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    I decided to put the tournament and booking sections into one and this will be a tournament but I will be determining the winners as if I were booking.

    Greatest Superstar of Wrestling Tournament Week 1

    Ok this is going to be a tournament to see who is the greatest wrestler of all time. In this tournament we are considering that none of the people have died and all of them are wrestling as if in their prime.

    Raw Week 1

    We open the show with the usual fireworks and then we cut straight to JR & King

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are told that their will be a mega announcement tonight by the chairman of the board Mr. McMahon.

    King: Well, if it's coming from Mr. McMahon its sure to be a big announcement he don't dissapoint

    No Chance in Hell blares from the speakers as the Chairman makes his way to the ring.

    Lilian: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment Mr. McMahon

    Vince is strutting down the aisle with a big smile on his face and seems to be in a good mood, however the crowd is booing him out of the building.

    Vince grabs the mic and waits for the crowd to settle down. He raises it as if to speak, but the crowd boos even louder.

    Vince: SHUT UP!!!!

    Vince looks taken aback by how hateful he just sounded.

    Vince: I I'm sorry I mean please could I have a minute of your time. Please just a minute because I promise after I make my announcement you will never boo me again. The other day I was sitting in my office in Stamford and I was getting bored so I decided to surf the internet, and while looking amongst other things.

    Fans start a Vince is a perv chant which causes Vince to look down in shame. He then looks around annoyed, because he is wanting to talk again.

    Vince: As I was saying I was surfing through the internet and I thought why don't I just take a peak at these websites that say they know everything about wrestling they think they know the in's and out's when I promise they don't know half of what they think they do. While looking at these sites I decided to go on some message boards to see what people think of the WWE, and all I read was WWE sucks, WWE needs less talking, WWE guys can't wrestle like ROH guys. When I read that it hurt it really did, because even though I can be an asshole sometimes I really do care what the fans think. Not because I want them to be happy, but because I know if they are not happy with my product they will spend their money elsewhere and I don't like losing money. So once I read that I wasn't been able to sleep, I wasn't able to sleep, I was constipated. I didn't know what to do, so I asked Stephanie, Shane, & Linda. They had no idea what to do. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking and then it came to me I had the best Idea ever. Why not listen to the fans and give them what they want....wrestling. So I go back to those message boards I was reading earlier and started seeing topics on who is the best wrestler ever thats when I knew what I had to do. So I made some phone calls and made some deals and when it was all said and done and everyone was on board I decided it was time to tell you the fans my idea. So you want to know my great idea?

    Crowd cheers wildly

    Vince: Ok, here it is. Starting tonight in this very ring and going on for the next few months will be a tournament to decide who is the greatest wrestler ever. Now you may be thinking how are we going to tell the best wrestler ever if only Raw Wrestlers are involved, well thats where the phone calls come in. You see I have called some old friends as well as some new friends and starting tonight and every day of the week for the next few months there will be wrestling on TV. Not only is WWE involved in this tournament, but I have ROH, TNA, & International Wrestlers in it, as well as I called up Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff and both are willing to get some of their old WCW and ECW wrestlers to participate. So here's how it will go, each region will have seperate tournaments and then once each region has a winner we will go to WrestleMania where there will be a 8 man tournament involving the winners of the regions once it gets down to the final to they will compete in a new match I like to call the 3 Stages of Hell in a Cell (details on the way that match works will be told later). So, I don't know about you but Im ready to get this thing started for Raw so let's get this tournament underway. Get me a ref out here.

    Referee runs to the ring as Mr. McMahon's music plays and we cut to commercial.

    Back from commercial

    Trevor Murdoch's music blares through the arena

    Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is the first match in the Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Lance Cade from Waxahachie Texas, weighing in at 241 lbs Trevor Murdoch.

    Lillian: His opponent being accompanied by Cody Rhodes from Mobile, Alabama weighing in at 235 lbs, he is 1/2 of the World Tag Team Champions Hardcore Holly

    Match 1 in Raw Region
    Trevor Murdoch v.s. Hardcore Holly

    Finish: Murdoch goes up for the bulldog of the top rope, but Hardcore cuts him off. Hardcore climbs up and meets Murdoch on the turnbuckle and they are struggling for control. Holly goes for a superplex, but Cade grabs Murdoch's foot so he don't get suplexed. Cody goes over to start fighting with Cade. Murdoch goes and leaps from the top rope onto Hardcore, but Hardcore gets a foot up which connects with Murdoch's jaw. Murdoch is dazed as Hardcore gets up. He picks up Murdoch over his head and spins around and then slams him to the mat with the Alabama Slam for the 1.2.3.

    Winner: Hardcore Holly

    Murdoch and Cade start arguing and there is major tension between the two as we go to break.

    Were back from commercial.

