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    3-2 Odds

    Sting - Let's face it, he's due. He gets a lot of credit for having a legendary career despite never working a day for Vince McMahon. Hell, it wouldn't shock me if Vince inducts him into the Hall of Fame someday and makes coin off a DVD. Sting is truly a total package - size, power, speed, agility, charisma. Possibly the best overall professional wrestler in history, with two primes to his credit.

    Hulk Hogan - The Regional finals could very possibly be a Thunder in Paradise match, and a redux of the best feud of the height of WCW. Hogan has steadily gotten more respect from the forums lately, possibly on the back of guys like SlyFox "educating" the young smarks. Regardless, Hogan was the biggest draw of TWO wrestling eras, though the tourney style doesn't favor him.

    4-1 Odds

    John Cena - He draws a region in which he will have to go through the two men to whom he his most often compared - Hogan and Sting - to win. Cena has also been receiving some more respect from IWC fans and regular fans alike lately, as people come to the realization that he's entertaining as hell, puts on sick matches, and has possibly the greatest work ethic in Pro Wrestling history.

    6-1 Odds

    Terry Funk - each year, more people catch on that the Funker is truly an all-time legend, and this year, he will start the tournament fresh off of a WWE Hall of Fame induction. Now THAT is momentum. He's equally well-versed in mat as well as hardcore wrestling, and is truly adaptable to any situation.

    Yokozuna - this Superheavyweight has beaten - even dominated - some of the big names in this bracket. He put Hogan out of the WWE for nearly a decade, he beat The Undertaker in a casket match. Sting and El Canek present a challenge for him, but in his 550-lb prime, few could match him. Also, Sting has had some issue with top SHW's in his career (see - Vader), and a strong following could give this former 2-time WWF Champ a boost.

    8-1 Odds

    Lou Thesz - Thesz has quite a following on the forums, and despite never being a huge name with a major, non-regional promotion in the televised age, Thesz has influence and accomplishment that cannot be ignored. He put over guys who deserved it, and if someone tried to "go into business for themselves" to defeat Thesz, ole' Lou was more than capable of beating them shoot style.

    El Canek - so many people are unaware of his amazing resume, but Canek has the type of experience and accolades that turn a high, unknown seed into a regional champion. He holds wins over Thesz, Hogan, and Yokozuna - three major players in this region - and is a legend in Mexico as well as Japan. He's a tough out for anyone.

    12-1 Odds

    The Undertaker - odd for the defending champion to be given such poor odds, but there is a very good chance that 'Taker does not make it out of the first round with his tough draw, let alone wins the region. There are too many people in this region who have had 'Taker's number over the years, and while many of us would pine for a "franchise match" between Undertaker and Sting, there's a good chance it won't happen.

    Chris Benoit - he's a terrific wrestler and a man with a lot of history behind him. I find it hard to believe that enough people would be able to put his final chapter behind them enough to vote him past guys like Hogan, Cena, Taker, Thesz, or Sting though. Plus, he's always been a bit blah outside of his in-ring work, and that will do him no favors here.

    A few others:

    Goldberg 15-1
    Davey Boy Smith 25-1
    Eddie Guerrero 25-1
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