Ellen Ripley

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    Ellen Ripley


    Ellen Ripley is much more than your average woman... well, unless the average woman regularly hurdles through space, decimating hordes of bloodthirsty aliens.

    Ripley's career in space is, to say the least, a tumultuous one. She is placed into stasis on multiple occasions, where she'll sleep through large chunks of time, and is also resurrected from the dead, at one point. Throughout this all, her heroism never wavers and she manages to prevent alien forces from causing mass destruction.

    Her greatest traits may be her undying will to do what's right -- as she willingly sacrifices herself to save mankind and willingly endangers herself, just to fight for the ultimate good -- and her ability to feel compassion, among all the destruction around her. In a way, this highlights her almost-superhuman resiliency, as well. Whatever the case, she'll prove a challenge for any competitor.


    • Military Training: Ripley's military training comes in handy, as she is proficient with weapons, has a knowledge of military tactics, and is physically fit.
    • Leadership Experience: Ripley never wilts under pressure and is an excellent leader. This guarantees a cool head in battle.
    • Intelligence and Innovation: Ripley is very clever and uses her surroundings to her advantage.


    • M41A Pulse Rifle: This is Ripley's preferred weapon, which she is very experienced with.

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