    We go back into the locker room to see John Cena and Jeff Hardy talking. Mr. McMahon walks in.

    Vince: Jeff do you mind if we talk in private

    Jeff: Sure

    Vince: Thanks by the way I would go get ready for your match your next.

    Vince: So John what do you think of this little tournament I made up?

    Cena: Well, for once Vince you have came up with an idea that I agree with. I mean seeing who the Greatest Superstar of all time is a brilliant idea.

    Vince: Well, I'm glad you like it

    Cena: Like it? I Love it, because you see now I finally get the chance to prove myself. You know as well as I do that I'm not the most popular superstar in everyone's eyes well if I can win this tournament I will seal my place in WWE history and the haters will have no choice but to love me. So I'm ready to fight like theres no tomorrow like Im fighting for my life.

    Vince: Well, Cena I'm glad your ready to fight it out like there's no tomorrow, because tonight your going to need it in your first tournament match because you will be

    JR: Did I just hear what I think I heard? Mr. McMahon is going to face John Cena in a tournament match

    King: Well, you know with a tournament this big Mr. McMahon isn't just going to sit back without putting his name in the tournament.

    We go back to the ring as we hear the music of Jeff Hardy

    Lillian: The following contest is a Greatest Superstar of all time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Cameron, NC weighing in at 225 lbs Jeff Hardy

    Lillian: His opponent....

    The music of Goldust blares through the arena signaling the return of the bizzare one.

    Lillian: From Hollywood, CA weighing in at 266 lbs Goldust

    Match 2 in Raw Region
    Jeff Hardy v.s. Goldust

    Finish: Goldust sends Jeff into the ropes, Jeff comes back and Goldust lowers his head too soon. Jeff kicks him in the head dazing Goldust. He sends Goldust to the turnbuckle, but Goldust reverses it. Goldust charges at Jeff in the corner, but Jeff gets his boot up. Goldust stumbles out of the corner giving Jeff enough time to jump up the turnbuckle and hit the whisper in the wind knocking Goldust to the mat. He picks him up and goes for the twist of fate, but Goldust pushes him off into the turnbuckle. He sets Jeff up on the turnbuckle backwards looking to go for a super belly to back suplex. Jeff hits Goldust with elbows and knocks him off. Jeff takes his shirt off and hits the Swanton Bomb for the 1.2.3.

    Winner: Jeff Hardy

    Jeff celebrates in the ring as we go to commercial

    We come back from commercial and go straight to the arena

    DAMN!! is what we first hear for our next match

    Lillian: The following contest is the next Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Warner Robbins, GA weighing in at 270 lbs Ron Simmons.

    Next we hear the music of Santino Marella

    Lillian: His oppponent from Patterson, NJ weighing in at 220 lbs Santino Marella

    Santino gets in the ring with a mic

    Santino: Mr. Simmons you-ah-think your going to win this tournament well, I think not because tonight I'm going to open the biggest can of ass whip you've ever seen and I will show the world that I am the Greatest....

    Simmons knocks Santino to the mat knocking the mic out of his hand. Simmons picks up the mic.

    Simmons: DAMN!!!

    Match 3 in Raw Region
    Ron Simmons v.s. Santino Marella

    Finish: After knockin Santino down Simmons backs him into the corner and starts to fire away with punches and kicks. The referee pulls Simmons off Santino. Santino rolls to the outside. He walks up the aisle and throws his hands up as if he is done with the match. Simmons turns his back toward Santino. Santino runs back into the ring and tries to pin Simmons with a school boy. Simmons kicks out at 2. Santino rolls back out and grabs a chair. The referee grabs the chair from Santino and puts it back outside. While the referee's back is turned Santino hits Simmons with a low blow. and then hits a DDT spiking Simmons on his head for the 1.2.3.

    Winner: Santino Marella

    Simmons is holding his head as we cut to the back and see Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly talking about Holly's win earlier tonight when none other than the returning "Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna walks in.

    Chyna: What? What was that I just heard did I hear you just say that I don't have a chance in this tournament because I'm a woman, well remember this just because I'm a woman don't mean I can't handle my own and kick any guys ass no matter what size, and if you don't believe me watch what I do to my first round opponent.

    We cut to commercial as Hardcore and Cody just look at each other confused.

    Were back from commercial as we hear the music of "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan over the speakers.

    Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen the next match is a Greatest Superstar of all time Tournament match. Making his way to the ring from Glens Falls, NY weighing in at 280 lbs "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

    Duggan comes to the ring waving Old Glory and giving out plenty of HO'S until we hear the music of Chyna.

