Kole’s neck and brings him closer, they both half walked half fell into Kole’s room onto the floor. Alice swings her leg over him, uncaring of who it was she was with, what he acted like or who he associated with, all she knew was the hunger she felt and the need he was filling. She tears at his shirt, licks and bites his neck and smiled with each ridiculous zombie comment. Alice could feel herself slip more and more from herself, it wasn’t until Kole smacked and grabbed her ass til she snapped back into reality. She stopped kissing Kole and grabs his face with both her hands.

    “Awe sweetie,
    (bites Kole lip hard) why did you have to go and Fuck it up for? (Slaps Kole and leaves a red handprint on the side of his face) now I remember why I don’t like you.”

    And as soon as it started it ended, Alice gets up walks out of the room and to the elevator, halfway down the hall she could hear Kole yell to her from the distance.

    “Wait! So does that mean this isn’t going to be a thing? Cause, I would so be OK for this to be a thing! Yes…? No…? OK! I get It, it’s way to late to be overthinking this! Tomorrow then!”

    Alice steps into the elevator and as soon as the door closes, shakes her head to herself as she could feel her face go hot, she hated when she gave into her urges and now she is sure this could come back to bite her in the ass… or… Alice slowly starts to form a plan in her head, it might pay off making him think I need… she shudders ‘Kole’s pole”. Alice steps out of the elevator and goes straight to her room, takes a quick bath and replaces her gaudy outfit from earlier in the night, with her trusty sweats and band tee. She pours herself a glass of wine and gets her bed ready for the night. Once settled in she finishes the wine in one gulp, turns the lights off and tries to sleep, hoping that a good nights rest can erase the sexcapade she created that night.
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