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    The Curtain Draws To A Close On A Magical Night:

    A Night Where Warriors Triumphed:

    Failures Were Felt:
    Vengeance Was Taken:
    And Redemption Was Met:
    Tonight, To A New Era We Awaken.........



    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *
    * PYRO *

    Copeland: We are live from the sold out from the Quicken Loans Arena in the home town of our NEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tyrone Blades!! Tonight a mayor night as we have four of our finest battle for the right to be his very first challenger but right now…….


    A deafening reaction innundates the Quicken Loans Arena as the hometown boy arrives and proudly makes his way down.

    *Welcome Home, Champ! Welcome Home, Champ! Welcome Home, Champ!*

    Cohen: How lothesome. This man not only stole Eve Taylor’s title, but he robbed her of her big night. Not only did Tyrone relinquish his main event spot and took it from Eve Taylor, but he didn’t even pin or submit her to win the Championship.

    Copeland: A knockout is still a form of victory. Eve Taylor fought bravely but in the end, Tyrone Blades was able to outlast her.

    Tyrone: Goddamn, it feels great to be home! I’ve been to the top twice before but I don’t think it ever felt this good. Winning my second Lethal Lottery and winning it at Kingdom Come but now, well now I’m home. I’ve done everything I set out to do with the Hollow Ones. Vis Imperium is gone. Constantine got his redemption. And I got mine too. Now all I have to do is what I used to be before and that is the very best professional wrestler on this planet by defending this!!

    *Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone! Tyrone!*

    Tyrone hoists his World title proudly above the air but just as he does……


    Matt Tastic appears on the stage with his own microphone in hand and makes his way to ringside, standing just outside the ring.

    Congratulations, Ty. You’re World Champion again. That's nice. But the thing is I don't care about what you've done. Hooray, you beat an evil group of wrestlers who wanted to take control of the company. I mean, you hang around here long enough you start going the opposite way of the track just to do something different. How'd it feel to be the hero instead of the wannabe conqueror? Also, what's it like being so hilariously destructive for a hero?

    *You suck! You suck! You suck!*

    Tastic looks at the crowd and just shrugs. He gets why he's being booed.

    Tyrone: I get it. You want to come out, make a statement, catch my attention and challenge me.

    Tastic: Nah, man. I just wanted to be a jerk.


    Mikey Stormrage makes his way out to the stage with his own mic in hand. He doesn't look quite as mischievous as Tastic. He actually looks serious and points to Tyrone.

    Mikey: You and I have a beef to settle, Ty. I haven't forgotten about Kingdom Come 2 years ago when you beat me. I have not gotten over that and I want my chance at revenge and with that my third World title reign.

    *You both suck! You both suck! You both suck! You both suck!*
    Matt is unfazed by the crowd but Mikey seems a bit flustered, he's being serious after all.

    Tyrone: By all means. Lets see how far you've come since I schooled you.


    Kagura slowly makes her way out to the stage and slowly pulls out her own microphone.

    Kagura: "Watashi wa hitei sa remasen~!!" (I will not be denied!)

    The three potential challengers look at each other before out of nowhere King Mussel appears and bashes the World Champion in the back of the head and throws him out of the ring. The crowd boos loudly at Flex, almost deafening.

    I took out your girl, I might as well take you out too. That World title is coming home with me. The other three head down to the ring, but King Mussel backs out of the ring and jumps over the barricade, getting away. By ringside, Tyrone gets back up and is surrounded by his other three potential challengers. They give him pretty big stares but Tyrone seems confident and stares back.

    Copeland: Tensions boil as the Champion is already feeling what the competition offers. Who will win the Fatal Four Way later tonight and challenge Tyrone at R-Awakening?!

    Cohen: Flex Mussel needs to avenge Eve Taylor who was screwed out of the title, that's what needs to happen.
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    The camera pans over the packed arena before going to the ring where Truman Harrys is waiting to introduce the first match.

    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Fort Worth, Texas, weighing 238 pounds, Stetson Hayes!


    The sound of hooves can be heard throughout The arena as Hayes appears on a dapple gray Mustang. He pulls the reigns tight causing the horse to neigh loudly as Stetson lets his eyes wander over the audience before nudging his horse down the ramp as the camera cuts to a wide angle so it can catch the slow trot down the ramp. He stops next to the apron and hops down, taking time to unsaddle the horse before climbing the steps into the ring. He takes his cowboy hat off his head and plants it on the nearest turnbuckle then stands next to the ref as he waits for his opponent.

    Cohen: Somebody better keep an eye on that horse. I'm not going to clean up any mess it makes.

    Copeland: I don't think you have to worry about that Jack. I'm sure Stetson wouldn't have brought an untrained animal into the arena.

    Before Cohen can respond he's interrupted by Harrys introducing the next participant.

    Harrys: Introducing second from Mexico City, Mexico weighing in at 205 pounds, El Hijo Del Vejigante!


    As the violins play, strobe lights begins to flash around the arena. When the guitars play, the lights pulsate in time. Then, as the main theme kicks in, El Hijo Del Vejigante emerges from a smoky stage.

    He is cloaked in a cape, held in place by a pair of shoulder pads mocked up to resemble golden epaulettes. He loosens one to make the cape flap, revealing its interior is decorated with the flag of Puerto Rico, while its exterior is that of Mexico.

    Covering his in-ring mask is a plastic Vejigante mask. As the camera approaches his gaping maw he turns his head ever so slightly, before removing it and handing it to the side to his trainer and manager, the original El Vejigante!

