Meltdown 157: Flex Mussel vs Matt Tastic

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    Deadline is Tuesday, December 11th, 11:59 PM EST
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    “What happened?” That’s what a lot of people are asking me. What made me act the way I did? What triggered it? The answer is pretty simple. I remembered.

    For so long I was just careless. Coasting off the past and expecting it to take me far. But she reminded me. She reminded me of where I was. A place that doesn’t hand out opportunities. And sure, before I definitely didn’t deserve them. So careless I’d lose to nobodies like a routine but now, I simply took my opportunities. I’ve put in enough work. I don’t have to sit around and wait. I’ve proved it for so many years. I am the Driving Force here. I am The Ace. I shouldn’t have to be fighting from the bottom any more. I shouldn’t have to prove anything to anybody. And in the same vain, I shouldn’t have to be answering to anyone. I’ve grown tired of being the “Goody Two-Shoes” while guys like Titus and Ty Burna get to take things by force and later down be praised for it. How could I even forget that? I already lived through it before. Subjugated by management. Looked down while my peers were looked up to. I played blind long enough.


    Becky Serra’s Office, after Ascension 133


    The match had just taken place where I brutalized Annie Halloway. That rank amateur, parading around, acting like some high and mighty woman. I made her realize what she really is. A simple little girl playing pretend. She has no place in this world of adults. The bubble around her facade burst and she was forced to face reality. The harsh, brutal real world.

    My actions did not suit my alleged superiors. That was to be expected. Even if it’s absolutely ridiculous. How dare I defeat an opponent in a combat sport within it’s stated rules. Was it because she’s a girl? I’m above sexism. Was it because it was more brutal than it should’ve been? Pulling punches leads to weakness and defeat. Or was it just an excuse to get on my case? I headed to Becky Serra’s office to find out. If anyone would understand things from my end, I hoped it would be her. But I didn’t have my hopes up. After all, this company does everything it can to oppose me.

    I entered the office only to find it completely empty. It seems she’s not here yet. Sure. Make me wait. That’s not new. But it’s fine. I’m used to it. Waiting for the right time is what I do best. Well, behind winning titles after all.

    Eventually, the door opens. A slender figure comes in and turns on the light, seeing me slouching over the office chair with my feet draped over the desk. The slender figure took shape. Becky was finally here. I stared at her calmly but the anger just couldn’t help but peer out of my eyes. What kind of shit is this? I get called over but I’m the one made to wait? Oh, right. I said I was fine with that already. But I’m not.

    Becky: What the hell are you doing, Matt?

    Not the reply I was looking for. Of course. She can push me around, but when I push back, well now it’s wrong. It’s how this world seems to work. Taking advantage of the kind. Mistaking that kindness for weakness. Lets see what happens now.

    Becky: Since when do you beat up defenseless women like that, Matt? Don’t you have female students in your classroom?

    I didn’t feel like losing my chill, so I just kept on slouched over the desk. But at the same time, there it is. The machismo card at play. We allow intergender matches, but only to a certain level. Just how the hell can you reach equality with that kind of mindset?

    Matt: That wasn’t a defenseless woman, Becky. That was a professional wrestler. I aimed to defeat her because that’s my job. What did you suppose I do instead? Lose? Again?

    Becky: I expected you to have a bit of honor and respect in the ring, Matt.

    Matt: You mean the things she failed to show me, Becky? Give me a break. How do you exactly have human cockfighting in a respectful manner? She showed me no respect. She treated me lightly. That’s her own fault. I thought she was a “hacker” or some shit of the sort. Instead, she proved to be a, dare I say, hack?

    Oh my God, that was an awful pun.

    Matt: I didn’t become a Hall Of Famer respecting you, management, or anyone and God forbid a guy like Ty Burna showed any respect as he made his legacy.

    Becky: Mikey did.


    I yelled at the top of my lungs when that name was uttered. I could feel my blood pressure suddenly rise. My fists clenched and my tranquil demeanor just vanished in a single instant. Goddamn that woman mentioning him.