    Lillian: And introducing his opponent weighing in at 180 lbs "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna

    Match 4 in the Raw Region

    Jim Duggan v.s. Chyna

    Finish: Duggan goes for the 3 Point Stance but Chyna dodges it and the momentum sends Duggan into the corner. Chyna pulls him out of the corner and lifts him up in the belly to back suplex position and instead of dropping backwards she flips Duggan face first and sits down slamming him face first into the mat for the 1.2.3.

    Winner: Chyna

    Chyna grabs the mic

    Chyna: That right there is just the beginning I'm going to show all the fans and the boys in the back that a woman can dominate this sport just as good as any man.

    JR: Thats some mighty big words seeing as that was just her first match in the tournament.

    King: Yeah and if I were her I would keep my words short and sweet because she might have to eat them later.

    We go to commercial

    We come back from commercial and go to JR and King

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we hope you are enjoying the first round of what looks to be a very exciting tournament.

    King: Thats right JR and this is just the first night this week.

    JR: Thats right as Mr. McMahon said earlier there will be wrestling on every night of the week until each region is finished with their individual tournament.

    King: Hey JR if we get wrestling every night does that mean we get to see divas every night too? If thats so that means more PUPPIES!!!

    JR: I don't know King, but if you want to find out you better take a look at the scheduled programming for the week

    Graphic comes up showing what time and what station each show will be on

    JR: As you can see Raw, Smackdown, ECW, & TNA will be shown at it's regular time and station. On Wednesday you can catch ROH on the Versus network from 8-10 P.M. and Saturday WCW and the International Regions will be shown together of TNT from 8-11 P.M. And then on Sunday you can cap it off with our Legends Show from 10-11 P.M. on our sister network NBC. So if you like wrestling then the next couple of months or so are for you.

    King: I can't wait, but for now let's go to the back where Mike Adamle is standing by with John Cena

    Cut to the interview area in the back

    Adamle: Cena tonight you go one on one with none other than the Chairman of the WWE Mr. McMahon your thoughts?

    Cena: Well, Mike you know at the beginning of tonights show I actually thought that maybe just maybe Vince was having a change of heart and going in a new direction and just when I was about to believe it (screeching tire sound) I find out that he has put himself in the tournament. He couldn't help but stick his nose into places it don't belong, but that's ok, beause I guaruntee he won't make it past the first round tonight so you won't have to deal with him for long. So Vince get ready for a fight because I'm ready to beat your ass down.

    We go to commercial

    We come back from commerical and go to Lillian who is standing in the ring.

    Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen this match is the final Greatest Superstar of all Time Tournament match of the evening and is scheduled for one fall.

    No Chance in Hell rings through the arena as we await the arrival of the chairman.

    Lillian: Introducing first from Greenwich, CT he is the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment Mr. McMahon.

    Vince walks down the aisle half way and then stops. He looks around gets a big smile on his face and points toward the entrance. Out comes Shane McMahon in wrestling attire. Vince walks into the ring and grabs the mic from Lillian.

    Vince: Thank You Lillian your doing a wonderful job, however there is one thing you forgot, but don't worry it's not your fault I was keeping it a surprise. This match is now a NO DQ match.

    JR: Aw Come on whats the meaning of this it's bad enough that Shane is out there anyway, but to have it where he can interfere anytime he wants with out any consequences is just senseless.

    King: JR your talking about the boss you know he always has a trick up his sleeve.

    JR: Well, I wish he would have something up his ass.

    King: Easy JR

    We now hear the music of John Cena

    Lillian: His opponent in this now NO DQ match is from West Newbury, MA he weighs in at 260 lbs John Cena

    Match 5 in the Raw Region
    NO DQ

    John Cena v.s. Mr. McMahon w/ Shane McMahon

    Finish: Cena is fighting back after being double teamed through the whole match. Cena grabs a chair and goes to hit Vince with it when Shane jerks it out of his hands. Cena turns around to see Shane getting ready to hit him with the chair. Cena ducks and the chair hits Vince. Cena knocks Shane out of the ring. He picks up Vince for the F-U he spins him around when out of nowhere Umaga comes in and hits Cena with a Samoan Spike. Cena goes down. Shane gets back in the ring and orders Umaga to go for the running hip attack in the corner. He hits it. Cena is out of it. Shane tells Umaga to hold Cena in the corner as he is going to go coast to coast. Right as Shane gets on the top rope the glass breaks and hear comes the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin.


    Austin gets in the ring and Shane jumps down from the top rope, gets out of the ring and escapes through the crowd. This whole time Cena is out. Austin and Umaga brawl. Umaga goes for the Spike on Austin, but he ducks and kicks Umaga in the mid section flips him off and Stuns him. Umaga rolls out of the ring. Vince tries to get back up, but is staggering. He turns around to see his worst enemy Stone Cold staring him straight in the eyes. Austin flips off Vince and hits a big Stunner. Austin pulls Cena over Vince and the ref counts 1.2.3..