    El Hijo quickly shuffles from side to side, slapping the hands of as many fans as possible before climbing the ring steps, leaping up to the second rope, using it to springboard over the top, dropping backward and rolling into the centre of the ring into a Superman-esc pose. He releases the cape fully now, allowing it to drop as he goes to each corner to pose, holding his arms out triumphantly as he looks up at the bigger Hayes.

    Cohen: Look at the size difference Seabass, Stetson is going to wipe the floor with this jumping bean.

    Copeland: I wouldn't be so sure about that Jack, El Hijo Del Vejigante was trained by his father one of the best luchadors in Mexico.

    As the announcers talk back and forth the ref calls for the bell.

    Ding, Ding, Ding!

    As soon as the bell rings Hijo runs for the rope and hits a quick basement dropkick on the bigger man, bringing him down to his knees so he can kick his chest and head in order to get the upper hand. It works for a minute or so but Hayes is able to push him away and stand up. Hijo quickly sprints towards him again but is caught by a big boot. Hayes lifts the smaller man and puts him on his shoulders so he can hit Snake Eyes in the corner. He lets Hijo fall face first to the mat and immediately applies his finishing move The Texas Cloverleaf! Hijo tries to crawl to the bottom ropes but with the heavier man on top of him he swiftly tires out. The ref made short work calling for the bell as he taps out.

    Harrys: Here is you winner of the match by submission, Stetsooooooooon Hayeeeeeeesssss!

    Cohen: What did I tell you Seabass, size beats speed every time.

    Copeland: Maybe not every time Jack but it did this time. Hijo is going to have to go back and train some more if he wants to make it in WZCW.

    Hayes grabs his hat off the turnbuckle and his saddle off the floor as he leads his horse back up the ramp and through the curtain
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    Backstage and Becky Serra is seen talking to someone off screen.

    Becky: Well it is sad to see you go, and of course I wish you well in future endeavours.

    Becky offers a handshake but she's met by a big hug from Batti. The crowd react with sadness as this seems to be the end of everyones favourite ball of Japanese fun. She picks up her bag and leaves.

    Becky's phone rings.

    Becky: Chuck. Well no why would he be here? He's champion on your show. Well what if he does drop the belt? That's yours to deal with. Ascension is home to the EurAsian belt afterall.

    Becky ends the call and the camera turns to reveal Titus Avison looking rather glum. The crowd laugh knowing he's just heard the full conversation.

    Titus: Hi Becky, where's the non-champion locker room these days?

    The camera cuts as Becky points directions to Titus.
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    A pre-recording of Garth Black is shown.

    Black: At Kingdom Come, I defeated Kagura. Not just defeated but decimated her. I go home, I relax and I hear about a number one contenders match. Of course she's in it. You wouldn't dare put me in it and allow me to show the frauds for what they are.

    Black smiles.

    Black: I've come to expect it now Chuck, Becky. I know you don't want me anywhere near where I should be. Well things need to change!

    He pauses and looks directly at the camera.

    Black: So I'll start with the great pretender. I want Titus next. The golden boy of the company has been shown for what he is. Let me expose him further!

    Cohen: Titus is up next!
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    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!


    Introducing first, from Keystone City, Kansas, weighing 225 pounds, he is a WZCW Hall of Famer, this is Titus!

    Titus makes his way on stage. For the first time in over two years, he isn't holding the EurAsian Title as he makes his way through the curtain. The Cleveland crowd is unsure how to act. Some cheer, some boo, but the entire arena is on its feet to greet the legend. Titus takes a moment at the bottom of the ramp to look around. He almost seems to appreciate the fans who cheer. He climbs into the ring and stretches on the ropes as he awaits his opponent.

    Copeland: The former record setting champion, Titus starts a new chapter tonight. He will be looking to build upon a Kingdom Come main event that tore the house down and showed a side of Titus many of us haven't seen in some time.

    Cohen: Yeah, I saw you tearing up when he hugged Constantine. Titus is, among many other great things, a man of class. He recognized the greatness of his opponent and showed him respect. I have a feeling after he wins here tonight, Titus is going to take a step toward more gold.

    Harrys: And his opponent....


    Blazing Tiger's music hits sooner than expected and he rushes out, mic in hand.

    Tiger: May I have your attention everyone? I have any announcement to make. Since I arrived in WZCW, I feel I have been viewed as a joke. I thought to myself, my career needs a remix. I know that I am much smarter and better than all of you, but I needed a way to express it. So I have hired the Stark Talent agency to run my new PR campaign. After I win tonight, we head to Australia to build my name, because I know how loved I am by the Australian audience. You may be asking yourself, how could I afford to hire such a famous and well built company like STA, well that is none of your concern. Just know I have amassed a personal fortune through recording devices. With that money, I have convinced WZCW officials to allow everyone in the STA to compete in a gauntlet match tonight, all but guaranteeing I finally gain validation by beating Titus. Who knows, maybe next week I take down Tyrone, but the sky is the limit.

    Cohen: What a turn of events!

    Copeland: Yes! Surely Blazing Tiger and the STA will prove just how much better than the rest of us they are.

    The entire STA is carried to the ring by the giant Benjamin Hoss. The giant lumbers to the ring, but since he is a stereotypical dumb giant, he trips over a cable at ringside and sends everyone tumbling. Connor Reese, a man once famous for throwing a fit for being placed in the Mayhem division despite being a rookie, is launched into the ring from the fall and hits his head on the turnbuckle. His head is likely wrecked, like the time a maniacal doctor tried to "mind rape" him and a certain male cheerleader in the audience threw a fit when it was deemed too far over the line. Titus looks at referee Keith Morse and both shrug their shoulders and Titus hooks a leg as the bell is called to start the match.

