Finn Balor should fight HHH at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'Wrestlemania XXXIII' started by MattRhys20, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Given how we are still up in the air about Seth's chances of fighting in Orlando, and given how I don't trust WWE to have a backup plan, here would be my solution.

    Basically, you leave it (storyline wise) all the way up to Wrestlemania that Seth & the doctors don't know if he's ready to fight or not. We've already had the line that Seth 'will be at Wrestlemania', so if he IS ready to go, you just carry on as normal with him v HHH.

    However, if it transpires that Seth isn't able to compete, you go like this:

    Step 1 - Triple H comes out, having his usual OTT entrance
    2 - Seth's music hits and he walks out still with his crutches
    3 - Seth delivers a promo along the lines of 'I can't fight, but I don't wanna let these people down, so I brought some backup'
    4 - Lights go out, Balor's music hits
    5 - Camping World Stadium erupts, causing the people at Disney to make a noise complaint as people can't hear the fireworks.

    You can work the angle anyway you want, but the crux of it is 'Finn, one of HHH's protege's from NXT is standing up for another NXT graduate in Seth.

    There's the basic premise, feel free to disagree with me
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    Nice idea, but after last night, i think the seth rollins/HHH match is a go because they wouldn'T have started the angle if they didn'T know the condition of seth's knee going into mania.

    On a side note, there one problem that i see with your idea, why would Finn agree to help Seth out? Wasn't it Seth that put Finn balor on the injured list in the first place? Shouldn't the natural first program for finn is to get revenge on the guy to put him out even if it become a face vs face program?

    That's just an observation, personally, i would love for them to wait until the raw after mania to bring back Finn on T.V. because they're really for him to do on this card outside of maybe have a match with Joe which would be a good match, but putting him with HHH in my opinion makes no sense, you're better off finding somebody that'S hates HHH as much as Rollins does if you need a replacement for him at mania.
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    Personally i'm hoping somehow we get a tag team match of Joe/HHH vs Balor/Rollins. Finn can get his kick ass demon entrance at mania but the match ends with Balor turning on Rollins and joining HHH. This could lead to a Balor Rollins feud. After that perhaps a Joe/Balor feud with Joe turning face.
  4. Jack-Hammer

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    I don't really see it and there'd really be no reason for it. I would think that Balor's goal would be to regain the Universal Championship, a title he never lost btw, rather than trying to fight Seth Rollins' battles for him.

    Based on the promo segment on Raw, I think that there are a couple of options:

    1. Rollins has already been cleared - Rollins stating that he will be at WrestleMania and the implied threat of violence heaped upon him if he does show up leads me to believe that the injury was minor, he's progressing well in physical therapy and will be ready in time or he's already medically cleared.

    2. There won't be a match but an "impromptu fight" - They could go the route of Rollins not being 100% cleared to go in there as he normally would, but perhaps he's cleared enough so that it's okay for him to physical to some degree. No leaps from the top rope, no springboard stuff, not really doing anything to make him land on the knee, etc. as a result, he and Triple H could still "fight" by brawling with each other for a while before they're separated. As a result, they could push this feud a little further to culminate with a match at SummerSlam possibly.

    3. Rollins shows up but can't fight - Rollins' injury may be as severe as he was selling, so they could have him out there calling out Triple H and Joe showing more guts than brains. Rollins won't be able to fight and when Trips & Joe about to finish him off, someone comes to Rollins' aid. Maybe it's Balor, maybe it's Nakamura, maybe both of them, etc. but someone shows up to take up for Rollins and to make sure he isn't hurt. As a result of this, Rollins gets to be a memorable part of WrestleMania and it'd set up Nakamura, Balor or whomever up for high profile programs.
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  5. ISkye

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    Seth, Foley, Zayn, Reigns, etc all trash on Samoa Joe and Owens because they fight someone else's battles. That's a lot of the point he's had against HHH is using other people to screw him over. I'd rather Seth R. either do what he's set himself out to do for solid months and get his payoff story line wise. If he's going to be on a face end moving forward I'd rather him be pure and right on a lot of the reason he has to be upset. In the authority he did the same plenty between J & J, Kane, and Big Show. A point in the Ambrose feud against him was that he relied heavily on the rest of The Shield as well.

    If he's going to be a face and show his development as a character I'd rather him get this payoff and actually continue his rather consistent booking. Finn Balor also defeated Seth Rollins in his 2nd, and current last match on the main roster for the universal title. That span off in this long KO / Jericho vs Seth , Seth vs HHH hell hole one way or another. Seth was also first NXT champion, and with Balor being such a staple NXT champ I imagine that is fuel for a feud later on down the road.

    Just not enough reason within even 1/4th of all context to make it happen.

