Impact Announces Weekly Simulcast Via Twitch & Pursuit Channel

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Will you watch Impact now that it's on Twitch?

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    Source: F4W Online

    If you're down because Impact is out of Pop TV and now in an even more obscure channel, fear not! At their Homecoming PPV, the company announced that now going forward, Impact Wrestling will now also broadcast weekly on the Twitch channel simultaneously to the broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.

    Live online weekly wrestling programming has yet to really be much of a successful model. Companies like RISE, Defiant Wrestling and other flirt with the idea, but never really get compelling viewership. While Impact will still get something by also airing on Pursuit as well as international broadcasts, at least by airing their weekly show on Twitch, they're the most accessible they've been since their days on Spike.

    Impact has been running their Twitch channel for a full year and it runs 24/7 with a mix of old and new content. Of course, now the channel will also have its main source of programming with Impact Wrestling airing every Friday at 10pm EST.


    What do you think? Does the fact that its now available online rather than just on an obscure channel convince you watch Impact? Have you ever used Twitch before? Think this is best for Impact? Sound off below~!!

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