    *DING! DING!*

    The referee gets on all fours and counts the pin...1!....2!....3! The first in a line of likely forgettable characters is done for tonight.

    Connor Reese has been eliminated!

    Copeland: So much for the former future of professional wrestling.

    As the group on the outside recover, the argue over who has to enter the ring next. Titus takes a seat on the top turnbuckle and waits. It is decided that Wilhelm Wunderbar, an angry German nationalist who is in no way a Nazi at all, climbs into the ring. Despite claims that he isn't a Nazi, Wunderbar goose steps around the ring, only to slip on a large glob of hair gel left from Reese. Titus stands up and jumps and connects with The Red Comet! The patented shooting star corkscrew elbow drop connects and it is elementary after that....1!...2!...3! Titus has taken down two members of STA.

    Wilhelm Wunderbar has been eliminated!

    Cohen: I did Nazi that one coming.

    A couple of the women outside the ring who have no discernible qualities outside of being walking talking vaginas start to argue and show a real bitchy side. One of the women steps up and climbs into the ring.

    Copeland: I'm being told this is Kara Ken. SHe is the daughter of "Tornado" Pete Ken, who is a wrestling legend, though no one on our staff has heard of him. We are also being told her cousin Reginald Ken has a restraining order against him from WZCW for posing as an official WZCW agent and holding open tryouts despite having no connection to WZCW. This "try out" was apparently where Blazing Tiger was discovered and sign to WZCW, despite again, Mr. Ken having no official connection to WZCW and Tiger being, self admittedly, a terrible wrestler.

    She charges at Titus, who simply steps aside and lets Kara run into the ropes and knock herself down. Titus shakes his head and makes the cover...1!...2!...3! Kara Ken, despite being the daughter of a pro wrestling "legend" and being an independent wrestler herself, showed not even basic skills and loses in seconds.

    Kara Ken has been eliminated!

    Cohen: This is quickly turning into a bad joke.

    Alexander Stark pushes those remaining at ringside aside and climbs onto the apron. He takes off all of his expensive clothing, because he is so rich he refused payment from WZCW, and steps into the ring. Stark manages to land a couple of right hands that stagger Titus a bit. He then hits a kick to the midsection and tries to suplex Titus. Titus however manages to block despite Stark's best effort. Frustrated at Titus clearing cheating and using his standing in the company to screw Stark, he grabs a ball from a fan in the audience and walks out. Titus looks to the referee who can't help but look annoyed, as if he expected this and calls Stark out by count out.

    Alexander Stark has been eliminated!

    The few remaining interchangeable people at ringside start to look scared.

    Copeland: We are getting reports that Stark just got backstage and found a crib being used by a family member of Cleveland native Drew Carey and started to throw the toys out in anger.

    Cohen: Did you know that despite claiming his allegiance to Cleveland sports, Carey actually is minority owner of the Seattle Sounders?

    Copeland: Nice topical reference there Jack.

    Just as the referee orders the next member into the ring, Sascha Schwartz, one of the three thousand members of STA who seems to all have the same job, jumps on the apron and begins to run down birds of prey, particularly falcons. As she yells how terrible falcons are, Titus walks over to her to try to get her off the apron. Blazing Tiger then slides into the ring and tries to attack Titus from behind. He spins Titus around, ready to hit a big move, but as Tiger has no actual finisher, he just sort of stares at the Hall of Famer. Titus sighs and kicks Tiger in the midsection and his his famous Tit Drop. The Fame Asser that has won countless matches in the past put Tiger down and Titus doesn't even bother to hook the leg...1!...2!...3! Titus scoots away, thinking his job is finished.

    Blazing Tiger has been eliminated!

    Copeland: I feel like we are forgetting someone.

    Suddenly the sound of a snake comes over the sound system. Well it isn't an actual snake, but rather a man just adding an very exaggerated lisp to the end of each of his words.

    ???: Titussssss itssssss time for you to sssssssuffer at the handsssssss of Dr. Coberer...SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!

    Suddenly a man in a white lab coat starts to slither, well actually he just scoots down the ramp. He scoots until he gets to the ring, but can't actually slither into the ring since he only thinks he is a snake, and isn't an actual snake despite multiple attempts to portray himself as one. Titus can't help but laugh as Dr. Coberer tries desperately to get into the ring as the referee warns him of a forfeit for not entering the ring.

    Cohen: Oh Lord, please let the referee end this nightmare.

    The ref calls for the bell, as the final member of the never ending Stark Talent Agency has been ruled out.

    Harrys: Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Coberer has been ruled out due to forfeit, therefor your winner of this gauntlet match, Titus!

    Titus just sort of chuckles to himself as the referee raises his hand. The crowd applaud his effort as the remaining anonymous STA members leave ringside with a smug look of unearned satisfaction. Just as Titus is about the leave the ring, a fan jumps the barricade with a tape recorder in hand. The fan, dressed in a male cheer leading outfit, gets into the ring and hits play.

    For those who don't know, my name is Ally McCoist, but you should know my name because I am great and better than all of you. What makes me so great? For one, I hate technology and despise tech obsessed culture despite the fact that I am using a recording device to speak to you all. This company is a laughing stock. In a world filled with knockoffs and repeat tropes, I am the true original. I mean look at me. I am a man, and I cheer lead. It is a totally legitimate sport, unlike your precious football or baseball. Cheer leading is the only sport for real men, like me, who is a real man, unlike all you fake men. I am here to air my grievances with WZCW, a company I claim to hate yet still sit in the audience and pay attention to and beg to be part of despite no one forcing me to do so. First of all, all the wrestlers are bland. Except for those in the Stark Talent Agency, because they all have complex and deep connected backstories, despite none of them actually sticking around long enough for their story to be told. I know how great they are, because I am the best and better than the garbage that......