    Winner: John Cena

    Austin grabs a mic

    Austin: Oh Hell Yeah I wasn't about to let this little slimy SOB think he was the Greatest Superstar of all Time I had to end that real quick.

    Austin looks out of the ring at Umaga

    Austin: And Vince you may want to invest in a new bodyguard this one's not looking so good. Oh Yeah that little scrawny SOB that thinks he got away from the Texas Rattlesnake AH AH. He can't run forever in fact if I were him I would quit running now because he's going to need it next week when he goes one one with the the toughest SON OF A Bitch in this tournament me. And thats the bottom line because Stone Cold Said so.

    JR: You heard it right hear next week in a first round tournament match it will be Shane McMahon v.s. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    End of Show.

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    ECW Week 1

    We start the show recaping Vince's announcement from last night's Raw. Then we go to the arena with no fireworks to see that the ECW stage has been changed back to the bricks.

    Joey Styles: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to a new era of ECW. As you see we have gone back in time and changed the entrance, that's not the only thing changed from now on all matches will be fought under extreme rules, & no longer is Armando Estrada in charge no no no, we have the man who took ECW to the top Mr. Paul Heyman. So if your ready for some extreme hard hitting action you have came to the right place and what better way to start the new era than to begin our part of the Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament.

    We then hear the music of CW Anderson.

    Stephen DiAngelis: The opening contest of the evening is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Raleigh, NC weighing in at 245 lbs C.W. Anderson.

    Stephen DiAngelis: His opponent from Pheonix, AZ weighing in at 250 lbs Mike Knox

    Match 1 in ECW Region
    C.W. Anderson v.s. Mike Knox

    Finish: Mike Knox has a chair set up in the middle of the ring and tries to DDT CW on it, but CW reverses it and picks up Knox dropping him gut first on the chair. CW grabs the chair and hits Knox over the head twice. Knox goes down and CW goes for the cover. 1.2. Knox kicks out. Knox grabs another chair and sets it up side by side with the other chair. CW sends Knox into the ropes and hits a Spinebuster on the two chairs for the cover 1.2.3.

    Winner: CW Anderson

    Styles: Wow what a opening match, but that won't compare to the main event we have tonight, because it will be former ECW Champion Justin Credible along with fellow Impact Players Jason and Dawn Marie v.s. Elijah Burke

    We go to commercial

    Were back from Commercial

    We go to the back and see Shelton Benjamin and Chavo talking

    Chavo: So Shelton who do you have in your first round match?

    Shelton: Al Snow, come on can't Heyman do better than that please I'm the Golden Standard I can't be reduced to wrestling someone who talks to a head.

    Chavo: Hey if I were you I would be glad to have someone like Al Snow, because you aren't going to want to spend much energy in case you and me have to face each other down the road. If your in the ring with me it's not going to be so easy.

    Shelton: Oh is that so? (getting in Chavo's face) Well I'm the Golden Standard and it don't matter who I'm in the ring with I'll finish them off just like that (snap's finger)

    Bam Neely gets in front of Chavo protecting him

    Chavo: Well I guess we'll find out if that time comes

    Shelton: I guess so.

    Shelton walks out and we go back to the arena.

    We hear the music of Al Snow

    Stephen DiAngelis: The next contest is another Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring from Lima, OH weighing in at 234 lbs Al Snow

    Snow comes out with Head and we see that the foam heads have been given to the crowd just like in the original ECW. All the fans are bobbing their foam heads up and down.

    We then hear the music of the "Golden Standard" Shelton Benjamin

    Stephen DiAngelis: Introducing next from Orangeburg, SC weighing in at 245 lbs "The Golden Standard of ECW" Shelton Benjamin

    Match 2 in ECW Region
    Al Snow v.s. Shelton Benjamin

    Finish: Shelton goes for a superkick, but Snow catches his leg and spins him around. Shelton goes for a clothesline, but Snow ducks, Snow runs off the ropes and hits a crossbody for a 2 count. Snow runs to the ropes and out of nowhere Shelton hits a T-Bone Suplex for the cover 1.2. Snow kicks out. Shelton waits for Snow to get up measures him and hits the inverted bulldog for the cover 1.2.3.

    Winner: Shelton Benjamin

    We go to the back and see Tommy Dreamer prepping Colin Delaney for his match as we go to commercial

    Were back from commercial and hear the music of Colin Delaney.

    Stephen DiAngelis: The next match is scheduled for one fall and is a first round match in the Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament. Introducing first Colin Delaney

    Colin comes out all bandaged up

    Stephen DiAngelis: His opponent being accompanied by Judge Jeff Jones from Tampa, FL weighing in at 292 lbs Mike Awesome.

