Interpromotional Exchange: Impact Talent To PROGRESS; WWE Talent To EVOLVE

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    It's an odd double whammy of interpromotional announcements.

    The first one being the UK debut of Santana & Ortiz, better known as Impact Tag Team Champions LAX. They will be appearing for PROGRESS on December 8 & 9 for the Chapter 80 & 81 shows. They previously worked the promotion's recent US tour this past August to a great reception.

    Its peculiar to note that this is the first instance of a major Impact act appearing for PROGRESS given the promotion's very notable relationship with the WWE.


    The second interpromotional announcement comes in the form of EVOLVE announcing Mustafa Ali will be a part of their shows this coming November 9 & 10. The 10th specifically taking place on Mustafa Ali's home town of Chicago. Similar to PROGRESS, EVOLVE and the WWN have a noted relationship with the WWE with recent appearances by Sami Zayn and Velveteen Dream taking place.


    Any thoughts on these two cross-promoting instances? Sound off below!

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