    The recording is cut off as Titus swings a chair and takes the fan out. The crowd erupts in applause as the fan falls to the ground and security haul him away. Titus takes the recording device and destroys it, as the fans cheer him on.

    Cohen: Seabass, some stars shine so bright, they burn out before we have a chance to see them shine.

    Copeland: A greater tragedy my eyes have never beheld.
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    Backstage Mikey Stormrage paces across the locker room while Matt Tastic is sitting down, calmly.

    Matt: Mikey! The hell are you pacing around so much for? Are you nervous? What’s wrong?

    Mikey: Nothing’s wrong Matt. I just want to win and I’m nervous.

    Matt: OK. Fine. I get that. Don’t let it get to you man.

    Mikey: You just want to win for yourself.

    Matt: I mean, duh. I do want to win. But I’m done freaking out for success. Mikey, we did not get here by luck. This is not our first time or even second time here. I do not want to say there will be more chances, but if you let it stress you out, it’s going to affect your performance. OK? So just focus. Or I might surprise you with a Schoolboy.

    Mikey: I knew it! OK. I’ll calm down then. Maybe I’ll Schoolboy you.
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    Harrys: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first.....

    Harrys: ..... residing in Venice, Italy weighing 240 pounds, The Ladies Man Randy Studd!

    Randy Studd saunters out to the stage, swinging his hips suggestively under his dark pink waistcoat with bright red hearts all over it. He smiles and hands a young lady a rose as he walks towards the ring, the woman throws it back at him but he ignores her gesture and slides under the ropes, he stays in a sideways, seductive pose with his knee up and slowly takes his waistcoat off, hoping to get a reaction from the ladies. Some actually cry out his name for once!

    Copeland: Here’s Randy Studd, always a top contender for the Mayhem Championship, Jack! We saw Studd fight his way through the tournament but only to fall short at Kingdom Come in his efforts to grab that championship once again.

    Cohen: Studd actually got a solid female reaction from this rowdy Cleveland crowd here tonight! I bet he’ll be the number one cause for a lot of break ups in the fans here after the show.

    Copland: Give me a break!

    Harrys: And introducing his opponent.......

    Harry:.....from Easterhoose, Scotland. Weighing 221 pounds... PC Stevie Broon!

    Stevie makes his entrance through the curtain looking absolutely raging with the world. He scans the audience with a paranoid look in his eyes. His enemies could be anywhere at any time and he needs to stay vigilant. He makes his way down the ramp and slaps a few hands of the kids at ringside. He makes his way up the steps and uses his time in the ring to scan the room one more time.* He spots Randy Studd sneering at him from the corner and his eyes narrow in pure contempt. He points at Studd and shakes his head.

    Cohen: Talk about one of the hottest new wrestlers in the company Seabass, this Scottish man is a man on fire in WZCW. A win here against a top Mayhem competitor like Studd could catapult him right to the top of the Mayhem Division.

    Copeland: P.C has certainly made a name for himself in the short time he’s been on the roster, he’ll be facing some stiff competition in Randy Studd right here on Meltdown tonight! Studd seems extra motivated in the ring right now with the scattering of female support in the crowd.

    Cohen: Oh I wouldn’t say scattering, the one’s that aren’t cheering are secretly hoping their crush Randy Studd wins for them, they just don’t want to upset their boyfriends sitting next to them.

    Copeland: Wait a second, what is Broon doing?

    PC Broon moves Referee Morse out of the way while the ref is trying to check Randy for illegal objects, Broon has a big white towel and starts drying off the oil on Studd who has a bit too much of it rubbed on himself. Studd grabs the towel and throws it out of the ring, both men get in each others faces but Morse squeezes in between to try and get them to settle down. He gets Broon to go to the opposite corner and calls for the bell....


    Both men walk to the center of the ring, they jaw in each others face for a moment. PC winds up a punch but Studd is ready and delivers a hard knee to his stomach that winds him, he slams a forearm to Broon’s back that drops him to the canvas. Studd drops a knee right to the back of PC’s shoulder then turns him over, he presses his forearm into Broon’s chin and makes a cover....1....Broon kicks out. Studd immediately grabs Broon by the beard and starts yanking hard! Broon screams as Morse gets in there to try and stop The Ladies Man from hair pulling, Studd continues to viciously pull at Broon’s beard with the ref getting his arms right in there to free him from the hair pulling. Studd let’s go, Broon rolls around holding his beard, Studd walks to the ropes, faces the crowd and blows beard hair out of his hand.

    Copeland: That’s a man’s beard! What a vile act!

    Cohen: The Beard must be furious watching this at home!

    Broon gets to his knees, still holding his face but Randy gives him a hard knee lift, dropping him to the canvas again. Randy smiles and blows a kiss to the ladies in the crowd then slowly bounces off the ropes, he drops another knee right on Broon’s forehead. He grabs PC in a headlock on the canvas, he wrenches on the hold while throwing a punch to Broon’s head every now and then. PC grabs Studd’s knee and rolls him over for a pin attempt.....1....2... Randy kicks out while letting go the headlock. PC jumps to his feet and starts throwing rights and lefts at Randy that gets the crowd going! Studd throws a left but PC ducks and picks up Studd, he slams him with a back breaker and holds on, then picks him up for another back breaker, he stands Randy back up then stomps on his foot then bites his shoulder! Studd screams and staggers back to the ropes, PC runs and nails Studd over the top ropes with a hard, clubbing lariat! The crowds cheer!

    Copeland: PC Broon is fighting back and boy does he look upset, Jack!

