Lynx R-Awakening...CANCELLED!

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    2,859 has learnt that Lynx has been fired from WZCW. The former Elite champion was found to be misusing his time travelling capabilities. Members of the time bureau were concerned that Lynx would travel back in time and hide in a room when the board of directors were discussing future matchups.

    It was believed that Chuck Myles shouted “Is that you Lynx?” to a plant pot with him clearly hidden behind it. Despite Myles claiming he heard a reply of "no" others state that Lynx ignored this. As he's so immature Myles made comment of the incident in the locker room in front of fed members. Lynx used his time travelling abilities to go back and remove this from happening. Fortunately for all in WZCW the time bureau reported the anachronism and it was fixed.

    Lynx has had his time machine, Delorean and Phone Box removed. WZCW wish him well in future endeavours.
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