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    Copeland: Welcome everybody live at the KFC Yum! Center in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky!! Sebastian Copeland here alongside Jack Cohen as 14,739 fans are packed in tonight and ready to see the World's Champion, Tyrone Blades in action tonight against the re-invigorated Xander!

    Cohen: Nevermind that. What about the hometown boy, Randy Studd! He's in action!

    Copeland: Wait, I thought he was Ital- Oh, wait a minute. I have just received word. The World Champion is on his way out here!

    Tyrone stands firmly in the ring. His World Heavyweight Championship clasped over his shoulder as he prepares to speak with a mic in hand.

    Tyrone: Last week Meltdown went off the air with me in shock when a ghost from my past stared back at me. See, this is Flex' latest crazy plan to 'take over' WZCW as it's "King" or whatever junk he says. I'm not impressed. Been there. Done that. But after clearing my head for a few days, Flex bringing Wasabi Toyota back as his personal bodyguard, it made me realize. This fool is a pretender. Nah, I mean is in fact pretending to be something he isn't. He's pretending to be me. Big corporate "King" Mussel the dealbreaker. Making the big moves and the big bucks, trying to do what I did in taking over WZCW. To the point that he's trying to bring the same people I used to do it. Former Apostle of Chaos, Wasabi Toyota. He dug him up and put him in front of me to freak me out. But he forgets who I am. I wrote the book on hostile takeovers, son. You can act the part all you want but when I ruled this place, I held this.

    Tyrone hoists up his World title proudly as the crowd cheers on.

    Where's yours?

    King Mussel appears on stage sporting a smug face as Wasabi Toyota appears behind him with his arms crossed. The two march down the aisle slowly. Wasabi grabs a mic and opens the ropes for Mussel as he enters the ring.

    Mussel: Pretender he says. That is hilarious. I can't make up the money I have, the success I bring. Sure, you once ruled this place with an iron fist, but that was back when I was dominating the high school gym. Since then you've lost your money, your spouse, your pride and even your name. What? You thought the corporate world was sex, drugs and rock & roll? I'm supposed to be impressed by your insults? Call me a pretender if you want. That doesn't change that I have the wealth. And I got the health to back it all up. Only thing missing is that pretend World title you have there but that's what I got this guy here for. Because at Flex-Awakening he's going to make sure the right person wins.

    Tyrone raises his title up in Mussel's face but Wasabi intervenes. Tyrone doesn't back down but he does raise his mic again to retort.

    Does your side-chick Eve know about this? Your big plan to bring a big guy to finally help you win the big one?

    Mussel: Heh. That's funny. You making jokes about side chicks. You deadbeat.

    Tyrone goes from calm to furious with that statement and tries to confront Mussel who just turns around smirking as Wasabi Toyota prevents Tyrone from reaching King Mussel.

    Mussel: Hahahaha. Health isn't something you just maintain with a good diet, Tyrone. It's also mental. You can't cheat on your brain. Say hello to Batti for me.

    Mussel leaves as Tyrone tries to force himself through Wasabi. Wasabi pushes him before he too leaves.

    Copeland: What a disgusting personal attack by King Mussel. Tyrone may not be a role model. But I'll be damned if that man hasn't worked to make up for all his past transgressions.

    Cohen: You can try to make up for as many crimes as you want, Copeland. That does not mean that your slate can be wiped clean. If I were Tyrone, I would focus on my match tonight against Xander and forget King Mussel's words. Mussel is doing everything he can come up with to get under Tyrone's skin.
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    Harrys: This next match is scheduled for a single fall!

    As her music plays pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. Kagura walks down the ramp through the mist, and ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Ise, Mie, Japan, weighing 145 pounds, Kagura!

    Copeland: Kagura has a hell of a challenge tonight. If she wins here then that's give some much needed momentum heading to Tampa and R-Awakening.

    Cohen: That's IF she wins. Let's not forget who her opponent is, Seabass. The king of Mayhem.

    As his music hits, the entry way begins to flash blue and gold. The screen backdrop displays a lion emerging from flames. The Mayhem champion, wearing a navy hoodie with a pair of small Swedish flags attached to the back, emerges. He strolls hastily to the ring. A stern, determined expression adorns his face. He slides under the bottom rope, and removes his hoodie, before throwing it into the crowd. He then roars at the audience, raising both of his arms in the air, much to their delight.

    Harrys: And her challenger, from Gothenburg, Sweden weighing 303lbs pounds, "The Lion From The North" Harald Var Krigare!

    Copeland: Here we go, I know I for one am very eager to see how the behemoth Harald Var Krigare does in what is perhaps his toughest test yet for the Mayhem Champion.

    Cohen: I can’t wait for this giant Swede to stomp Kagura like a Japanese bug.

    Harald Var Krigare and Kagura stand at opposite sides of the ring as the referee calls for the opening bell. Harald steps up and readies himself in a fighting stance while Kagura remains in the corner, calmly leaning against the turnbuckles. Krigare hesitates to approach Kagura and takes measured steps towards her corner. Standing just a few feet away and still inciting zero reaction from Kagura, Harald holds both fists up above his head and lunges forward with a double axe handled smash that meets nothing but the top turnbuckle. Confused, he turns around to see Kagura has swiftly sidestepped Krigare and dodged his attack. Before he can react, Kagura connects with a quick stiff leg kick that stings the Mayhem Champion. Kagura defensively steps back creating distance as Krigare smirks, attempting to downplay the effectiveness of the strike.

    Harald stalks Kagura once again, forcing the priestess to back pedal towards the opposite corner. Kagura fakes towards the right, drawing a reaction from Harald right away. She fakes toward the left, and again Harald reacts, keeping her trapped in the corner. Harald lunges forward for another double axe handle smash, but this time Kagura slips through the ropes and out to the apron just as Krigare makes impact with the turnbuckles. Before he realizes what happened, Kagura holds the tope rope and uses it to help her jump up in the air to blast the big man right in the face with a ferocious knee strike. It forces the Swede to stagger backwards, giving Kagura just enough time to climb to the top turnbuckle. She jumps off the ropes but is caught in mid air by Harald Var Krigare with one hand wrapped around her throat!

    Copeland: Look at the power of Harald Var Krigare! He is holding Kagura up by the neck, just snatching her out of mid-air!

    Cohen: I told you the giant was gonna rag doll her!