    Cohen: I believe Randy made a fatal mistake pulling on this man’s beard, he’s seeing red right now and I think Morse better get him under control before he loses control of this match.

    PC rolls out of the ring, Studd is crawling on his knees towards the steel steps. PC is cursing the man out as he walks towards him. Studd quickly grabs Broon’s trunks and pulls him towards the steps causing Broon to crash over them.

    Referee Morse is on 4 with his count out but Studd rolls in and out of the ring to break the count. He slowly picks up PC off of the padded mats, he gives him a hard Irish Whip into the barricade that causes Broon to bounce off and run at Studd, The Ladies Man ducks and gives Broon a back body drop right on the steel steps! CLANK! PC lets out a loud groan as he lays right on the steel. Studd rolls in and out of the ring once more to break up the count. He walks to a woman in the front row, he puts his hands behind his head and swivels his hips seductively, the woman throws a full cup of pop in his face! The crowds cheer and Studd is furious!

    Copeland: Well there you have it, there’s quite a few women here tonight that think Studd is a creep!

    Cohen: I don’t know how she can afford to throw away four dollars and thirty five cents worth of pop like that! That trash is lucky Studd even paid any attention to her!

    Studd is still furiously wiping the pop from his face, he points to the woman who did it, then to PC Broon still on top of the steel steps. He walks over, turns PC over and hauls him back so his legs are still on the steps, he nails PC on the padded mats with a hard DDT! Boooooo!!!! The crowds hated that one as Studd jumps to his feet. He rolls in and out of the ring again to break the count. He walks right up to the woman and roars “That’s all your fault Bi...” he doesn’t get to finish his sentence as her friend next to her splashes him in the face with a full cup of pop as well! The crowds let out a big laugh as Studd staggers back, wiping pop from his eyes and yelling. Morse jumps through the ropes and yells at Studd to give up his antics. Studd holds his hands up as if to surrender then gives both women the middle finger when Morse turns his back. Studd picks up PC and rolls him in the ring. He rolls in after, he hauls Broon to his feet then delivers an inverted atomic drop followed but a leg lariat dropping PC fast on his shoulders. Studd sits next to the knocked down Broon and takes a moment to breath. He talks to himself for a second then stands up. He watches Broon slowly make it to his feet then applies a full nelson submission lock!

    Copeland: A furiously determined Randy Studd is looking to put this match away but making PC Broon tap out! Can the Scott hang on here?

    Morse is right in Broon’s face seeing if he’s alright or if he’s ready to quit. Studd has the hold applied tight in the middle of the ring and Broon can’t even budge Randy’s arms, his head nods a little as he starts to fade, Morse is right there ready to call it, Studd knee’s PC hard in the back on the leg causing Broon to fall to his knees. Studd is whipping PC left and right now with the full nelson, trying get the man to pass out. PC drops his head and closes his eyes. Morse grabs one of PC’s hands and raises it, it falls down limp.....1! He lifts it again, the same result......2! Morse lifts the hand a final time, it falls! But NO, it stops half way down and makes a fist! It starts shaking and the fist rises back up! The crowds cheer and Broon starts shaking and thrashing in the hold, he stomps a boot on the mat, gets leverage and makes it to his feet! Broon throws a series of backward headbutts to Randy’s face to break the hold! He swings a wild right haymaker punch then a wild left haymaker at Randy’s head as he looks like he’s just lost his mind now! The fans are eating it up as PC is going crazy, he nails Studd with a swinging neck breaker, then drops an elbow, then a knee, then scratches and punches Studd in the face on the canvas. Morse roughly hauls PC away and warns him. Studd makes it to his knees, he pulls Morse towards him by the shirt as Broon approaches him from behind, Studd mule kicks Broon in the nuts out of Morse’s eye range!

    Cohen: That’ll stop him! What a clever move by Studd! Pin him!

    Studd hauls PC closer to the corner, he climbs to the top ropes then swivels his hips and blows a kiss, he jumps in the air and delivers a big splash to Broon! The Money Shot! 1.....2.......Broon kicks out! The fans cheer!

    Copeland: Ohhhh Broon just kicked out there! Everyone here thought that was it, including me! He kicked out of the money shot splash!

    Studd slams his fist on the canvas. He yells at the ref and makes a three count with his palms. He hauls PC to his feet, he grabs his head and slowly twists him around setting up his special move The Hey Ladies (Rude Awakening) but Broon slips out of it and hits Clean Up in Isle 9 (Angle Slam) out of nowhere! Cheer! Both men are down in the ring. After both men still remain still the referee starts his ten count. 1....2....3....4....5.....6....7....8....... PC Broon rolls over and covers Randy...1....2....3!!

    No! Randy Studd just got his leg on the bottom rope in the nick of time!

    Broon has a look of disbelief, he wipes the sweat out of his eyes. He hauls Studd to his feet, then picks him up sideways in a slam position, he looks behind him obviously thinking fallaway slam, but then changes his mind, he slowly climbs the turnbuckles, one by one up until he’s standing on the top ropes with Randy Studd! He lets out a primal roar as he jumps back and throws Studd with a Super Fallaway Slam! Both men crash hard and Broon rolls over to hook Randy’s leg....1.....2......3!!!!



    Harrys: The winner of this bout, by pin fall....PC Stevie Broon!!!

    Copeland: What a hard fought victory by PC Stevie Broon, hitting his big signature fallaway slam from the top ropes!

    Cohen: Randy Studd showed us why he’s still a top contender here in the mayhem division Seabass! He survived that Clean Up in Isle 9 by putting his foot on the ropes! But if you want to credit somebody with helping PC win here tonight, it’s these two so-called wrestling fans....

