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    Real Name: Keith Webster

    Gimmick Name: Keith Kole

    Announced As: none

    Height: 6'4

    Weight: 230lbs

    Hometown: San Diego,CA

    Billed From: San Diego, CA

    Alignment: Cocky Heel

    Fill in the Blanks With Your Information:

    Introducing first from San Diego,CA, weighing 235 pounds, Keith Kole!


    ----------------Hair Colour/Length- short dark brown, sometimes messy sometimes combed

    ----------------Eye Colour- Blue

    ----------------Facial Hair-slight stubble

    ----------------Ring attire- Black Dickies type pants, no shirt, Black sneakers

    ----------------Backstage Attire- T-shirt and or zip hoodie with the pants

    ----------------Physical Features- none

    ----------------Tattoos: none

    Sample Pic of Wrestler: Bobby Roode

    Main Gimmick: Lifelong fan tired of working in fast food restaurants

    2 Characteristics of Gimmick: lifelong fan of pro wrestling, very little experience actually wrestling

    Brief Bio/History: Keith has always been a fan of professional wrestling. After constantly complaining about his job, he gets the idea to try out for WZCW and convinces his friend and coworker, Kassandra Kross to join him in this venture. Keith is confident to the point of arrogance and believes just because he's watched for over 25 years that he can step in and succeed immediately.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Description:
    Lights are out until the words "Are you ready " at which point the lights flicker constantly as Keith Kole comes jogging out onto the ramp, stopping in his vest (think aj styles)And posing for a moment , turning around and soaking in the energy until the song begins to calm down about 30 seconds in. At this point Kole begins walking down the ramp, randomly telling fans that they aren't ready, they wish they were ready and such. Kole walks confidently up the steps his manager Kassandra Kross walking behind him.
    Kole enters the ring arrogantly, posing multiple times and gesturing to the crowd. If Kole enters 2nd, he gets in his opponents face and starts making belittling comments before heading to a corner and removing his vest

    Fighting Style: Rookie so tends to use basic moves and stuff he's seen often during his fandom

    Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Never been injured, good at strategy and overly confident considering his lack of experience

    Finishing Moves (2 max): Told You! (Cradle DDT)
    Customer Service (Hell's Gate)

    Signature Moves (3 max): I Am Great (Miz corner clothesline, shouts I am great as he does it)
    May I Take Your Order?- Superkick
    Airborne Arrogance- top rope elbow drop

    12 Most Used Moves:
    Snap DDT
    Mounted Punches
    Vertical Suplex
    German Suplex
    Running Neckbreaker
    Jumping Knee
    Suicide Dive
    Short arm Clothesline
    Full Nelson Slam
    Pendulum Backbreaker
    Double arm ddt
    Sample RP.

    Keith Kole is sitting at his home with his coworker and friend, Kassandra Kross. Both had just finished another pathetic shift at McDonald's, and as Keith pulled off his uniform shirt, Kassandra began to pack a bowl in the bong. Keith walked back out and sat down on the couch and put on the most recent WZCW episode.

    Keith: God that shift was so trash! I swear these stupid fat customers never fail with their stupidity. Like how do you ask for a Frappe, after I just TOLD YOU the machine was broken?

    Keith grabs the bong and lights it, taking a rip before passing it back to his friend.

    Kassandra: Oh I get it, believe me. It's not just the customers though. Even our coworkers suck, and some managers too. That place sucks. I'd try just about anything other than hooking to get out from under Ronald's enslavement.

    While Kassandra was hitting the bong, Keith was watching Meltdown. He had been a fan of Logan McAllister but that dude seemed to give up on himself based on what Keith was watching. At that moment, an idea came to Keith.

    Keith: I got it! Kass, let's join WZCW! You said you'd try almost anything right? I'll wrestle,you just be my manager. Bye bye McDonald's hello WZCW stardom!

    Kassandra:(Laughing) What do you know about wrestling? Or rather, do you even know how to wrestle?

    Keith: Well I've been watching for over 25yrs and me and my friends used to try doing the moves. We'll be fine, give it a few matches and I'll coasting towards gold watch!

    Kassandra sets the bong down and starts laughing harder

    Kassandra: Oh my God, you're gonna get hurt dummy! You really think we can succeed though? It would be better than where we are at now.....but can you learn as we go? I don't think just watching is gonna be enough Keith.

    Keith jumps up and starts cutting a promo on Kassandra

    Keith: You don't think I can do this? Look at me, I'm good looking, intelligent and I'm just oozing with confidence,No Kassandra it's the current members of the roster that should be worried because Keith Kole is coming to WZCW and after my debut everyone will realize that the newest star has just arrived,and Keith Kole is the name!

    Kassandra: Oh.....My....God.....

    Keith: that a yes??

    Kassandra looks down at the carpet,then to the tv with WZCW playingand laughs to herself.

    Kassandra: Ugh....fuck it, why not?

    Keith sits down and the two start brainstorming ideas together. He realistically has no idea how he's gonna make it work,but Keith Kole is heading WZCW. Can't be worse than McDonald's right?
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