    Krigare, while still holding Kagura in the air, rushes back towards the corner and slams her against the turnbuckles. He continues to shove her into the corner, forcing a count from the referee. 1…2…3…4… suddenly Harald begins to yell in pain while back pedaling away from the corner. Once the giant backs up a bit, we can see Kagura grabbing on to a specific point of Var Krigare’s wrist, causing him a serious amount of pain. It goes so far as to bring the Mayhem Champion down to a knee as in agony.

    Cohen: What kind of Japanese voodoo is this!?

    Copeland: This isn’t voodoo, Cohen… this is kyushojitsu!

    Cohen: Cover your mouth when you sneeze!

    Copeland: No, you idiot. Pressure points! Kagura must have found a pressure point in Harald Var Krigare’s wrist!

    Harald looks at Kagura with disbelief, unable to comprehend how this tiny woman can inflict so much pain with a simple pressure point hold. He shakes his head, freeing himself of these thoughts and releases a primal roar before yanking his wrist back forcing Kagura toward him and unleashing a modified short arm clothesline that sends Kagura flipping backwards and landing face down on the canvas.

    Cohen: Krigare just decapitated Kagura!

    Copeland: Holy hell, that could have knocked her out cold.

    Harald looks down at Kagura as she lays face down, motionless. He reaches down and grabs her by the waist of her outfit and deadlifts her off the ground with one hand. Krigare effortlessly places her on his shoulder. With Kagura nearly 7 feet in the air, Krigare walks over to the corner and releases her, allowing her to plunge face first across the top turnbuckle. The snake eyes buckles Kagura’s knees, but she remains on her feet as she turns around and walks right into a thunderous European uppercut that sends her flying back into the corner. She bounces off the turnbuckles and stumbles forward only to be met with another powerful European uppercut that sends her right back into the corner. Krigare plants a third mighty uppercut with the same results. He takes a couple of steps back allowing Kagura to bounce off the turnbuckles and stagger forward.

    Cohen: Kagura is taking a beating in that corner from the big dumb Swede!

    Copeland: I hate to admit it, but perhaps you were right.

    Just as it appears Kagura is about to fall, Krigare grabs her by the throat again. This time he grabs her with the other hand as well and lifts her high up in the air with a Military Press. Harald holds her up there and saunters around the ring, showing everybody in the arena the strength advantage he possesses over the priestess. Once satisfied, he launches Kagura up into the air who flails helplessly as she crashes face down on to the canvas. Krigare reaches down and grabs her by the waist of her outfit once again, and just like before, deadlifts her high up off the ground. This time, Harald falls to a knee as he tosses his Kagura up into the air and lets her crash down across his bent knee stomach first. Kagura bounces off the giant Swede’s knee and rolls around canvas in pain. Var Krigare attempts the first pin of the match, 1… 2… Kagura defiantly kicks out while coughing and gasping for air.

    The Mayhem Champion gets to his feet while dragging Kagura up by the hair. He Irish whips Kagura towards the ropes. She bounces back and ducks under a clothesline from Krigare. He turns around to see Kagura bounce off the opposite ropes and attempts to greet her with a big boot, but she ducks underneath that attack as well. Kagura continues towards the ropes and bounces back. Harald turns around to see Kagura launching herself in the air to connect with a vicious flying forearm shot to the face! It staggers the big man, but he remains on his feet. Kagura runs towards another set of ropes, bounces back and soars through the air with another flying forearm to the head. Krigare is even more stunned than before but is still able to remain on his feet. The crowd is hot for Kagura as she runs towards yet another set of ropes for the third time. She bounces back, flies through the air… but is caught! The Double-Edge! Var Krigare hits his signature spinning side slam out of nowhere! He hooks the leg for the emphatic pin! 1… 2… Kagura kicks out once again!

    Copeland: Harald Var Krigare just 1 second away from the biggest victory of his short career!

    Cohen: Come on, ref! That was 3!

    Harald looks impressed with Kagura for kicking out of his slam as he gets to his feet. Kagura gets onto her hands and knees and begins crawling towards the ropes. He allows her to use the ropes to drag herself up to her feet, only to greet her with a back elbow that sends her through the ropes and onto the apron. Krigare easily reaches over the ropes and grabs Kagura by the hair to drag her back up. He walks her over to the turnbuckle and goes to smash her face into it, but Kagura gets a foot up to block the attempt. She grabs Harald by the beard with both fists and jumps down off the apron onto the floor, forcing the giant to crash neck first across the top rope!

    Copeland: What ingenuity from Kagura!

    Cohen: Can she do that!?

    The Lion From the North staggers away and is brought to his knee as he gasps for air. Kagura lays on the ground on the outside, battered by the Swede. The referee begins counting Kagura out…





    The count seems to motivate Kagura, who begins using the steel steps to help her up.



    Kagura scratches and claws her way up onto the apron by the corner to break the count. She sees an opportunity, however, and begins climbing up even higher towards the top rope. Harald Var Krigare sees her rise and gets to his feet. Kagura struggles, and nearly loses her balance as Krigare rushes towards her and leaps into the air!!! The Kraken!!!

    Cohen: Release the Kraken!!!

    Copeland: No, wait!

    Kagura flies through the air right over the Mayhem Champion who crashes into the turnbuckles with one leg over the ropes. He yells out in pain, stuck in the corner holding his groin. Kagura has landed in the middle of the ring and tumbled forward from the momentum it took to clear the giant’s finisher. Harald tries freeing his leg, but before he can, Kagura rushes towards him and connects with a leaping knee to the face! She remains standing on the second rope while Krigare falls forward, his leg still caught until he hits the canvas. Harald gets to his hands and knees, shaking his head to try and clear the cobwebs. Kagura waits until Harald gets up onto his feet before jumping off the second and onto Krigare’s back. She locks in a sleeper hold!! Harald struggles to get her off. Kagura uses her legs to tighten her grasp on the giant by wrapping them around his waist. A look of panic comes across the Lion’s face as he realizes Kagura’s arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist!

    Copeland: Fourth Dance!! She’s locked in the Fourth Dance of Toyouke Omikami!

    Cohen: Which one is that one!?

    Copeland: The sleeper hold with body scissors! I didn’t think she could get her legs around the big man, but she did!

    Harald reaches out with his arms hoping his long reach can save him, but he’s in the middle of the ring. He attempts to take a step forward, but the effort alone wastes too much of what little oxygen he has left. He falls to a knee! The referee gets right in his face and asks if he wants to give up. He doesn’t reply, focusing only on escaping, but he can’t! Kagura tightens her grip forcing Harald to topple over to his side while reaching out towards the ropes in vain. Krigare refuses to tap. Instead the life slowly begins fading from his eyes, before his eyelids shut. The referee grabs Harald’s large arm and lifts it up into the air, and let’s go… it falls to the ground.