    (Replay shows pop being thrown in Randy’s face by one woman, then her friend in a back to back replay)

    Copeland: Oh will you stop? Studd deserved that soda splash.

    Cohen: Studd could’ve won if he wasn’t getting pop splashed in his face!

    Copeland: Well, either way, PC Broon gets another big win here in WZCW and don’t go away folks, we’ve got plenty more action coming up next!

    PC Broon celebrates on the top ropes and Randy Studd rolls out of the ring and falls to his hands and knees, he holds the back of his head gingerly.
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    We return from commercial break to see a pair of hands working at a sewing machine. The camera zooms out to see Callie Clark, with her Elite Openweight Title on a pedestal just behind her, working on a costume. The camera pans around and the walls are covered with photos of Callie in her various cosplay outfits, as well as some of her more lavish outfits on display on mannequins. Callie stops working and flashes a devilish smile.

    Callie: I'm sorry to disappoint all of my wonderful fans who were hoping to see me in person, but Wizard World Chicago is coming up soon and I really needed to dedicate myself to working on my costume.

    The camera starts to zoom in, but Callie steps in front of the shot and wags her finger.

    Callie: Ah ah ah, no peeking. Besides, I would never debut this breathtaking costume in a factory of sadness like Cleveland. I mean, you couldn't even keep LeBron James in town, so what makes you think a real icon like myself would step foot in town?

    Callie laughs as she directs the camera to her championship title.

    Callie: Not to mention, Cleveland definitely is a town not used to champions, so who knows what sort of awful things the sorrowful fans in town would do to me when they saw my gold.

    Callie picks up the title and hoists it over her shoulder.

    Callie: But fear not. I will be back next week so you can all bask in my glory once again.
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    Backstage King Mussel is standing by a dark alley, being very careful not to be seen.

    Mussel: You want revenge. I can get it for you. It’s as easy as that. You scratch my back, I scratch your. It’s how we’ve always been. I took care of Batti, I can take care of Tyrone but I need to get through these unfit scrubs first. Are you in?

    After a bit of stalling, a voice eminates from the unseen corridor.


    Mussel seems pleased with what he hears and marches on excited.

    Cohen: Who was he talking to?

    Copeland: I don’t know but this reeks of foul play. Up next, the new World Champion in front of his hometown crowd. It’s Tyrone Blades vs Vega one on one, next!
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    Copeland: Earlier today, Tyrone Blades was very happily signing autographs in front of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Tyrone got to sign and pose with the fans. Sadly, it seems Mr. Jones wasn’t having as good a time.

    Tyrone: Yeah, this is great. I get to be right here with my hometown, chilling.

    Mr. Jones: Man, f**k that kid! He flipped me off because I refused to sign a dirty tissue!



    The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, Vega!!

    The lights dim and smoke eminates from the stage as Vega makes his way down the aisle and to the ring.

    Copeland: At Kingdom Come it almost seemed like Vega would walk out Mayhem Champion but not even he was able to manage the ferocity and size of the new Champion Harald Var Krigare. Tonight he has a major opportunity to step up by facing the new World Champion and legend.

    Cohen: And if he beats Tyrone Blades in his own home town, that would be even better. Humble that man in front of his friends and family.



    Immediately there's an incredibly loud reaction by the crowd as soon as the music hits.

    His opponent, FROM CLEVELAND, OHIO!!! He is the NEW WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tyrone Blades!!!

    The New World Champion proudly makes his way out to the ring to a huge reaction as he hoists his Championship over his head.

    Copeland: He is the second ever 3 time World Champion. He was already a Hall Of Famer but at this point, he's twice over.

    Cohen: At what point does he stop, though? He completely took away Eve Taylor's big night. How selfish can he be?

    Referee Keith Morse has the bell ring to start the match.

    *Ding Ding Ding*​

    The two are quick to lock up. Vega spins into a Headlock and squeezes tight but Tyrone is quick to reverse it. Tyrone takes him down to the mat and holds him there but Vega uses his legs to wrap around Tyrone's head and apply a Headscissor's hold. He hold's Tyrone down as he tries to get out. Tyrone rolls and applies a Jacknife cover. 1......... 2........... 3-But Vega manages to get out of it. He kicks Tyroen square in the face and tries his own cover with a Lateral Press. 1......... 2..........-But Tyrone kicks out. Tyrone hits a big knee lift to Vega and tries a Half Nelson Driver but it's blocked. Vega retaliates trying a Spinning Back Elbow but Tyrone ducks it. The two stand still, staring each other down.

    Copeland: It would seem the two are at an impass early on. It's a matter of who makes the first mistake.

    Cohen: Well it's too late for that. Tyrone already made the mistake with his selfishness.

    The two measure up again and go for the Collar And Elbow tie-up. They push and pull each other before Vega kicks Tyrone in the leg before letting go. Vega kicks Tyrone in the back of the neck. It knocks Tyrone down and Vega quickly gets to the ring apron. He measures Tyrone who holds the back of his head as he tries to get back up. Vega is about to leap but Tyrone dives to the ropes, braking Vega who tries an Enzuigiri. Tyrone blocks that and snaps Vega's neck on the ropes. Vega tries to hold on and not fall down but Tyrone grabs him from behind and drapes him by the ropes and hits the Desolate Roads. Tyrone makes the cover off the move. 1.................. 2.................... 3-But Vega kicks out.

    Copeland: And it seems Vega may have made his mistake. Tyrone now has the upper hand after that big Reverse Draping DDT.

    Cohen: You seem so convinced. What makes you think Tyrone won't make misakes? He's Tyrone, he makes them all the time!

