John Marston

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    John Marston​


    Some trees flourish, others die. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich enough and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair.

    John Marston knew that, and sadly he knew it all to well.

    John grew up with a hard life. His mother was a prostitute who died during child birth and his dad was a drunk who died when John was only 8. After he was sent to an orphanage, he met his future wife Abagail, who he ran away with when he was only 17. He found a father figure in gang leader Dutch, a man he would later be forced to track down and kill. Dutch taught John how to read and gather, but more importantly he taught John how to shoot.

    While he fancied himself a wild west version of Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor, deep down John knew his gang lifestyle wasn't right. After a failed bank robbery in which he was shot and left to die, John left his old ways behind, bought a ranch and settled down with his wife and two children.

    After being blackmailed into tracking down the aforementioned Dutch, Marston was forced back into his gun slinging ways.

    Equally skilled in marksmanship, horseback riding, lassoing, hunting and gathering, and proficient in all weapons of the post Civil War era, Marston won't back down from any challenge, especially when defending the ones the loves. Just don't mess with his hat.

    • Dead Eye Targeting-Perhaps Marston's best asset. Marston is so skilled with weapons that when he takes aim, time seems to slow down. This allows him to pick his targets carefully and then fire in quick succession.
    • Horseback riding-While the ability to ride a horse was nothing special in his time, Marston had it down to a science. While riding his horse he is able to maintain his unrivaled accuracy and use his lasso just as easily as if he was motionless.
    • Ranch Hand Skills-Along with the ability to deal administer first-aid to himself for any accident that may occur around the ranch, including cuts, scrapes, snakebites, and injuries from falls, John is well versed in the use of a lasso. He is able to use it as a non lethal alternative to subdue enemies.
    • Conviction-Many things can be said about the man John Marston was. Coward and flake were not among them. Devoted to a fault to his loved ones, he will stop at nothing to protect those he cares about.
    • Fighting skills-While Marston prefers firearms, he is not opposed to a good old fashioned slug fest if need be. Years of brawling in bar fights and other disputes have helped John hone his hand to hand skills. Man or woman, sheriff or outlaw, few can match John if he decides to throw hands.

    • Weaponry-As stated John is proficient in all of the weapons of his time. Rifle or shotgun, revolver or Gatling gun, John is capable of using them all with deadly accuracy and precision. Above all he prefers his trusty revolver.
    • Rufus-Fiercely loyal and an excellent tracker, Rufus is John's loyal dog.
    • Horse-John is never without one of his trusty horses.
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