    Copeland: There’s one!

    The ref lifts Harald’s arm up into the air a second time, and let’s go once again…

    Cohen: Two!

    For the third time, the referee lifts up the Mayhem Champion’s arm, and releases it…

    Copeland: Three-no!

    Cohen: He lives! He lives!

    Harald’s hand stops just inches away from the mat. His eyes open up wide as he squeezes his hand into a fist. Kagura looks shocked as Harald makes it onto his hands and knees with her attached to him like a backpack. She cinches in the Fourth Dance even tighter, but to no avail as Harald Var Krigare yells out his motivational war cry… “RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!” … as he gets to his feet. Krigare rushes backwards towards the corner lunging in the air to squash Kagura. The priestess is one step ahead of him and leaps off the big Swede just before Harald forcefully crashes into the turnbuckles back first. Kagura lands on her feet and attacks! Fifth Dance of Amaterasu Omikami!!!

    Cohen: The double fisted heart punch!!! What dance is that!?

    Copeland: Kagura blasts Krigare with the Fifth Dance of Amaterasu!

    Yeah, that one!

    The attack sends ripples across Harald’s chest as he falls backwards through the ropes. He bounces off the apron and down to the floor below! Kagura falls to her knees as she watches the giant fall from her grasp. The referee begins counting Krigare out!



    Kagura looks on in dismay, until she rolls out of the ring herself.


    She tries to lift Harald up, but isn’t able to pick the giant up.



    She tries once again, but still can’t lift the Var Krigare of the ground.


    She shakes her head and slides back into the ring to let the referee continue the count.


    Copeland: It looks like Kagura would have preferred to get the win inside the ring, but she’ll settle for the count out.

    Cohen: Hey, a wins a win.


    Just then, a surprised look comes across Kagura’s face. A hand appears and grasps the bottom rope. It’s Harald Var Krigare, dragging himself up off the ground!

    Cohen: He still lives! He still lives!

    Copeland: I can’t believe it!


    Harald is able to gingerly drag himself back to his feet to Kagura’s disbelief. He rolls in right before the count of 10.

    Copeland: Harald Var Krigare refused to be counted out!

    Cohen: Incoming!!!

    Kagura gives Harald zero time to recover as she comes flying in with a Shining Wizard!

    Copeland: First Dance! First Dance! First Dance of Awarawa no Mikoto!!!

    Kagura destroys Krigare with a disastrous knee to the head knocking him flat on his back. The Japanese Priestess hooks the giant leg for the emphatic cover. The referee slides into position to make the count… 1… 2… 3!!!

    Harrys: And your winner… Kagura!

    Harald rolls out of the ring in disappointment, as Kagura celebrates. Suddenly, a figure appears on the outside. She feels her leg being grabbed, as she’s pulled out of the ring and down onto the mat. The figure turns out to be Xander! Her opponent at R-Awakening. He grabs her and whips her hard into the barricade. The crowd boos him mercilessly, but he remains quiet and doesn’t say a word. Kagura tries to recover, but Xander grabs her and hits a snap DDT on the floor! Driving her head straight into the mat. The referees appear to separate the two, as he heads back to the back with a smile on his face.
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    Backstage a figure gleams across the aisle, causing the crowd to erupt.

    "Studd! Studd! Studd! Studd! Studd! Studd!"

    The figure stops. It's Randy Studd. He hears the echoes. And seems surprised. Suddenly two girls walk up to him.

    Girl A: Oh gosh darn it, if it isn't the Studd!!

    Randy turns to her even more confused, but also very pleased. The second one jumps on screen.

    Girl B: We're big, big fans of yours.

    Randy: Really now? Well. What can I do you for, ladies?

    Girl B: Oh, I don't know. It's not often such a big, strong, handsome and famous man makes his way to this town.

    Girl A: We was just hoping you could maybe show us around the town and give us some autographs.

    Randy seems pleased with these requests. He pulls his trousers and then sticks his hand in.

    Girl B: You're getting ahead.

    Randy: Oh, wow. That's even better.

    Randy then pulls out a large black marker and takes off the lit, ready to write the autographs. The girls at first seem confused but they are overjoyed when they see the marker.

    Girl A: That is a big marker.

    I know. So, who am I making these out to?

    Girl B: Well, my name is Mary Clem Hickson.

    Girl A: And mine is Bobbie Joe Hickson.

    The realization suddenly sets in. And Randy just drops his marker. And leaves.

    Mary: Wait, where are you going?!

    Bobbie: He didn't remember us, did he?
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    We return from a commercial break where Leon Kensworth is sitting down for an interview with Titus. The words "RECORDED EARLIER TODAY" appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.

    Leon: Thank you for joining me here Titus. I know you have been doing some press work around the Louisville area the last few days so I appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to have this chat.

    Titus nods.

    Titus: I appreciate you having me Leon, always a pleasure.

    Leon flips a page in his notepad open and shifts to lean closer.

    Leon: The name Titus is synonymous with WZCW You are a Hall of Famer, a Lethal Lottery Winner, two times World Champion, Elite Champion, Record setting EurAsian champ. You even have numerous accolades outside the wrestling world, including five Oscars. What is it that keeps you going, well into your career here?

    Titus: Well Leon, I have asked myself that a time or two before, and while some details change, the answer is always that WZCW is just where I belong. Sure, I still want to add a third World Title to mantel, maybe start a tag team that revitalizes a long forgotten division, maybe even dabble in the Mayhem division, but at the end of the day WZCW is where I belong. I've taken time away, and for a short while its nice to not have to do battle with the amazing talent WZCW has to offer, nice to not wake up with bruises and bumps. After a while though, I miss it. So no matter how many times I climb and fall from that mountain, I will brush myself off and start climbing again.

    Leon: Your recent journey took you to almost one thousand days as EurAsian champion. Along the way you bested a list that included some of WZCW's hottest young stars and some of the all time greats. The run came to an end at Kingdom Come in a dream match against fellow Hall of Famer, Constantine. You decided not to seek a rematch, but since then your future has looked cloudy. Do you have any plans for the immediate future?

