Meltdown 154: Randy Studd vs. Keith Kole

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    Backstage Post AS130
    Target Center
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    Another loss for the self proclaimed most charismatic man in the business, the Keith Kole.

    Keith didn't even get a chance to prepare before BAM! It was 1-2-3 game over and bye bye to the arrogant Kole. He still insists he wasn't ready, but regardless here he sits, on the wrong side of the outcome but filled with plenty of confidence.

    Keith walked down the quiet halls of the Target Center on his way back to the locker room. He could hear the crowd cheering in excitement, chants starting and it only made Kole hungrier. He wanted those chants to be about HIM. Keith Kole always wants and needs the spotlight. As he rounds the corner and slowly pushes the door open, he sees his friend and manager, Kassandra Kross already waiting for him. Judging by her expression, she doesn't seem pleased.

    Kross: Well, that time in Boston proved worthless Keith. Logan didn't do shit, fuck if anything he made you worse! First match, you looked good, cocky but good okay? Now second match, after some so called "wisdom" from him, you get blindsided and take the loss instantly.

    She tosses her bottle of water at the wall, watching it ricochet off the bench before spinning slowly to a stop on the floor. She looked up at her friend and punched him in the chest. Unsurprisingly Keith barely budged, and she quickly carried on, running her hand through her hair as she spoke.

    Kross: Focus Keith! You have the confidence. If I'm perfectly honest you have all the outside the ring stuff on point. I don't care what you say however, you are not prepared fully for inside the ring action. You need real training, and I believe if you do fully invest in this company and this career path that you can be all you say...but you HAVE to train seriously!!
    (Shaking Keith as she finishes her rant)

    Keith laughs and stands up straight, towering over Kassandra and using her shoulder as an arm rest.

    Kole: Look Kass, I get it. You're frustrated with these L's. I am everything I say that I am, but maybe you're right...

    Kassandra fakes choking as she grows wide eyed and interrupts her friend.

    Kross: (sarcastically)WAAAAAIIT!! Did I hear that right? Keith Kole was wrong? Say it again...say I'm right!! Hahaha!!!

    Keith shakes his head as he sits on the bench, grabbing the last of his things and cramming it into the bag. He turns back to Kassandra and shakes his head again, laughing.

    Kole: (still chuckling) Don't get ahead of yourself now, I said MAYBE you're right. I'm gonna look into real training though.

    Keith picks up his bag and looks at Kassandra, his face more serene than Kass has ever seen before...

    Kole: I love wrestling Kassandra. Ever since I can remember, I've watched it on television. It was the one thing my family all did together before my parents split. Even still, my dad and I never missed a pay per view event, and we tried to go when they came to San Diego. (Tears begin welling up) Kass I can't tell you how many times I would wrestle my pillows on my bed, pretending to be one of the stars I see on tv, or wrestling with my friends at random places. Wrestling has always been a part of my life. I never expected to be where I'm at now, and after tonight, that flash of a match I know. I can't bullshit around. If I don't take it seriously, this dream job of mine will pass me by.

    So fuck it, if I have to swallow some of my pride and ego and get some real training I will. No place of employment can satisfy my desires like WZCW can. So yes, Kassandra you are right. Keith Kole needs training. Yet after that, I WILL be the most talked about superstar this company has.

    Let's get out of here and let's really begin down the path of realizing my true gloriousness!

    The two friends hug and laugh before heading out together, ready to take this opportunity seriously. As the two exit the lockerroom, Kassandra can't help herself...

    Kross: You know "Gloriousness" isn't a word right?

    Without a moments hesitation Keith retorts.

    Kole: Is if I make it so Kass.

    With that Kassandra simply laughs and the two climb into their car and prepare to head off to a training facility, somewhere and try this again at the next set of shows.

    One Week Until MD154
    Random Wrestling Gym
    Unknown Location

    This was already day 3 of this training and already Kole was sore. He was taking the basic bumps and doing everything with 1000% focus and intensity. He even had his own coach to help him, a real hard ass, but he liked to talk trash, and that's something Keith also enjoyed...

    Keith was rolling into the ring as his coach was gonna help him focus on hitting his finisher and his signature moves, and trying to help Keith package the moves with the character flawlessly.

    Coach: Hurry the fuck up Kole! My grandma with her fake hip is faster than you right now. You wanna be the star you told me about right? Then get the hell over here son.

    Keith walks up to his coach and before he can say anything he's met with a stiff punch to the gut. Next thing he knows, this man has him in a headlock, and has him in position for his own move. Keith tries to squirm free but his coach holds firm, before holding one arm out, and yelling 'Told You' before driving Keith Kole's head into the canvas.

    Keith rolls around in pain before sitting up and looking at his coach.

    Kole: What the fuck Coach?

    The coach just pulls Keith up from the mat, patting the up and comer on his head.

    Coach: That was called showmanship Keith. You don't just hit the finish and tada it's over. Nah, you gotta play to that crowd Keith. Let em know what's coming so they can cheer or boo you. Any reaction is a good reaction. I can see the potential in you but you gotta cut the "I'm so glorious" shit outside wzcw or you'll flame out. Learn to wrestle. Learn to hit the basics, hit your finishes with flair and just give it all you got.

    Because if you gimme all you got, I'll be damned if Keith Kole ain't the top star in that damn place.

    Keith smiles and holds out his hand, as his coach quickly embraces it in a hearty handshake. The two men leave the ring as Kassandra runs up.

    Kross: So we're going to
    Louisville, KY for Meltdown 154. You're debut on the flagship show is against Randy Studd.

    Keith smiles and wipes the sweat from his face with a towel.

    Kole: Meltdown huh? Against a solid opponent too. I just wonder if Randy will take me seriously, or just try to get you to go to his hotel room after the match.

    Kross: Ew no... that man is way too oily way too often. And if he's foolish enough to try, then you better follow my lead and capitalize on the opportunity.

    Kole: Haha that's right Kass! Flaunt those looks and make the Keith Kole look amazing in victory!! I feel more prepared now than before.

    Kross: Good. Oh, WZCW also announced your ppv match. Annie Halloway and Alice Adams.

    Keith smiles a very dirty smile.

    Kole: After MD154, then I'll focus on the two ladies, maybe they can fight each other and the winner gets a night with Keith Kole?

    Kassandra rolls her eyes and walks away, leaving Keith alone in the gym. After a moment Coach walked up and patted him on the shoulder.

    Coach: If I were you I'd focus less about the two women that wanna kick your ass, and more on the woman by your side daily....just words of wisdom for ya Keith.

    As he walks away, Keith can't help but wonder if Kassandra agreed to this random career choice because she likes him or......

    Kole: (chuckling) Nah.... I mean I could see why....but nah, Kass couldn't handle Kole's Pole haha.

    Keith continues out of the gym and tries to catch up to his manager. It was time to head to the site of his first professional win .
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