How To Make a Successful "BT!" Company: A Step-By-Step Series

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    Hello everyone and welcome to the Book This! section of WrestleZone Forums. My name is FalKon and although I haven't been prominent around this area of the forums for a long while (and even then, much wasn't accomplished from me), I have been a fantasy e-federation writer for the past three years for the forum's own E-Fed run by the actual staff of WZ... and I am here upon request to do a revised set of guidelines for those new people who may need some help creating their own BT as well as keeping it alive. At the moment, I shall be doing this in parts where I will be releasing a new post every day or two (or whenever I can) so we can go along with the adventure together and because real life gets kind of busy.

    Alright, let's get started!


    What Do You Want To Write About?

    The million dollar question.​

    Before we get started, you have to decide what type of BT you'd like to create. Now, there are quite a few of these options and there are many that can be listed:

    Typically, most people go for the rebooking option where you copy and paste the roster from your desired company and go from there. This is usually the easiest way in the short term to start your BT but before you jump into this default setting, you have to think yourself one question:

    "What sets my BT apart from other BT's?"

    You need to have a way to entice audiences to become readers of your BT from the get-go and find yourself in a nice position to expand your audience. Creating a niche market is always a great way to start yourself off because readers will usually get bored of people continuously writing about fantasy WWE promotions. I'm trying to knock those who are already writing one of these BT's, I'm saying that too many cooks spoil the broth. A while back, I created an All-Female federation (several times actually) where the women around the world competed in a fed just like the males do (i.e. a World title division, tag team division and a mid-card division). That got a lot of interest flowing and if I stayed on, it would have been a highly-viewed BT just because of the All-Woman aspect. You can make something similar, such as a Submissions Only fed, Tag Team wrestling or even random Tournaments.

    It's all up to you on what you choose but the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the option you have chosen and you feel you can write this to near perfection. No point in doing a TNA only fed if you don't know anything about the company or its wrestlers... in saying this, you're going to have to pick something that will also keep yourself interested. Again, no point doing a WWE only fed if you think most of the aspects about the roster and company will bore you. So, before we even get to the meat of everything, you've got the three rules to look for:

    All things considered and after a long, hard, thorough brain storming session: what have you come up with that satisfies all three areas well?

    As an example to show you what I mean, I will be doing the step-by-step process as well along with yourselves. Every time I will be utilising an example, it will be posting inside a spoiler caption to separate it from the information:

    So after thinking about it, I have decided that I would like to create a fantasy BT! company where the theme of the company revolves around a Female-Only association, on the premise of SHIMMER. I have chosen this because:

    1. It is something that I would like to write about because I am a former fan of women's wrestling and I do not appreciate how women are used on televised programming (concerning wrestling, of course).

    2. Considering my experience and knowledge of both writing and women wrestlers, I shouldn't have a problem doing creative writing here.

    3. This is a BT not many try to attempt and a theme that I don't see being attempted in the future. That, along with name value and my previous work should be enough to get the readers to find an interest in my product.

    I have sufficiently provided reasons for the three things to consider and I feel like I can start on my own BT! company.


    So, once you've got an idea on what you want to do, you've got yourself the materials to lay down the foundation of a good solid BT! company. I will stop this chapter here and I will continue next time with the essential information such as picking a name and creating a backstory.

    Also, feel free if anyone out there would like to follow along with myself by posting their ideas along the way and creating a BT with me. Try not to do the exact same as mine because I'm planning on doing a final product piece where I post up an entire show, thread, rosters and such to prove my point. If anyone has any questions about anything, you can ask me in here as well but don't get ahead of the current chapter if you don't mind (i.e. please don't ask me how to make a roster when we haven't reached that point yet). Feedback would be appreciated as well: tell me if you think this is useful, what I've missed or if this is completely pointless (although I will re-state that this was requested for me to do so... yeah...)

    Until next time,

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