    Match 3 in ECW Region
    Colin Delaney v.s. Mike Awesome

    Finish: Colin is beat up really bad and is trying to fight back. Awesome has a table set up in the corner. Awesome sets up Colin for the Awesome Bomb, but Colin slides out the back and runs to the ropes, but Awesome gets the boot up and Colin runs smack into it. Awesome picks him up sets him up for another Awesome Bomb and runs him straight through the table for the cover 1.2.3.

    Winner: Mike Awesome

    Colin is laid out not moving and the medics come out and carry Colin out on a stretcher. We then see a split screen showing Elijah Burke and Justin Credible with Jason and Dawn Marie heading toward the ring.

    We go to commercial

    We come back from commercial to Joey Styles

    Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen lets go to Philadelphia where Dave Prazak is standing by and see what ROH has in store for tomorrow's show.

    Prazak: Thanks Joey that's right tomorrow night for the first time ever ROH will be on live television, unfortunately Mr. McMahon could only buy us 30 minutes of air time so we will only be having one match per week in the tournament. This week were going to kick it off big with BJ Whitmer v.s. a man you know very well Joey, none other than the "King of Old School" Steve Corino.

    Styles: That sounds like a great show Dave can't wait until tomorrow.

    Prazak: Thanks alot Joey

    Styles: Now lets go to the ring for our main event.

    Stephen DiAngelis: Ladies and Gentlemen this is your main event of the evening and is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring from Jacksonville, FL weighing in at 230 lbs Elijah Burke.

    Burke comes to the ring and then we hear the music of the Impact Players

    Stephen DiAngelis: His opponent being accompanied by fellow Impact Players Lance Storm, Jason, & Dawn Marie from Ozone Park, NY weighing in at 225 lbs Justin Credible.

    Nobody comes out DiAngelis repeats the introduction then Jason comes out from behind the entrance. Burke looks confused. Storm and Credible jump Burke from behind. and start hitting him with singapore canes.

    Styles: Damn it can't these guys fight on a level playing field just one time without having to use the number game?

    Match 4 in ECW Region
    Elijah Burke v.s. Justin Credible

    Finish: Jason grabs Burke so that Storm and Credible can hit a double superkick, but Elijah dodges and they kick Jason. Burke grabs a singapore cane and starts to wail away on Storm and Credible. The referee throws Jason and Storm from ringside. Credible is arguing with the referee. Meanwhile Elijah has a chair and when Credible turns around he gets cracked right in the head with a chair. Burke covers 1.2. Credible kicks out Burke picks him up and sends him into the corner and charges at him. Credible headstands over him so he is behind Burke. He hits a bridging german suplex for the cover 1.2. Burke kicks out. Credible signals thats it's over. Credible picks up Burk for the That's Incredible, but Burke slides out of it and pushes Credible into the corner. Burke charges at Credible and gets caught with a super kick. Credible picks him up and hits a That's Incredible on the chair for the cover 1.2..3

    Winner: Justin Credible

    Styles: Well, there you have it Justin Credible moves on to the next round of the tournament and that ends night one of what looks to be a exciting new era of ECW. Good night everyone see you next week and don't forget to tune into ROH tomorrow night.

    End of Show


    ROH Week 1

    We have the opening video and then we go to Dave Prazak and Jimmy Bower

    Prazak: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to the first ever televised Ring of Honor event we would like to thank Mr. McMahon for giving us this oppurtunity to show the world what ROH has to offer.

    Bower: Absolutely, we would also like to thank him for putting ROH in this huge tournament, because we may not be known as well as the other companies, but once you watch our show you will want to come back and watch every week.

    Prazak: Well, Jimmy lets don't just tell them about how exctiting our shows are lets show them. Right after this break our match of the week in the Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament.


    Back from Commercial and go straight to ring announcer Bobby Cruise

    Bobby Cruise: Ladies and Gentlemen our ROH match of the week is scheduled for one fall and is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match. Introducing first from Alexandria, KY weighing in at 230 lbs B. J. Whitmer.

    Bobby Cruise: His opponent now residing in Philadelphia, PA (cheap pop) weighing in at 242 lbs "The King of Old School" Steve Corino

    Match 1 in ROH Region
    B.J. Whitmer v.s. Steve Corino

    Finish: Both participants are tired after this great match. Corino goes for the Old School Plex, but Whtimer blocks it. Whtimer reverses it into a stalling suplex of his own letting all the blood rush to Corino's head and then drops him to the mat. Whtimer goes for the cover 1.2. Corino kicks out. Whitmer sets Corino up for a Exploder Suplex, but Corino fights out of it. Corino sends Whitmer to the ropes, Whtimer comes back and Corino drop toe holds Whitmer he then puts Whitmer in the camel clutch. Whtimer struggles, but finally makes it to the ropes. Corino argues with the referee. Whtimer gets to his feet. He kicks Corino in the gut and sends him to the corner. He sets him up on the turnbuckle. They are fighting up on the turnbuckle for control. Whitmer hits Corino with a hard right hand that stuns him. Whtimer grabs Corino and hits a big Exploder Suplex off the top rope for the cover 1.2.3.

