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Discussion in 'Campaigning' started by Just FalKonika, Dec 4, 2010.

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    ... to vote for FalKon as WZF's Most Improved Poster of 2010, and it shouldn't even be a close race between any of the participants.

    Let me take you back one year ago where I was considered the most idiotic and (arguably) the most hated poster going on the forums due to my exploits of being a she-man, playing with the minds (maybe hearts) of various WZ members and spewing some of the worst jokes ever to grace the internet. Hell, I was the co-winner of last years most annoying poster with former member JKO. I was even perma-banned for insulting both African-American and Jewish people (as well as being a cunt). The only things that I had to lean on was my "knowledge" of the Diva's and a "character" in WZCW.

    Getting back to the present, I have repented my ways of being a complete tool and have focused myself. One shining example comes from my work in WZCW... with a swift change of character I have broken records for the Tag Team Championship, considered one of the best consistent RPer's in the fed and am now a member of it's illustrious creative team. Although I had to unfortunately pull out of the Debater's League of 2010, I, at that point, swept the competition and nearly pulled a perfect game (20 points off). Yes, I did get opponents who no-showed, but I never lost during the season and showed my true knowledge of professional wrestling being much larger than just female wrestling.

    Don't take my word for what I have said, just listen to what respected members of these forums have to say about what I've accomplished:

    I hope that this evidence is enough to sway your vote and lean towards the (wo)man who has gone from being perma-banned forever to a member of staff (if what my position is counts as being one, which I think it kind sort does and doesn't, but ah well... you know what I mean either way).

    - JicKie "FalKon" Mames

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