    Tyrone tries the Half Nelson Driver again but Vega fights it off. He gets out and hits a big Superman Punch, knocking down the Champion. Right away Vega starts raining down forearms on Tyrone who tries to fight back and defend himself. Vega tries the Triangle Choke but Tyrone avoids getting caught. Vega tries to hold on to the arm as Tyrone gets back up. Vega fires a forearm shot but Tyrone sucks it in, no-selling the impact. Vega seems surprised but doesn't stop. He tries another forearm to the face. It clearly hurts Tyrone but he holds in the pain.

    Cohen: What's with him!? He's just standing there, taking the hits.

    Copeland: It's the heart of a champion as he tries to gut it out and win this match.

    Vega keeps holding the arm as Tyrone just stares at him intently. Vega tries yet another forearm but this time, Tyrone is able to catch it with his free hand. That prompts Vega to release the other arm to defend himself but that proves to be a mistake as Tyrone if finally able to hit the Half Nelson Driver. He hits the Superkick. *Click* and follows it up with the kneelift *Clack* and goes for the cover, hooking the leg. 1........... 2............... 3!!

    Here is your winner, the WZCW World Heavyweight Champion, Tyrone Blades!!

    Copeland: It may have been short, but don't take anything away from Vega. He brought it to the Champion but Tyrone stuck it out to find that needed opening.

    Cohen: Impressed as I am but that victory, how can taking those hits to the face be a reasonable move?

    Tyrone poses in front of his hometown fans, lifting up the World title as Vega is assisted.
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    Backstage Kagura warms up shadow boxing and stretching.

    Copeland: The main event is still to come ladies and gentlemen. Fatal Fourway match for the #1 Contendership to the World title. Kagura, Flex Mussel, Mikey Stormrage, Matt Tastic. Stay tuned!
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    Harrys: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is a fatal fourway match. The winner will be crowned number one contender!

    Copeland: It's Eve Taylor. She's not announced in the match.

    Cohen: She'll be doing commentary.

    Harrys: Please welcome special guest commentator. Eve Taylor.

    Cohen: Told you Seabass.

    She makes her way out and sits at the commentary booth.

    Copeland: Well Eve, good to see you. What brings you out here?

    Taylor: Are you mad? There's a number one contenders match and me, the former champion who was robbed at Kingdom Come, am not in it?

    Cohen: I, for one, think it's a disgrace Eve.

    Copeland: You would. An interesting thing to note in this match is that three of the competitors are former champions.

    Taylor: And I destroyed one to win the gold.

    Harrys: Introducing first, from Southwest, Puerto Rico weighing in at 361lbs...Mikey Stormrage!

    Mikey is full of energy as he slaps hi 5's to fans and shouts his usual Game Over from the turnbuckle.

    Harrys: Also from Southwestern, Puerto Rico, weighing 235 pounds, Matt Tastic!

    Matt walks out and has tons of snacks with him. The unhealthy sort that Mussel would hate. He throws them to the crowd to great joy. He enters the ring and hugs Mikey.

    Copeland: A lot of history here with these two. I assume they will work together.

    Harrys: from Paris, France, weighing 220 pounds, King Mussél!

    Alone Mussel heads out holding his FlexAmerican belt. He holds this above his head and shouts “Make America Healthy again” as the crowd boo. Mikey slaps his belly and smiles.

    Harrys: Lastly from Ise, Mie, Japan weighing 145 pounds, Kagura!

    Fans stand and cheer as her music plays. Pink lights begin to swirl around the stage in a circular pattern, representing the petals of many cherry blossoms falling through the air. A fine mist appears on the stage. She walks down the ramp through the mist, she seems completely relaxed and eager to rumble. She ascends the stairs, entering between the middle ropes. Afterwards she bows to the side of the hard camera, and awaits her opponent.

    Copeland: One thing for sure this should be a great bout.

    The bell rings as referee Katie Shepard gets us underway. Already there's a huge Live Mas chant as the hall of famers nod at each other and split up. Matt Tastic goes for Kagura and Mikey Stormrage to King Mussel.

    Mussel charges at Stormrage who bulks himself up. The Size difference causes Stormrage to not move but the sheer strength of Mussel allows a swift kick to the midsection. The knees to the gut cause Mikey to bend over. The King bounces back off the rope and hits the running knee lift to Stormrage. Mikey hits the mat as Mussel poses to the crowd.

    At the other side of the ring Kagura and Tastic are at it. Tastic whips Kagura into the turnbuckle, she bounces back and is able to hit a forearm strike to Tastic. Tastic takes a couple of steps back as Kagura uses this to her advantage. She throws some judo throws as it takes down the hall of famer. She turns her attention to Mussel who is posing to the crowd.

    Copeland: Not the best start for Live Mas there, both flat on the mat.

    Cohen: I'm sure some of us are used to seeing Mikey on his back, isn't that right Eve?

    Taylor: Mussel needs to not get cocky, Kagura is beatable but she still poses a threat.

    Cohen: Isn't that right Eve?

    Copeland: She's ignoring you Jack.

    Kagura walks up behind Mussel and goes for the chop to the back of the neck. The King crumbles but this angers him. He quickly gets up and Kagura immediately goes for some more judo throws but Mussel resists. He spins her around and grabs her from behind. German Suplex!

    Kagura crashes on the mat as Live Mas have made their way to the other turnbuckle talking to each other. Mussel doesn't pay attention to them as he picks up the former world champion and throws her over the top rope. She lands into the barricade. Mussel turns to Live Mas.

    Taylor: Smart by Mussel. Lower the numbers and you have a better chance of winning.

    Copeland: He still has a two to one disadvantage though.

    Cohen: Both of Live Mas want the chance as much as the other. It won't last.