    Matt: I’m here for one thing, Becky and it isn’t to apologize for my actions. For doing my job. I want better competition. You’re gonna give it to me. Because that’s what a victory entails.

    Becky’s glare was a lot like the look I had. Trying to maintain a sense of coolness, but in reality, you can see the emotion coming out. The anger. She just wasn’t as good hiding it. Her arms were crossed. Her lips were pursed as if she wanted to curse me out but kept it in. Ohh, that is not a good idea. Neither is it to show me how angry you are after you tease me. Evoking his name. Mikey.

    Matt: Are you gonna stand there staring at me or are you gonna do something? If you’re so hesitant to give me better competition, maybe you’d like to jump over this desk here and give it to me yourself. You look so tense. What is it? Fear? Or frustration?

    Becky: Disappointment, Matt.

    Matt: Disappointment. How so, mother? How did I disappoint you this time?

    I just went from trying to insinuate sexual tension to calling her my mom. That’s some Oedipus shit right there that I’m not too proud of.

    Becky: I always thought you were the upstanding member of this roster. The one everyone looks up to.

    Matt: Don’t give me that shit, Becky.We just got through arguing about a girl thinking she could look down on me. I think it’s pretty clear respect is fiction here. I want better competition. The past two shows you’ve been handing me scrubs. Hell, you tried to push Tony Mancini against me.

    Becky: You were constantly losing matches, Matt. What was I supposed to do?

    Matt: Oh, don’t worry. I totally get that part, Becky. But the last time we spoke, I asked you something. I asked you what made me great the first time. You said it was opposing management. Or the norm to be more precise. So here I sit. Challenging the way things are. Stepping up by my own accord. Not waiting around and taking the things I want. Now the question is if you’ll give them to me. Or if I’ll have to take them from you. Trust me. If what I did to Annie Halloway bothered you, you don’t want to see what I have planned, Becky. I want things. I will take those things. They will be mine. Not because I deserve them. But just simply because.

    And just like that, it seemed like the tension was whisked away. Becky lowered her guard. She dropped her arms. She sighed in a mix of frustrated release and annoyance. She approached one of the free office chairs and sat on it. In the inside, I couldn’t help but laugh, I was as giddy as a school girl. But still I kept my cool demeanor, slouched over the couch. She sat. Her damn mini-skirt curving with her very well defined legs taking shape across the seat. Dammit, what a she-devil. But that’s not what I’m here for.

    Becky: You want competition? Fine. But promise me one thing. Do not cause any havoc on my show then. I understand what you’re doing. Just like you, I’ve seen it all. But I still need to keep at least some sort of order on my show. If you do that, I’ll see what I can do.

    Matt: Name the opponent, Becky. Say the name.

    After that, I take my feet off the desk and place them on the ground. I bend myself over the desk and clasp my hands together, placing my elbows on the desk. I wait for it. The name. But I look at Becky. My boss (allegedly). That relaxed demeanor turned to meek nervousness. I……. I didn’t recognize it. It confused me. Was she shy? Did I…… turn her on? I mean, holy crap if I did. But….. Well.

    Becky: I gotta say. This side of you. I’ve never seen it before. Why did you come to me? Why not Bateman who’s now the President?

    Matt: Because it’s you I want, Becky.

    Suddenly, the meekness was gone. A smirk came over her. The shyness was gone. The meekness vanished. She just wanted to hear she was wanted. That was all she needed. Because she knows she can get something out of it. In a sense, it’s as if I’m playing into her hands. But at the same time, I’m aware of it. Just taking what I want after all.

    Becky: Good. I want you to remember that, Matt. You wanted me because you knew I’d give you want you want. And what you want, is what you’ll get.

    I was excited hearing that. It was Euphoric. Getting exactly what I wanted. What a concept for me. I slammed my hands on the desk and asked again.

    Matt: SAY THE NAME!!

    Becky: The World Heavyweight Champion: Flex Mussel!!

    And just like that, as if it was pure reaction, I grabbed the desk in front of me. And flipped it over in with nothing but ecstasy. Becky seemed…… perplexed. I don’t blame her. I was being creepy.