    Titus: I always try to plan ahead. You don't get to the heights I've reached by luck. Sure, you can fluke into a few wins, maybe even a title run, but hard work and dedication to your craft pay off. I think I still have to repay some of the sins I committed during the EurAvison era, but since Kingdom Come passed, there has been one constant in my life that I would like to take care of.

    Leon: You refer of course to Garth Black.

    Titus simply nods his head.

    Leon: Black, a former World Champion himself has been there at every turn you take post Kingdom Come. The controversial superstar seems to only show up when he has a bone to pick, his recent target being another former World Champion, Kagura. Why do you thing Black has targeted you?

    Titus: We could sit here and play armchair psychologist all day with Black and still be no closer to understanding his true motives. Is Black a weasel who refuses to accept his own failures? Yes. He is also one of the smartest men in this company, capable to beating anyone on any night. He once beat both members of Live Mas in a Hell in a Cell to win the World Title. Beating a Hall of Famer anytime is an accomplishment. He beat two, who happen to be best friends, in the most sadistic structure in this business. That alone speaks to the talent that Black possess. He could be here week in and week out like the rest of us winning matches and fighting his way back to the place he claims he deserves, and believe me he would be winning the lion's share of them, but instead he chooses to target those he feels are weak. Look at Kagura. She was coming off one of the biggest highs of her WZCW career, only to fall the very next match and lose the World Title. Black smelled blood and came in while she was down and made his move. Got him a Kingdom Come
    victory. Then I lose my record setting reign at Kingdom Come. He sees vulnerability, so he pounces. Black is trying to take the easy way to the top. He likely fancies himself some top predator, but Black isn't hunting. He is coming in and picking the bones

    Leon snickers a little, though he quickly regains his professionalism.

    Leon: It seems you are ready for Black when the time comes, but what of your opponent tonight, "King" Flex Mussel?

    Titus: Ha! A man who doesn't even know that America would never accept a king. Giving absolute power to one man? Never in a million years would they allow such a thing. I trust the fans are too smart to be swayed by hollow promises and cheap plugs.

    Leon: I know you are a busy man today, so I won't keep you any longer. I appreciate the time you took for this and wish you the best Titus. Always a pleasure.

    Titus smiles at Leon and extends his hand. When Leon reaches out for the handshake, Titus simply slips a piece of fried chicken into it and stands to smile as he holds a bucket of KFC in his hand.
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    Harrys: The proceeding bout will be determined by standard regulations.

    The lights dim, and Keith comes out in a sequined robe, walking straight down the ramp with unrequited swagger. His manager Kassandra follows closely behind, apologizing for what they all have to put up with in the next fifteen or so minutes.

    Harrys: Approaching first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 235 pounds, Keith Kole!!!

    Keith struts to the ring, singing along to his song as he walks up the steps. He steps into the ring and glides to the center, his arms outstretched and head up as Kassandra watches on.

    The hometown star walks towards the ring in a waistcoat.

    Harrys: And his opponent, residing in Venice, Italy… weighing in tonight at 240 pounds, "The Ladies Man", Randy Studd!!!

    He takes a rose out of a pocket and hands it to a member of the audience. They blush and he smiles. Randy backs away and slides into the ring, where he gives Keith a look-over. He scoffs. Referee Katie Shepard asked them individually if they’re ready. Randy nods and Keith smiles.


    They waste no time locking up, but Randy slaps Keith’s forearms away and pauses to flex for the crowd. Keith mocks Randy, raising his own arms into the air and twirls. He imitates Randy’s pose. Studd backs away from the rookie and gyrates for his hometown. They cheer him on. Keith, mesmerized by Randy’s hypnotic hips, does likewise. Both men roll their pelvises for the audience and several men and women wolf whistle. Randy makes his pecs pop. Keith tries, and fails. Embarrassed, Kole lunges for Randy and catches him with a jumping knee. Randy is in the ropes as Keith hits him across the face – referee with a Five Count. Keith relents at “4!” but Randy seizes the opportunity to throw him into the ropes as well and waylays his back, blow after blow. Randy also answers the “4!” count. He makes a rude gesture with his hand at Keith, and Keith turns red. They lock up once again and Keith knees him in the gut and brings him down with a Double-Arm DDT. He attempts to pin Randy but Randy gets the shoulder up. As The Ladies Man stands upright, he blows a kiss to Kassandra.

    Copeland: Hey now sir, she already has to put up with Kole. Don’t need another ego trip flaunting their biceps at the rookie manager.

    Cohen: Where did she get her Business degree, anyways? Did it come with a Happy Meal?

    Kassandra is miffed, and turns away from the flirtation. Kole wraps his arms over Studd’s stomach and lifts him vertically – German Suplex! He wobbles, unable to secure a bridged pin. Studd battles out of the waistlock, throwing back elbows and missing. He pulls the rookie’s hands apart and smoothly steps around his opponent. Now Randy Studd gets his arms around Keith Kole, and it’s a Full Nelson. The Ladies Man is in the driver’s seat, wrenching hard and making Kole squirm. Studd drops him to a knee, and Kole’s arms begin to lax. The Louisville Lothario’s adversary shifts his weight and brings both men tumbling down…Studd still has his hold secure. Keith grimaces, and closes his eyes. He shifts his weight again, attempting to roll to the ropes. Randy kicks his calves. Keith throws his legs up against the rope, breaking the hold. Studd tumbles out of the ring and places his hands on his hips, contemplating his next move. Kole is back to his feet and gives the crowd another twirl. He’s met with a barrage of boos. Randy eyes Kassandra again, who tells him if he doesn’t look somewhere else, she’ll pluck out his eyes and toss them into Section D. Studd turns his attention back on Kole, who is teaching the front row how to spell his name. Taking offense, Randy slides back in and pummels Kole down to the ground. Katie Shepard pulls him off of the McDonalds employee, but not before Randy gives her a Pec Show. The crowd cheer and boo for his left and right musculus pectoralis.

    "YES! NO! YES! NO! YES! YES! YES! YE-"

    They discontinue the chant when Kole clubs Randy across the back, tangling him into the ropes.

    Copeland: The Kentucky crowd is getting quite a pectacle spectacle here tonight.

    Cohen: Are you proud of the words that escaped your mouth?

    Kole lifts Studd up and over his shoulders, and delivers a sloppy Pendulum Backbreaker. He gets booed some more for the flawed delivery. Kole shrugs, gets up, and climbs the top rope. He takes his time doing so - each step followed with his shout of approval. Kassandra buries her face in her palm. When he is atop, he threw himself high into the air...Airborne Arrogance elbow lands along Studd's torso. Kole hooks the leg and Katie Shepard drops to the mat for a 1...2...3...Randy gets a shoulder up. Huffing, Kole gets to his feet and slaps at his thigh as a signal for May I Take Your Order?. Randy Studd crawls on all fours to snag the rope and pull himself back up. As he turns around, his face connects with a Superkick! Kole plops down on Studd for another cover.

