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    The Ghost of Sparta, The Slave of Gods, The Servant of Ares, The God of War, Kratos has many aliases but only one purpose, vengeance.

    Born and raised in Sparta, Kratos was monitored and tested like all young boys to see who was fit to stay in Sparta. Kratos showed great promise at a young age, until the gods themselves appeared in his village and kidnapped his brother. Showing his dedication to the few people he cares for, he threw himself at the gods, attempting to attack them, but he ultimately failed. This caused Kratos to train even harder to fulfill his promise that he would never falter again.

    Kratos became a great warrior and leader of men. He had pledged his allegiance to Ares, The God of War, raiding and pillaging in his name until Ares tricked Kratos into killing his own wife and daughter. He vowed vengeance on the gods after this.

    Kratos became a great warrior, a very destructive and amoral man. He later felt guilty for his actions and channeled his guilt into a great rage in combat. When he wields the Blades of Chaos while in this enraged state, he truly becomes Death, the destroyer of worlds.

    • Demigod-It is revealed that Kratos was the son of Zeus. Because his father was a god Kratos has power beyond that of mere man. His capacity for learning new skills is almost unlimited.
    • Godlike resistance to magic-In the past Kratos has proven to have resistance to magic attacks that would kill most mortals.
    • Strength-Kratos posses strength beyond that of any mortal man or beast. He proved capable of overpowering the Hydra, throwing the Colossus of Rhodes, and preventing himself from being crushed beneath the fingers of Cronos and Atlas.
    • Healing-Kratos has demonstrated an ability to regenerate from most attacks with great speed.

    • Speed and Agility-Due to his training in the Spartan army and his commitment to his goal Kratos developed near unmatched speed and agility.
    • Military training-Due to his upbringing in the Spartan community and his service in the Spartan army, Kratos is a master tactician. He also has a heightened sense of danger due to his time in battle, and is able to counter most surprise attacks.
    • Ares training-While serving under Ares, the god of war, Kratos received extensive teaching and training in the art of warfare and destruction.

    • Soul of Hades-When Kratos defeated Hades, the god of the Underworld, he absorbed his soul. This caused Kratos' powers to grow stronger and grant him partial immortality.
    • Weaponry-Skilled in many forms of blades, Kratos is comfortable with any edged weapon in his hand.
    • Blades of Chaos/Athena/Exile-His signature blades, given as a gift for his servitude to the gods, they are two Falchion-like blades on long chains, permanently fused and seared to the wielder's forearms. They have been replaced with a more powerful version each time Kratos himself has grown in power.
    • Spartan Army-Both before and during his servitude of Ares, Kratos had a massive army of Spartan soldiers under his command.

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