    On another end, Seth is well established and has had countless great matches in and out of the Shield. Won the U.S, and WWE Title even holding both at the same time. Money in the bank winner, Wrestlemania Main Event, etc. Considering Finn Balor was #1 Draft pick, won a Contendership. Then his 2nd match on the main roster saw him winning the Universal Title and then relinquishing it the night after on RAW. So the hype fell flat, and he's kind of been drifted away in the current injury.

    I think in one way or another it will intertwine, and I think if done right the general idea you state isn't that far fetched. Seth should be at Wrestlemania and able to compete, but I'm not sure if they'd go through with the match. It'd be best not to rush him back considering the last two injuries have been done in somewhat simple confrontations to the same area. If Seth was injured more heavily, I'd want this to happen or something just so we get to see HHH get some damage and they could drag it into Summerslam if they wanted.

    It's a good general idea though, you could twist it a little (or quite a bit if wanted) and make it fit well as a general basis / layout.
  6. d_henderson1810

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    It will be Seth Rollins v Triple H at "Wrestlemania 33".

    Did you see the segment on RAW last week? Why would they spend so much time on a segment between Seth and Triple H, if the match isn't going to happen?

    My tip is that Seth has been cleared, but they are continuing the "injury" for the build for the match.

    Also, if you watch the segment again, look at Seth's crutch. It is upside down. If he were REALLY still injured, he would fall over from not holding his crutch properly, as he would have no weight in his leg. I thought that Joe would attack him, and he would swing the crutch at him. But Seth didn't swing the crutch, yet held it upside down.

    Maybe the whole injury was a storyline, to make Samoa Joe look strong, and since Triple H dumped Seth for getting injured and called him "weak", then another "injury" creates speculation and it will be a bigger deal when Seth announces that he is fine to go, and wants Triple H at "Wrestlemania".

    Forget Finn. He got pushed to the moon on his first night on RAW, and got the WWE Title too soon. He then got injured in his first high-profile match, and only got pushed because the fans went on and on about him. He should be moved back to NXT when he returns, or be in the U.S. Title picture, and maybe go for the main prize again a few years down the track, when he has built his body to take the bumps main event matches bring.
  7. Spencesc11

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    I think with Finn Balor the match that would make the most sense for Mania would be an opening match vs. Nakamura. This would showcase both guys and get the show off to a huge start. The loss wouldn't hurt either guy and would most likely be a match of the year candidate. Winner gets a shot at the US Title the next night on Raw.
  8. Dave

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    Seth Rollins will be ready for Mania, that's a given at this point. Like has been pointed out, there is no way that the WWE would have started the angle on Monday night if they weren't 100 percent sure that Rollins was going to be able to compete in the match.

    For the record, Finn Balor would be a good replacement for Rollins if we wasn't able to compete but that's irrelevant now. The real question that remains is what the plan will be for Finn Balor when he makes his long-awaited appearance. To me, the only really option the WWE have is to have him go after Samoa Joe. By the time Mania rolls around, I fully expect Joe to be wearing the United States Championship after beating Chris Jericho. So a match for the US title between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor would definitely be worth watching.

    So, yeah, this is really a non-starter in the first place. Rollins will take on Triple H and Samoa Joe and Finn Balor will be doing something completely different.
  9. George Steele's Barber

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    Keep HHH off the card. This card has so many matches that I am lukewarm about already that I'd rather they do something different and creative building to something else rather than "here's a match because HHH should be on the card".

    Raw is a part of like 11 or 12 PPVs a year now. I'm sorry Balor, HHH, and Rollins may have to sit this one out. It's an ok feud with a decent story and build behind it, they've waited this long to complete it, they can wait a little longer. Plus no reason to have HHH or Balor lose to one another. HHH needs to be strong for Rollins and Balor shouldn't be losing to a 45 year old.

    Hopefully I got my point scrambled point across.
  10. ShinChan

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    I have said multiple times thay the feud between Rollins and Triple H should've ended at either Survivor Series or Royal Rumble. But no, WWE drags it down until Wrestlemania 33 which made no sense whatsoever.

    Balor Vs. Triple H won't and shouldn't happen. The segment of Rollins on Raw suggested that we will get him Vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania 33 for sure. I don't know how though.

    If Rollins can't handle on his own then make it Triple H & Samoa Joe Vs. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins. The tag match would protect Rollins as well.

    There's no logical reason to do Balor Vs. Triple H with almost negligible build.
  11. LBGetBack

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    Agreed. This angle was botched a long time ago and it ran out of steam a long time ago. Having HHH screw Rollins and then just disappear for months seemingly just to drag it out until Mania was so bad. Like this angle just HAD to end at Mania? SMH. If anything, a Rollins-HHH match should've happened last fall, and if they really needed it to go to Mania, they could've transitioned the rivalry to Joe-Rollins(while quietly phasing HHH out of the angle)....which would feel a lot more fresh.

    The HHH Mania match is so unnecessary this year if we're already getting Taker, Goldberg, and Brock. You can only have so many part timers whose real runs as wrestlers happened 10-20 years ago, on the show.

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