    Shepard slaps the canvas a first, second, and not a third time because Studd gets a foot on the rope. Kole is furious, barking at the audience that they brought this on themselves, as they don't recognize his superior physique. He goes to pick Studd off of the ground, but Studd rolls him up in a cradled cover and gets the 1...2...Kickout! Kole turns red. Studd is back to his feet and the audience cheer on their own. Kassandra yells to Kole to get his head in the game. Taking those words to heart, Kole locks up with Studd, and headbutts him flinchingly. Studd staggers, backed into a corner. Kole sprints, and screams "I AM GREAT!" with a corner clothesline to his opponent. Studd stumbles out of the ring.

    Copeland: All the unsuccessful pin attempts must have woken something in Keith Kole. He's not as narcissistic as he was at the start of this match.

    Cohen: He isn't stupid. He knows he's in the ring with a former champion on their home turf. And no matter how eccentric he is away from the cameras, everything changes the moment a fist is thrown your way.

    Randy Studd tries to get his bearings as Keith Kole silently steps out of the ring. Kassandra tells him to stay on the offense, but the moment Keith grabs him, Randy counters it into a DDT. The DDT on the outside plants Keith into the ground. Gathering his breath, Studd uses his elbows to prop himself up on the nearby steel steps. The referee begins her ten count. He sees Kassandra again, and remembering her threat, quickly looked away. Randy climbs the steps with his arms and slowly navigates himself back into the ring. Katie Shepard gets up to four. Keith stirs. Randy hobbles, and throws his back against the corner turnbuckle. "5!" as Kole uses the bannister to get back to his feet.

    A member of the crowd throws a cup of beer at him; it smacks the side of his head and the beverage rolls down half of his face. The arena erupts into a chaotic chant of "STUDD!", "We Want McRib", and "Heyyy, Hey Katie! Ooh Ahh!. Security sweeps in to eject the rowdy fan out. Keith Kole gets back into the ring in the nick of time. Randy Studd with a dropkick, but Keith gets back to his feet in expeditious fashion. Studd with another dropkick, absorbing the rallying cries of his family and friends. Keith Kole will not stay down. They lock up again and Studd whips his arm around Kole's neck. Hey Ladies neckbreaker is reversed into a Told You! until it is reversed again but into a Back Body Drop, and Keith lands on his feet. Keith kicks Studd in the midsection and drops him with a Vertical Suplex. Studd himself doesn't stay down, and shoves Kole into the ropes...for the rebound it is a Leg Lariat from Randy! Studd covers Kole for the 1...2...and a kickout! The place is on their feet in anticipation, waiting to see who will give up first. Studd lashes out with a clothesline, Keith dodges, and Keith with a Told You! He hooks the leg and kicks wildly on the canvas for a 1...2...3...! Studd stays down, and the air is sucked completely from the arena. Kassandra slides in and congratulates her friend and client on his first win.

    Harrys: Your victor of the contest...Keith Kole!!!

    Copeland: On any given night, this could have went to Studd. Close contest with a few bits of flair thrown in. Keith Kole better not let this go to his head.

    Cohen: He's a rising star, but so is Randy Studd. I'd like to see these two symbols of machismo go at it again in the future.

    Randy Studd is sitting down on the mat with a disappointed frown. The show cuts to a commercial.
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    We cut backstage to see general manager Becky Serra confronting Xander in her office, admonishing him over his assault on his R-Awakening opponent. He smirks, nonchalantly listening to her diatribe.

    Xander: Listen Becky, I don’t care what you have to say. That was a statement! I threw the first punch to let that woman know that I’m serious. Everywhere I go, people have been calling me the underdog in this match of ours. I’ve been forced to listen to all this nonsense about how I can’t beat Kagura, and I’m sick of it!

    Becky scoffs.

    Becky: Statement or not, you can’t just go around attacking people after their matches. I could suspend you. You know that, right? But that wouldn’t be fair to Kagura if she doesn’t have a match at R-Awakening. So I’ll let you off with a fine.

    The former Eurasian champion looks peeved and begins to argue her decision, when the door to office bursts open. In walks the last person he wanted to see. It’s his opponent Kagura, and her advocate Sasuke Gozaburo. The former World champion looks pissed. Xander turns and greets her with a callous looking grin.

    Xander: I’d knew you’d show up. If you’re expecting an apology, it’s not going to happen. I’m tired of being compared to you. I’m tired of being told that I can’t beat you. You’re on your way down sweet cheeks, and I’m on my way up.

    Kagura begins to giggle a little bit, before bursting out laughing. Her response surprises Xander, as a wave of seriousness washes over him. Sasuke eyes Xander up and down.

    Sasuke: Wow Xander, I didn’t think you had the balls to strike first. Ever since the match was announced for R-Awakening, there’s not been a peep out of you. You’ve been more worried about yourself and Tyrone Blades to mentioned Kagura. That’s why no one thinks that you can beat.

    He motions to the smaller woman to his left, his eyes still locked with Xander’s, while waving his arm over her in a circle.

    Sasuke: Listen boy, this woman right here is a machine. A machine dedicated to clawing her way back up to the top and defeating everyone in her path, so that she can regain her world title. Something that you’ve never won, or have even been close. So yeah, thanks for finally showing an interest, but it’s too late now.

    Xander’s seething in rage. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He opens them, his gaze switching from Sasuke back to his opponent.

    Xander: Are you done, old man? My match with Tyrone Blades tonight is the biggest one that I’ve had in a long time. And after I defeat him, you’ll know that I’ll be doubly serious about beating you.

    He turns and stares down his opponent. Kagura doesn’t blink. She takes a step forward before speaking in her native tongue.

    Kagura: Anata no kōgeki wa okubyōdeatta nimokakawarazu, anata wa yūki ga arimasu. Watashitachi wa sorehodo chigai wa arimasen. Anatatowatashi wa onaji koto ga hoshī. Shikashi, watashitachi no hitoridake ga zenshin suru koto ga dekimasu. Soshite sore wa watashi no mono ni narudarou!