    Winner: B. J. Whitmer

    Both Whitmer and Corino get to their feet and shake hands after a great match.

    End of Show
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    TNA Week 1

    The show opens with fireworks and we go straight to Mike Tenay who is at the announce table with a microphone.

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen before we get started tonight may I introduce the man who will be sitting by my side while Don West is out for surgery. He is the public face of TNA Mr. Jim Cornette.

    Cornette makes his way to the announce table and shakes Tenay's hand.

    Cornette: Thanks Mike I can't wait to get things started tonight and I must say it's a whole lot easier to control whats going on sitting out here rather than sitting in my office looking at the monitor.

    We go up to David Penzer for our first match of the night.

    Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen the opening contest on TNA Impact is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied to the ring by "The Pride of Tennessee" Jacqueline, from Leipers Fork, TN weighing 245 lbs "Cowboy" James Storm.

    Penzer: His opponent from Bollywood, India weighing in at 210 lbs "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt

    Dutt comes to the ring taking up donations. He then kisses the hand of So Cal Val and she smiles.

    Match 1 in TNA Region
    James Storm v.s. Sonjay Dutt

    Finish: James Storm goes to grab the beer bottle to smash it over Sonjay's head, but Sonjay grabs his tambourine and shields himself from getting hit. Storm slams down the broken bottle and runs at Sonjay for a clothesline, but Sonjay ducks and comes back with a head scissors. Storm is down on the mat and Sonjay goes up top and tries the Killshock, but Storm rolls out of the way and Sonjay lands on his feet. Storm kicks Sonjay in the gut and picks him up for the Eye of the Storm, but Sonjay slides out the back and goes for a backslide. 1.2. Kick Out by Storm. Sonjay picks up Storm and sends him to the corner. Sonjay runs and hits the running hip attack in the corner. Storm stumbles out of the corner. Sonjay goes for that backflip inverted DDT, but before he could flip over Storm pushes him off. Sonjay turns around right into a Superkick by the Cowboy for the cover. 1.2.3.

    Winner: James Storm

    We go back to the announce table with Tenay and Cornette. Where they run down the matches for the evening.

    Tenay: You have seen it here already tonight in our first match tonight's matches will all be Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament matches. Tell them what we got in line for tonight Jim.

    Cornette: Well, tonight we are going to see Kip James take on "The War Machine" Rhino. We are also going to see BG James take on Robert Roode. Also tonight we will see "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan go against 1/2 of the Rock N Rave Infection Lance Hoyt. And in the main event it will be "The Prince of Phenomenal" AJ Styles against the returning "World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock.

    Tenay: Boy what a lineup that is. Now lets go to the back to Lauren who is standing by with Matt Morgan.

    Lauren: I am standing by with Matt Morgan. Matt what are your thoughts on your match tonight with Lance Hoyt.

    Morgan: You know, all week all I have been hearing is how everyone wants to win this tournament to prove they are the Greatest Superstar of All Time. To tell you the truth I actually don't care if I win the tournament, I mean winning it would be great, but it would just be a bonus to my goal and that goal is to prove that I am what I say I am the most "Genetically Jacked-Athletically Stacked Giant going today. I mean if you look at this tournament the greatest giants in pro wrestling are in it. You have Kane, Big Show, Great Khali, and of course the legend himself "The Eighth Wonder of the World" Andre the Giant among others. I know that I am more dominating than any of these other giants and throughout this tournament I will prove it, and I start tonight by taking out a big man in his own right Lance Hoyt. So Hoyt get ready, because your fixing to get dominated courtesy of "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan.

    We go to commerical

    Back from commercial

    We go to the locker room of the Angle Alliance

    AJ: Kurt I'm not so sure about my match tonight I mean I'm going against a guy who calls himself "The World's Most Dangerous Man". What if I get hurt? I have seen some of his matches in UFC and well, I haven't seen one match where his opponent don't walk out injured.

    Angle: Well, I guess you better be talking to Tomko so he can come to the ring with you for backup.

    AJ: Tomko, isn't here tonight. He has a match in Japan. OOH I know how about you face Shamrock and I'll take your first round opponent.

    Angle: Do I look stupid? Why would I want to face Ken Shamrock, I mean you just said yourself that nobody comes out uninjured in his matches. So no, your facing Shamrock and that's that.

    AJ walks out of the room worried when he runs into Karen Angle.

    Angle: Karen what are you doing here?

