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    So we have our confirmed team:
    Iron man match - McGuiness
    Submission - Regal
    Ladder/MITB - Dynamite Kid
    Spin the wheel make the deal - Bulldog
    Falls count anywhere - Rowdy Roddy Piper.

    So in Kayfabe terms lets take a look at them individually. First off I start with "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

    How many people can say they debuted in the 60's and can still wrestle when needs be? Not many that's for sure. However the Hot Rod wrestled at Wrestlemania, those of us may remember this match and see that he wasn't that good, being overshadowed by the lieks of Jericho and Steamboat, however we're talking peaks here!

    At his peak Piper was the best brawler of his time, and arguably one of the greatest ever. The most brutal match I can think of with Piper was the infamous dog colalr match against the highly underrated Valentine. This match was so brutal that Piper suffered injuries where he lost 75% of his hearing.

    Whilst I can't find any official FCA match that Piper was in he defintely has the skill and fortitude to put up a damn good showing in this match. With 40 years in the business wrestling major names ranging from Hogan to Hart and even Mr T Piper will definitely know his stuff!


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