    Kagura: Even though your attack was cowardly, you’ve got guts. We’re not that different; you and I. We both want the same thing. But only one of us will be able to move forward. And that’s going to be me!

    She steps forward again and gets in his face. The two competitors remained deadlocked as tension fills the office. This time, it’s Xander who smiles and lets out a laugh. He proceeds to move past her and starts to walk out of the office.

    I didn’t understand a word you just said, but your eyes told me everything. I think I understand. You’re not going to be the one scaling the mountain at R-Awakening. It’s going to be me.

    He walks out of the office and disappears down the hall, as Kagura frowns. She turns and begins conversing with her advocate as Becky looks on.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing in at 225lbs, this is Titus!

    Titus makes his way onto the stage and he gives a quick wave to the Kentucky crowd before he kneels at the top of the ramp. The conservative Kentucky crowd actually boos Titus, confusing his kneeling as a form of protest. He was actually just kneeling to retie his boot. When the crowd realizes that Titus respects the troops, they cheer as he makes his way to the ring. He vaults over the top rope and stretches along the ropes as he awaits The King.

    Copeland: Titus looking spry here tonight as he takes on the co-number one contender. A win over Flex will surely move Titus up the ladder for a future World Title shot.

    Cohen: Future matches mean nothing if Titus can't pick up a W tonight. The King is going to be a tough challenge, and I have a feeling that here in Kentucky, Flex and his brand of politics are going to be hugely popular.

    And his opponent, from Paris, France, weighing in at a very healthy 220lbs, the Commander and Chief, King Mussel!

    King Flex makes his way onto the stage waving a giant FlexAmerican flag. The audience things it is an American flag at first and cheers wildly, but when they notice that Flex has the audacity to celebrate a flag that isn't American, they boo. Flex ignores the boos and makes his way to the ring, with head of security Wasabi Toyota carrying the FlexAmerican Title high in the air.

    Cohen: How dare these inbred hicks boo the future World Champion? Do they not know greatness when they see it?

    Copeland: They know a fraud when they see one. Flex has tried everything he can to take shortcuts and play mind games. He meets an opponent tonight in Titus who plays mind games with the best, as shown by Titus' recent press conference.

    Referee Keith Morse checks that both men are ready. Flex charges past the ref and flattens Titus with vicious clothesline. Titus tries to get to the ropes to recover, but Flex stomps away. The referee pulls Flex away, and checks Titus. The Hall of Famer nods that he is okay to go and the bell finally rings.

    *Ding Ding*
    Flex continues his assault with vicious blows until he backs Titus into the ropes. He Irish whips him across the ring and then drops him with a big shoulder block off the rebound. Titus is a little shaken up by the fast start from his opponent and weakly gets to his feet where Flex continues with the big blows. A repeat of the Irish whip happens, and a second shoulder block again drops the former EurAsian record setter. Flex gets a handful of hair instead of letting Titus up this time, and instead of punches he grabs Titus in a Muay Thai clench and begins to connect with knee strikes to the midsection. These vicious knees back Titus into the ropes, where the third Irish whip is performed. Off the rebound, Flex lowers his head and launches Titus high into the air with a big back body drop. Titus crashes down, the height of the fall doing him no favors. Flex's immense strength being so great, he was able to pose while Titus flew through the air.

    Cohen: Did you see how high Titus was? He was at least twenty five feet up.

    Copeland: While that is a gross exaggeration, the strength of King Mussel on full display there.

    Flex continues to pose, much to the chagrin of the crowd, as Titus uses the ropes to get to his feet. Wasabi points to Titus, who is on his feet, and Flex turns his attention. He grabs Titus in a side headlock before pointing to the sky. Wasabi nods on the outside. Flex Irish whips Titus across the ring but the wily Titus is able to grab the ropes to halt the momentum. Flex decides to run at him, but Titus drops down and pulls the rope with him, sending Flex over the rope and do the outside. Titus is still a little out from the earlier onslaught, so he takes a moment to gather himself. Flex is back on his feet and on the apron but Titus catches him with a right hand to stagger him just slightly. Titus goes to fire off a second, but Flex blocks. Titus responds with a left hand to the body though to throw The King off. He fires off a second and third body shot, and this leaves him with just enough of an opening to grab an arm of Flex and snap it across the top rope while dropping to the mat. This forces Flex to the ground below. Titus gets a head of steam by running to the far side of the ring and then comes back and connects with a baseball slide under the bottom slide, knocking Flex to the ground again. The crowd cheers Titus as he gets Flex back to a vertical base and hits a textbook European uppercut to stagger him. A second uppercut causes Flex to stumble backward, just managing to avoid falling over the ring steps. Titus gets an idea and makes a chopping motion with his hand before he runs and leaps off the steps looking for a kesagiri chop, only for Wasabi to step in front of Flex. Titus avoids hitting Wasabi by adjusting his trajectory mid air. He lands on all fours as a result of the sudden change of flight, and is met with a side kick to the midsection by Flex as he tries to right himself. He rolls Titus into the ring, breaking the ref's ten count. He climbs inside himself and connects with a running kick to the midsection of the recovering Titus before he climbs into a pin...One!...Two!...But two is all he gets as Titus kicks out. Flex grabs a chin lock to keep the pressure on.

    Cohen: You see the way Flex is overcoming adversity? This is why he is the next Heavyweight Champion. Mark my words Seabass.

    Copeland: It looked a lot to me like Wasabi bailed him out, but Flex was able to capitalize and is back in control.

    Flex still has the hold applied but Titus is fighting. He begins to stomp his boot to the mat to rally the crowd behind him. They begin to clap for the Hall of Famer, and it inspires him to fight up. Flex is able to switch the hold to a headlock, but Titus still manages to get to a knee. He begins to clap his hands and the fans begin to chant.

    FU-SA! FU-SA! FU-SA!
    The chants do equal parts to rally Titus and anger Flex, who feels the crowd are mocking him. Titus begins to throw big elbows into the midsection of Flex, eventually breaking the hold. Titus hits the ropes and ducks a clothesline attempt from Flex. The muscular superstar turns and tries a second clothesline but Titus again ducks and off this rebound hits a leaping forearm. This staggers Flex but doesn't put him down. Titus repeats the process but the second forearm yields the same result. Flex looks out on his feet, but the key part there being on his feet. The crowd is still rallying behind Titus measures Flex and connects with a spinning wheel kick that finally drops the Luke Cageesque star. He goes for a cover...One!...and Flex kicks out just before the count of two and Titus looks a little shocked. A wicked laugh can be heard and the camera pans to Wasabi, who just is laughing as Titus' look of despair.