    Karen: Well, I just heard you talking to Kurt and you don't need to worry about your match tonight, because I know you are way more man than Shamrock and you can take him out easy, after all you are "The Prince of Phenomenal" and it don't hurt that I will be at ringside with you. So don't worry it will be O.K. I promise.

    Karen rubs her hand across AJ's chest as she walks away leaving AJ with a big smile on his face.

    Tenay: WOW lucks like AJ perked up pretty quick after seeing Karen.

    Cornette: Who wouldn't perk up after seeing Karen Angle, but if I were AJ I wouldn't be worrying about Karen and I would be putting full concentration on his match tonight against Shamrock.

    We then hear the music of the Rock N Rave Infection.

    Penzer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match. Introducing first being accompanied by Christy Hemme and Jimmy Rave from Dallas TX, weighing in at 290 lbs Lance Hoyt

    The Rock N Rave Infection come to the ring in their whole Guitar Hero schtik and Christy grabs the mic.


    Rave: Helllo Atlanta

    Hoyt: Who here is ready to get infected?

    We then hear the music of Matt Morgan

    Penzer: His opponent from Fairfield, CT weighing in at 330 lbs " The Blueprint" Matt Morgan

    Match 2 in TNA Region
    Lance Hoyt v.s. Matt Morgan

    Finish: Hoyt sends Morgan to the ropes and connects with a flying shoulder block. He picks up Morgan and tries for a scoop slam, but Morgan blocks it and clubs Hoyt on the back. He sends Hoyt to the corner and runs and hits him with a big clothesline in the corner. He sends him to the opposite corner and hits another clothesline. He then picks up Hoyt and hits the spinning sitout powerbomb. He goes for the cover, but Christy destracts the referee. Rave comes in with the Guitar Hero guitar and goes to hit Morgan with it. Morgan sees Rave coming and hits a big boot right to the face. Morgan grabs the guitar and and smashes it over Rave's head. Hoyt runs at Morgan with a big boot of his own, but Morgan dodges. He kicks Hoyt in the gut and hits the Mount Morgan Drop for the cover 1.2.3

    Winner: Matt Morgan

    We see BG James heading to the ring for his match when out of nowhere Kip James attacks him from behind with a chair. He then throws him into a garage door leaving him knocked out. Kip walks off as we go to commerical

    Back from commercial as we hear the music of Robert Roode

    Penzer: The following is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match. Scheduled for one fall introducing first being accompanied by his Chief Executive Offender Payton Banks, from Wall Street in Manhattan, NY weighing in at 230 lbs Robert Roode.

    Roode makes his way to the ring and then we hear the music of BG James.

    Penzer: His opponent from Marietta, GA weighing 236 lbs BG James.

    BG doesn't come out and Penzer repeats the introduction two more times.

    Roode has a big smile on his face and grabs the mic from Penzer

    Roode: Well, looks like BG had a case of cold feet, so that means referee you have to declare me the winner by forfeit

    The referee doesn't want to give the match to Roode and is arguing with him.

    Roode: Damn it you declare me the winner by forfeit or I will stick my fist down your throat.

    The referee goes ahead and tells Penzer to declare Roode the winner.

    Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen your winner by forfeit Robert Roode

    Winner: Robert Roode

    We go to a close up shot of Mike Tenay

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen I would just like to remind you that this Saturday starts the first week of the new WCW/ International show. I along with Tony Schiavane will be calling the International half while Scott Hudson and Larry Zbysko call the WCW half and I have been informed that the International half of the main event of the first show will be Hector Garza v.s. "The Juice" Juventud Guerrera.

    Cornette: That should be a great match two of Mexico's top stars battle it out, but were not even done here tonight still to come we have AJ Styles against Ken Shamrock, but coming up next it's Kip James one on one with "The War Machine" Rhino.

    We go to commercial

    Back from commercial

    We see Ken Shamrock warming up for his match throwing kicks and punches at a body bag.

    Tenay: Shamrock looks like he's ready to tear someone up tonight

    Cornette: Yeah, an unfortunately for AJ Styles he is that someone, he better get focused and get his head in the game.

    We hear the music of Kip James.

    Penzer: The next match is a Greatest Superstar of All Time Tournament match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Austin, TX weighing in at 268 lbs Kip James.

    Penzer: His opponent from Detroit, MI weighing in at 250 lbs "The War Machine" Rhino.

    Match 3 in TNA Region
    Kip James v.s. Rhino

    Finish: Rhino and Kip are trading punches back and forth. Kip rakes the eyes of Rhino and sends him to the ropes. Kip lowers his head and Rhino kicks him in the face. Rhino then connects with a clothesline. He picks up Kip and hits a belly to belly suplex. He goes for the cover 1.2. kick out by Kip. Rhino sends Kip to the corner and charges at him, but Kip puts up the boot. Kip runs at Rhino with a clothesline, but Rhino ducks. Kip comes off the other ropes and Rhino grabs Kip by the hair and tosses him over the ropes. Kip is on the outside trying to get back on his feet. Then we hear the voice of BG James who comes out carrying a steel chair.