    After getting what I want, I simply left. As I exited though, we exchanged sly smiles. The kind you make when you know you’re about to stir trouble. I knew I would. I’ve grown tired of sitting and waiting. I now take what I want.




    But I wasn’t quite done. I still have responsibilities after all. I’ve invested in the future after all. My students. Truth be told, I’ve stayed away from Mikey all this time. I’m not quite ready to show my face. I don’t know how he would react. How “the kids” would react. So I’ve decided to take the calm route and wait it out. I have to make a phone call.

    Matt: ……………….

    *Ring Ring*

    ???: Hola?

    Matt: Granpa.

    Granpa: Ah. Mijo. What the hell was that about?

    Matt: I think the time has come, Granpa. That talk we’ve had so long ago. Do me a favor and tell the students I won’t be coming for the week.

    Granpa: And what about Mikey?

    Matt: …………………..I’ll tell him myself.


    That puts behind the school and Anni Halloway. Now I have to think about Flex Mussel. It was two years ago at Kingdome Come 8 where that son of a bitch beat me. I was so careless back then all I can remember from the match was my entrance. I’ve had some past with him. Live Mas dethroned Cerberus at Lethal Lottery 2016 to win the Tag Team titles too. Flex has since become a complete maniac. A business producing health supplements. To me that’s just silly. I never took a damn vitamin in my entire career yet I’m the greatest pro wrestler to grace the Galaxy. It isn’t even hyperbole, it’s math. Look at how much gold I’ve won in contrast to him. But of course, I’d be an idiot to think that was reason enough for me to win. He’s the current World Heavyweight Champion. The top of the wrestling world. Taking him easy because he spends his free time fooling around with a painfully stereotypical sumo and a creepy McDonalds employee with no idea of what he’s doing would be a mistake. And I don’t plan on making mistakes. I plan on doing what I want. And to do that, I have to take things………… Despacito.
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    Flex Fact #669: My entire body was once flooded with diabetes, and you don’t see me on the news begging for hurricane relief.

    Flex: And can you believe how quickly the ref counted to ten?! Blasphemous!

    Kole: Yes my liege, we were both cheated and disrespected on Meltdown.

    The WZCW World Champion and his new protege can be seen complaining about their most recent in-ring exploits as they enter the Flex Fitness private Jet. Meanwhile his personal bodyguard Wasabi Toyota puts their luggage away in a safe compact area.

    Flex: See this is why I need Everest as the special referee. These social justice crybabies are conspiring to take away my holy grail!

    The monsieur of muscle proceeds to caress the WZCW World title strapped around his waist. He specially fondles the clear plastic face mask he has attached to it (also known as Masquer).

    Flex: Speaking of, Wasabi! Call Svetlana ask her if Everest has accepted the honorable task.

    Wasabi: Of course sir.

    Kole and Flex continue to jaw-jack and stroke each other’s egos as Wasabi steps away into the cockpit and proceeds to make a call.

    Wasabi: He wants to know if there’s been any progress on the Everest front.

    Svetlana: Unfortunately not, he hasn’t returned any of our calls, Flex cannot know this. He is very sensitive about old alliances.

    The Queen of FlexAmerica can be seen in her private chambers simultaneously talking on a headset, using an elliptical, and curling a dumbbell as she watches a montage of photos where Flex is tastefully nude.

    Wasabi: Do you have any suggestions on a distraction? Our flight to Puerto Rico is taking off any moment.

    Svetlana: Flight?! Puerto Rico?! Why the hell is he going there?!

    Wasabi: He found out he was facing Matt Tastic and has decided to visit his homeland in order to prove that some Hurricane never happened.

    Svetlana: Of course….listen he can’t go to Puerto Rico the locals will tear him to shreds. Take him to a remote island off the South Coast, something Hispanic, something we own.

    Wasabi: Won’t he know the difference?

    Svetlana: Trust me he won’t, they all look the same to him. Just get him there, and I’ll make sure they’ll know he’s coming.

    Wasabi: Yes ma’am.

    Wasabi ends the call and proceeds to get in the pilot position. The jet begins to take off as Flex and Keith can be overheard engaging in a pose-down.