    Copeland: Titus really struggling to mount impactful offense here. I'd like to point out, Titus is actually the larger of the two by five pounds. Flex just seems to have had some help in building the perfect body, making him a hard tree to fell.

    Cohen: Some help? Are you implying Flex has used PEDs or other illegal substances? You know Titus used to run around kicking people in the coin purse. That was illegal and yet here you are giving him a pass.

    Copeland: I never said Flex did anything against the rules, just making mention that he has expanded Flex Industries recently to include a team working round the clock. And when Titus was out here pulling that stunt, you had no issues cheering him Jack.

    Titus looks around, trying to draw inspiration. He rolls over to the turnbuckle and hops to the second rope and waits for Flex to get to his feet. He leaps with flying clothesline that drops Flex back down. He then hits the ropes to build momentum for a knee drop, but Flex rolls out of the way. Titus us able to roll through the knee drop himself and connects with a mule kick when Flex tries to grab him. This drops Flex to a seated position so Titus heads back to the turnbuckle for another second rope move. Flex leaps to his feet though and charges at Titus. The Hall of Famer is able to kick Flex away long enough to regain his balance and get to the top rope. he leaps looking for a cross body but Flex catches him. With ease, Flex tosses Titus onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He points to the turnbuckle and readies to throw Titus into it headfirst, but Titus slips out the back and shoves Flex chest first into the turnbuckle. He runs across the ring, but Wasabi grabs him foot, tripping him up. Titus doesn't fall, but when he recovers he is flattened by a Flex clothesline. The King nods at Wasabi, who nods back. The former tag champ gets a handful of hair at brings Titus to his knees. He screams in his face before he lifts him into a suplex. He has Titus in the vertical position and just walks around the ring.

    Copeland: Sickening power from The King.

    Flex pauses his march to extend an arm to pose. The crowd can't help but marvel at King Mussel holding Titus in the suplex position with one hand. Flex gets too cocky though and gets to close to the ropes. Titus is able to grab the top rope and start kneeing Flex. He manages to break free and land on the apron. As Titus is visibly dizzy from being upside down, Flex charges him. Titus is able to connect with a shoulder charge through the middle rope. Flex stumbles back and into the referee. He doesn't go down, but his vision is obscured enough for Wasabi to grab Titus and take his legs from under him, causing him to crash to the floor. He walks away as the ref eyeballs him. He warns him, but has no firm evidence to hand Flex a DQ.

    Copeland: Still think Wasabi is innocent?

    Cohen: We stopped for sushi a few nights and I could smell the wasabi you had Seabass. No wasabi is truly innocent.

    An audible sigh can be heard from Copeland as Flex exits the ring. He grabs Titus and throws him into the barricade. He then goes to argue with some fans in the front row, even slapping a tray of nachos out of the hand of one fan. He takes too much time and Titus is back to his knees. Flex tries to grab him, but Titus fights back. The punches don't do much damage, but they pester Mussel just enough to keep him from getting a good grip. Titus fights to his feet this way and connects with a swift kick to the midsection, allowing Titus an opening to attempt a suplex. Flex is too strong though and blocks. He lifts Titus for a suplex, but the former World Champ shows impressive dexterity by flipping out of the suplex and landing on his feet. When he looks up though, he has the massive Wasabi in front of him. He turns, but Flex is right there. The referee is keeping a close watch on the action, even stopping his count, as Titus is caught between a rock and a hard place. A bit of quick thinking sees Titus threaten a low blow, playing off his reputation, which causes Flex to tense up and put him just off guard enough for Titus to grab him and pull him into Wasabi. Titus then scrambles back into the ring and heads to the top rope. He jumps, but Flex ducks and he lands firmly in the arms of the head of Flex's security. Wasabi raises him above his head, ready to toss him aside, but the referee orders that he drop Titus. Wasabi looks at Flex, who nods for him to listen. Wasabi does obey, literally, by dropping Titus to the ground. The Japanese star laughs as Flex rolls Titus back into the ring but the referee has seen enough and tosses Wasabi out. The crowd roars.

    Cohen: This is a travesty! Just because Wasabi is foreign, this crowd cheers him being ejected. Leave it to a Kentuckian to cheer deportation.

    Copeland: Flex is from France, and Titus from England. This has nothing to do with Wasabi being foreign.

    Cohen: Yeah, but they look American.

    Flex is angered but turns his attention back to Titus, who rolls up The King into a small package. The referee slides into position...One!...Two!...Thr-Nope! Flex just kicks out. Both men spring to their feet but Flex avoids a wild punch by Titus and then connects with a German suplex. In the chaos, Wasabi has made his way to the timekeeper's area and grabbed the FlexAmerican Title. He discreetly passes it to Flex before he jumps onto the apron to get the attention of the referee. Keith Morse makes his way over and orders Wasabi to the back or he will disqualify Flex. Wasabi keeps the attention of the ref long enough for Flex to get in position. Just as Titus stands he charges, but Titus avoids the shot. He kicks the back of Flex's knee, causing him to drop the title. With Flex in a kneeling position, Titus hits the Tit Drop! The Fame Asser that has won Titus countless matches connects onto the belt. Titus kicks it away and calls the attention of the ref who turns just as Titus hooks the leg...One!...Two!...Three! Titus has overcome Flex and Wasabi to score a victory.

    Cohen: Titus cheated! He used the belt!

    Copeland: King Mussel introduced the belt, and it cost him. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    Harrys: Here is your winner, Titus Avison!

    Titus is still feeling the effects of the power of his opponent as he gets to his feet. The referee raises his arm in victory, but Titus winches as he does. Wasabi, who never officially left ringside, pulls Flex from the ring and, realizing the faceplant on the belt left him out, hoists him over his shoulder and carries him to the back. He stops briefly to tear an FU-SA! sign from a fan.
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    The scene cuts to Becky Serra's office decorated with many things but on her desk is something covered by a black cloth.

    Becky: For 44 days it's been the question on everyone's lips. For 44 days my phone has been consistent with the question. For 44 days Meltdown has been without its champion. The question?

    Becky removes the black cloth to reveal the EurAsian championship.

    Becky: Can I get a shot at the EurAsian title? Well the question will be answered, in full, at R-Awakening when I unveil who will be receiving their opportunity. Legends have been told about this belt, it's time to make sure they don't become myths.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening! Introducing first from Phoenix, Arizona weighing in at 210 lbs this…is…Xander!!