    BG: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa hold the phone. Kip you want to jump me from behind and try to take me out just because Roode paid you off well, I say don't jump me from behind, be a man and face me eye to eye, because I know you better than anybody and I know you don't handle business by jumping people.

    BG is walking toward Kip with the chair. Kip is backing up the ring steps onto the apron focusin all of his attention on BG. BG is getting closer and Kip gets in the ring. BG runs at him. Kip turns around and runs right into a Gore by Rhino for the cover. 1.2.3.

    Winner: Rhino

    BG gets in the ring and extends his hand to Kip.

    BG: Kip I've known you for years and your like a brother from a different mother to me, and I'm not about to let our friendship end like this.

    Kip goes to shake his hand and then kicks BG in the gut. He sends BG to the ropes and goes for a clothesline. BG ducks the clothesline and runs off the ropes and connects with his own clothesline. BG picks up the chair and runs toward Kip, but Kip rolls out of the ring. BG is standing on the second rope and is looking and pointing and yelling at Kip.

    We then go to the back and see AJ heading to the ring with Karen Angle when Kurt runs up

    Kurt: Hey, AJ I got to thinking you know I'm a former TNA Champion and I should be facing the best of the best to show why I'm the best. So I decided to change my mind and accept your deal to trade matches so go ahead and go back to the locker room you go the night off buddy.

    AJ: You know Kurt thanks for changing your mind, but I think I got things covered tonight. (Looks over at Karen and smiles). So it looks like you are the one with the night off....buddy.

    AJ and Karen walk off toward the ring leaving Kurt looking confused.

    Kurt: AJ come on. What do you mean you have things taken care of ? And what's with you and Karen you do realize were still married don't you?

    We go to commercial

    Back from commercial as we go to the ring for our main event

    We hear the music of AJ Styles

    Penzer: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is your TNA Impact featured bout scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Karen Angle from Gainsville, Ga weighing in at 202 lbs he is "The Prince of Phenomenal" AJ Styles.

    Penzer: His opponent from Sacramento, CA weighing in at 235 lbs he is "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock

    Match 4 in TNA Region
    AJ Styles v.s. Ken Shamrock

    Finish: AJ runs at Shamrock and goes for a clothesline, but Shamrock ducks and while ducking grabs AJ by the waist and spins around behind him. He goes for a german suplex, but AJ lands on his feet. AJ hits a german suplex of his own and rolls through it and hits a belly to back face buster. Shamrock is on the mat. AJ goes up to the top rope and hits the Sprial Tap for the cover 1.2. Kick Out by Shamrock. AJ is shocked. He picks Shamrock up and sends him to the ropes. AJ drops down and Shamrock leaps over him. AJ then leapfrogs Shamrock, but Shamrock catches him in a sitout powerbomb for the cover. 1.2. AJ kicks out. Shamrock locks in a leg grapevine hold. At this time Kurt Angle makes his way to ringside. AJ gets to the ropes and Shamrock breaks the grapevine. Shamrock picks him up and puts AJ in the corner. Shamrock chops AJ twice, then AJ turns it around and chops Shamrock. AJ then goes to the opposite corner runs at him with a flying forearm smash. AJ then goes goes for a monkey flip, but Shamrock catches him and puts AJ on the top turnbuckle. Shamrock then goes for a Superplex, but AJ blocks it and pushes him off the turnbuckle. Shamrock lands on his feet. AJ then jumps off the top rope and leapfrogs over Shamrock. AJ hits the Pele out of nowhere knocking Shamrock out of the ring to the floor. Karen Angle gets on the apron to destract the referee. Angle takes shots at Shamrock on the outside and then restrains him and AJ then runs to the ropes and flip dives over the ropes to hit Shamrock, but Shamrock moves and AJ hits Angle. Shamrock grabs AJ and throws him in the ring. Karen Angle has got off the apron. Shamrock sends AJ to the ropes and when he comes back goes for a standing hurricanrana, but AJ blocks it and turns it into a Styles Clash for the cover 1.2.3..

    Winner: AJ Styles

    Karen comes in the ring to celebrate with AJ. Kurt is getting back to his feet on the outside. AJ picks Karen up and as soon as Kurt gets up and looks in the ring the sight he sees shocks him. AJ and Karen are in the middle of the ring in a huge kiss and AJ's hand is on Karen's butt. Angle is furious as the show goes off the air.

    End of Show

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