Jason Vorhees

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    Jason Vorhees


    Ever needed to find a sadistic killing machine, who is virtually indestructible? Look no further than Jason Vorhees -- he's a total monster and is just one twisted motherfucker.

    Jason is likely one of the strangest, most disturbed people you'll find. He's an absolute killer, with no real emotions; yet, he's powered by an absolutely rotten childhood, filled with death and despair, in no small part due to his mother.

    Vorhees is -- for lack of a better term -- a master killer. He lurks in shadows, tracks his victims, and brutally slashes them to death, among other things. Not to mention, Jason is as close to immortal as a regular human gets. He will stop at nothing to get his kills, no matter of the situation.

    I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't want to be looking into the shadowy, dark eyes under that hockey mask.


    • Brute Strength: Jason often overpowers opponents, his strength seeming too much for a normal man.
    • Emotionless: His emotions will not get in his way, as he never actually displays any emotion. He's cold and calculating -- a true killer.


    • Machete: Jason's signature weapon is his machete. He uses it in almost every situation and seemingly takes enjoyment in using it.

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