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    Triple H is one of the very best in the business, whether you like him or not.

    His legacy in the world of sports entertainment might not reach the lofty flash in the pan equivalents of Stone Cold or The Rock but there can be little doubt that Paul Levesque has gone way above and beyond anything that those two have done for the business. Sure, The Rock and Austin were more popular and, perhaps, still are. But Triple H's legacy is measured in accomplishments, successes and overall impact to the business.

    What's more, Triple H has been to the top of the mountain on more than one occasion, doing everything that there is to do in the world of wrestling. He has beaten everyone that there is to beat and he's doing it over and over again for the better part if 20 years.

    The Game, whether you like him or not, is amongst the very best that wrestling has ever had and even the great tell of their respect for his work, enthusiasm and passion for the sport. There's a reason they call him The Game and, this year, he deserves to win it...
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    Even said last year that after Kurt, I'd be pulling for The Game. Glad to see there's already an HQ. His career is probably the best from any modern wrestler. Can probably be argued it's the best, period.

    Director Max Landis even spent time making a 20 minute video explaining why. Triple H has my support in this tournament.

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