    Hours later after the jet has landed dozens of locals gather around waiting for someone to emerge. Moments later The King himself bursts out of the door pumping his chest. He surveys the very small island as notices there is a much smaller crowd than he imagined.

    Flex: This is Puerto Rico?! Where the hell is everyone? Why is the island so small.

    Kole: Maybe the hurricane really did a lot of damage around here.

    Flex: Nonsense, they’ve obviously just gone to the borders of FlexAmerica. No matter, the few that are here will do.

    Flex makes his way towards the locals who have yet to say anything.

    Flex: Hola, Me illamo King Mussel, I am here to rebuild your destroyed land and make you all self-sufficient, unlike your native countryman Matt Tastic. Do you understand?

    The locals shake their head in compliance.

    Flex: Good, now first things first, where is your gym?!

    A small child points to a hut where some sticks are tied to a pair of rocks.

    Flex: Disgusting, this will just not to do. Wasabi!?!

    Wasabi: Yes my liege?

    Flex: Initiate montage mode!

    Wasabi proceeds to pull out a large boom box from Flex’s luggage.

    Keith can be seen instructing locals to carry large planks of wood across the island. Flex teaches children the proper lifting protocol. Wasabi is playing patty cake with the children. They continue to lead the locals as they begin to build small homes all around the island. By the end of the day multiple huts have been made and the trio looks on admiring their work.

    Flex: We did damn good boys.

    Kole: Flexcillent in fact.

    Flex: Oh I like that one, very good Keith!

    The King pats Keith on the shoulder and the protege smiles like a puppy receiving a pat on the head.

    Flex: Get some rest you two, we’ve had a long day.

    Keith and Wasabi make their way to their newly made hut as Flex begins to stare out into the ocean surrounding the island.

    Masquer: You are above this you fool.

    Flex: One can never be above selfless humanitarian acts. I mean think about it, Tastic has spent years shamelessly plugging bad dietary options but not once has he helped little Hispanic children build houses. Just wait till he hears about this!

    Masquer: These childish adventures are beneath you. Do you remember when you at the book worm would go globe trotting and get into senseless hi-jinks? They were a waste of time then and even more so now. You’re the World champion yet you haven’t won a match since obtaining the belt. Do you not see a problem with that?

    Flex: Of course I do, WZCW has been conspiring-

    Masquer: Stop with the conspiracies! Stop with the excuses! You have let this all go to your head, you are no better than the men you stand opposite from in the ring. All making excuses, all blaming others for their failures. You and mongrels like Tastic are no different.

    The fitness freak begins to ponder what his imaginary motivator is saying to them.

    Flex: Hmm maybe you’re right. Maybe Tastic and I are more similar than I thought. I mean our last encounter was at Kingdom Come 8. He was my biggest victory to date, and from there I went onto the best run of my career eventually culminating in winning the big one. Meanwhile he has gone to have most lackluster chapter in his storied career.

    Masquer: Yet here you two are, crossing paths again, with both of you needing this win more than anything.

    Flex: Tastic is one of the toughest opponents I’ve ever faced, he’s a legend. A bonafide hall of famer with one more stats than I care to state. But the fact is he was struggling to curtain jerk just weeks ago, he’s a crybaby who can’t accept that he’s no longer in the spotlight. It’s quite a shame when Mikey Stormrage is more relevant than you but its something that he needs to come to terms with. This isn’t two years ago, Matt Tastic is not the gate keeper I need to pass to prove I’m main event worthy. I am the brick wall Tastic needs to break so he can prove that he still deserves to step in my ring.

    Masquer: I’m sure he’s well aware of that. And I’m sure he’ll be playing no games.

    Flex: You think this is a game to me?! You think what you’re strapped to is a prop? This title is my fucking life!! Everything I’ve wanted since I first watched a WZCW show. I used to be an under dog fighting people like Tastic who only thought I was a joke. Well now he’s not the top dog, he’s not the under dog, he’s just another dog operating on a very small leash. And eventually old dogs like him need to be taken behind a shed and put of their misery. And that’s exactly what will happen on Meltdown.
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