    As the drum beat kicks in, Xander slowly walks out onto the stage. All lights are out except one spotlight that follows him down the ramp. He walks down, smiling at the audience who mercilessly boo him. He reaches the foot of the ramp, before raising both hands, giving the audience both middle fingers. He then slides into the ring, mounting the turnbuckle and staring out, smirking and holding his arms up, pointing to the sky.

    Cohen: Xander showing the fans what he thinks of them as he makes his way to the ring.

    Copeland: Since he came back Xander has wanted a shot at the World Champion and he gets it tonight. If he manages to win here tonight ou have to think he'll be at the top of the list of challengers after R-Awakening.

    Harrys: Introducing his opponent Cleveland, Ohio weighing in at 225 lbs, he is the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion Tyrone Blades!

    As his music plays the crowd in the upper levels start cheering as the camera quickly pans to the upper levels and we see Tyrone Blades wearing his traditional hoodie and bandanna with his black bat in one hand and his World Championship over his shoulder. As he walks down the stairs he high-fives some of the fans as others pat him on the back. When he reaches the barrier he jumps it and slides into the ring, spinning his bat around as he sets his title on the mat brfore slowly pulling the hood back and ripping the bandanna off his face as he stares at Xander as he picks his Championship off the mat and holds it above his head and talks shit while they wait for the match to start.

    Copeland: Tyrone letting Xander know what he thinks of him and by the look on Xander's face he doesn't like what he's hearing.

    After another minute or so of listening to Tyrone Xander shoves him away which in turn causes Tyrone to drop both the bat and his championship so he can punch Xander in the face sending him stumbling back. The ref grabs Ryrone's gear and quickly passes it to a ringside worker so he can call for the bell.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Cohen: Tyrone cheap shotted Xander at the beginning there. Why didn't the ref do anything?

    Copeland: That was after that disrespectful shove by Xander. All Tyrone did was retaliate.

    Inside the ring Xander & Tyrone are trading lefts and rights until Xander irish whips Tyrone into the ropes. As he comes back towards Xander he hits a running high knee that sends him through the ropes and onto the floor. Tyrone tries to go after him but the ref stops him and begins to make the ten count. 1…2.. 3...4...5. As the ref reaches five Tyrone goes to the other side of the ring and climbs down to the floor.

    Cohen: Look behind you ref!

    Tyrone comes up behind Xander as he gets up and grabs him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the barrier. Instead of letting him fall Tyrone takes him and irish whips him into the ring steps as the ref is counting. 8…9. Hearing the ref Tyrone quickly breaks the count by rolling in and out of the ring. He goes over to Xander and picks him up by the hair and pulls him beuind him but before he can so anything Xander reverses it and send the World Champion hard into the barrier. Xander quickly picks him up and and sends him shoulder first into the ring post as Copeland yells at him from the announce

    Copeland: Get him in the ring Xander, enough is enough.

    Cohen: He's just doing what was done to him Seabass.

    Xander smirks and throws Tyrone back in the ring which stops the ten count but instead of following him he turns back to the fans and starts talking shit to the fans at ringside. When he turns back around Tyrone is slowly getting to his feet while working out his shoulder. As Xander rolls into the ringTyrone grabs him by the hair and ehips him into the corner quickly followed by a hard clothesline that causes him to slump in the corner. As he picks Xander up and goes for another Irishwhip Xander reverses it and sends Tyrone hard into the corner. He quickly takes him out of the corner and sends him shoulder first into the ring post. As Tyrone stumbles out of the corner Xander slaps on a sleeper hold and yells at the fans and as Tyrone fades out and falls to a knee the ref checks ona him by lifting his arm. 1, Tyrone's arm drops. 2, the arm drops again. The ref lifts Tyrone's arm but when he lets go the arm only drops halfway.

    Copeland: The World Champion still has some fight in him Jack. This match isn't over yet.

    Cohen: It's only a matter of time. Xander has been on top of Tyrone from the word go.

    Tyrone slowly stands up and slams Xander repeatedly into the corner until he lets go and slumps in the corner, the only thing holding him up are his arms draped over the top rope. Tyrone picks him up and puts him on the top rope before climbing after him and hitting a devastating Straight Jacket Superplex but as soon as he hits it he grabs his shoulder in pain.

    Cohen: The champ is hurt, Xander needs to do whatever he can to take advantage.

    Tyrone slowly crawls over and draps his arm over Xander. 1…2...kickout by Xander! Tyrone looks up at the ref asking him if it was a three count. When told it was only two he hangs his head but quickly picks Xander up by the hair but when they both get to their feet Xander stiffly kicks Tyrone in his hurt shoulder which causes him to grab it in pain. Xander sees this and quickly wrenches his arms behind his back, putting more pressure on the injured shoulder. After a bit Xander Irishwhips the Champ shoulder first into the corner and as Tyrone comes out he hits a hard hook kick right to the Champ's face that sends him crashing back down to the mat. Xander smiles at his handiwork before falling on top of him and goes for the pin, hooking his feet on the top rope for added leverage, 1…2…3!

    Harrys: Here is your winner of the match, Xander!

    Copeland: Come on ref his feet were on the ropes!

    It doesn't matter if the ref doesn't see it Seabass. Xander just pinned our World Champion, which has to put him at the head of the pack after R-Awakening.

    As soon as the ref raises his hand, Xander makes the motion of a championship belt around his waist. He doesn’t get to gloat long, as pink and purple lights begin to illuminate the arena. He growls as his R-Awaken opponent appears on the stage. Kagura remains expressionless as Xander grabs the ropes, and points to the fallen champion behind him. He shouts at her, before backing away with a ‘I-told-you-so’ smirk on his face. Kagura raises her arms above her head, as pink lights begin to swirl around him. Suddenly, he feels something hit him. He reaches up and pulls a brown leaf off his head. It’s a dead cherry blossom. He looks up to see thousands of decaying leaves falling from the sky, covering him and the ring. Xander looks bewildered as he rolls out of the ring. Looking content, Kagura turns and leaves. Back in the ring, the world champion starts to stir. He slowly gets to his feet, as the referee hands him his belt. The camera goes in close to show the anger on Tyrone's face and credits appear on the screen.
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    Kagura vs Harald - Infinity (guest writer)

    Kole vs Studd - Spidey

    Titus vs Flex - Yaz

    Blades vs Xander - Milenko

    Segments - Killjoy, Echelon, Yaz, and Lee
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