    Live Mas stand up to a huge ovation from the crowd. The crowd chant as Tastic runs at Mussel and brings him down with a spinning wheel kick. Stormrage walks over and picks up the King. The crowd chant as Tastic tells him to do it. He hits the Live Mas slam!

    The Side Belly to Belly Suplex hits as Stormrage falls on top of Mussel. Stormrage covers and is joined by Tastic in a joint pin attempt. 1...2...Kickout by Mussel. Live Mas look frustrated that their idea didn't work but the crowd are loving it.

    Copeland: Live Mas fully in control here but they need to capitalise on it.

    Cohen: They also need to remember this is not a tag team match.

    They pick Flex up who starts punching left and right. He hits Tastic with a left then Stormrage with a right. He repeats this as he looks to gain control of the match. The number advantage, however, goes against him as Live Mas start returning them. The build momentum and knock Mussel down.

    The King is thrown out the ring (on the same side as Kagura) as it now leaves the former tag champions in the centre. They look at each other as though they should start brawling any second. They circle each other in the ring. Stormrage has his back to the other two opponents and Matt Tastic is opposite.

    Cohen: Here we go!

    They both psyche each other with a few fake outs. Then Mikey Stormrage points to the crowd to his right. They chant “LIVE”. Matt Tastic does the same to his right. “MAS!”. They repeat this as the crowd get faster in their chants. The crowd stop on a “LIVE” as Tastic runs at Stormrage.

    Instead of attacking his partner, he passes and jumps for the Tope Atomico as Kagura and Mussel have stood up. Both, however, move out the way and Tastic lands awkwardly on the outside. He looks in great pain and Katie Shepard immediately calls for an EMT. Kagura and Mussel enter the ring.

    Copeland: Ouch that was a nasty fall by Tastic.

    Taylor: As someone who has had ankle problems all of my career I feel his pain.

    Cohen: Looks like he's out of this one.

    The crowd applaud Tastic as he hobbles out with the EMT's. He looks genuinely upset at this as the other three in the ring carry on with the match. Stormrage grabs Kagura and whips her into the turnbuckle. He follows up with the Urange. As he turns though, Mussel is waiting. The King hits a knee strike to the gut. He then whips Stormrage into the buckle.

    Mussel then turns to Kagura who quickly ducks under his arms. As Mussel turns he's met with throat and palm thrusts from the first female world champion. This knocks Mussel off his balance and Kagura whips him into the turnbuckle where Stormrage is. Both men crash with a thud.

    Copeland: Kagura truly on top here.

    Taylor: I know what it's like to be on top in a match like this and it needs to be ended now before momentum shifts.

    Cohen: Really it's anyone’s game here.

    Kagura then goes for the cover on Mussel. 1...Stormrage breaks up the pin. Kagura is met with a Falcon Punch from Stormrage. She goes down as Stormrage covers. 1...2...Mussel breaks the pin! Stormrage gets up and pushes Mussel in the chest. Mussel returns with a push himself. Stormrage takes a few steps back and Mussel hits the Flexicution! The discus clothesline knocks the over 300lb man to the mat.

    Mussel though doesn't go for the cover and instead goes for Kagura. He picks her up and hits the Full Body Fitness V2. The Veritcal Suplex into Sideslam allows a cover. There's no count as Katie Shepard points out Kagura's foot is under the rope! The King is furious as he picks her up and throws her out the ring. He turns to Stormrage.

    Copeland: We almost had a new number one contender there.

    Taylor: It should rightfully be me Seabass.

    Cohen: I concur but really the way Flex is going here, who can blame him if he wins.

    Stormrage has made his way to his feet. Mussel begins the Body Breaking Diet. He whips Mikey into the turnbuckle. He hits a running European Uppercut. He runs again and hits a forearm smash. He runs again and goes for the shotgun kick. Stormrage catches him!

    Mikey throws Mussel across the ring and follows him. He hits him a couple of times and then hits the Headshot! The bionic elbow with Stormrages trademark theatrics gets the King on the mat. Mikey picks him up and hits the Game Over! The crowd is electric as the worlds strongest slam knocks down Mussel.

    Rather than going for the pin, however, Stormrage begins to climb the turnbuckle.

    Copeland: He's not, is he? Is he going to do the moonsault?

    Cohen: It seems like he's pandering to the crowd. It will be the end of the match if Mikey hits this, imagine that weight on you. Eh Eve?...Eve?

    The camera cuts to show Eve Taylor has left the commentary booth and she's made her way behind Stormrage. She pushes him off the top rope. Mussel is able to move out of the way. Mussel picks up Stormrage and starts the Spin to Win!

    Copeland: Utter disgrace by Eve Taylor there!

    Cohen: Let's not takeaway from the fact that King Mussel is spinning a 361lb man around like he's a rag doll.

    Mussel leaves go and an almighty thud hits the mat. King Mussel goes for the cover. 1...2...3!

    The winner of this match and new number one contender...King Mussel!

    Without any music the crowd goes wild as hometown hero and World Champion Tyrone Blades makes his way out. He walks to the ring and steps in he holds his belt up in the air as Flex smiles.

    BAM! Eve Taylor jumps Blades from behind with a chair. He crashes down as she hits him a few more times. She leaves the ring and heads to the back.

    The final image is Eve Taylor top of the ramp with Tyrone Blades in the ring, knocked out, and King Mussel looking at the belt.
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    Intro, Blades v Vega, various segments - KJ
    Stetson Hayes v El Hijo Del Vejigante - Milenko
    Titus v STA, segments - Yaz
    Randy Studd v PC Stevie Broon - Jeff
    Various segments, Number one contenders - Lee
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