Do regions really matter?

Discussion in 'General WZ Tournament Discussion' started by Dan Severn's Moustache, Mar 28, 2014.

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    I'm hearing arguments about how Triple H and Kevin Nash will pull strings because of their respective regions, and it really doesn't make much sense to me. We're supposed to be analysing 2 wrestlers at the peak of their career, and in the case of Kevin Nash vs Raven, it's extremely hard to analyse because people keep spouting the "Nash is in WCW so he wins" argument, whilst not considering Raven's peak in ECW (probably when he was champion). Kevin Nash would probably win, yes, but that's beside the point. The point is, I don't think what region a superstar gets drawn in should matter at all, because with that logic, Kevin Nash is nigh on unbeatable simply because of what part of the bracket he's in. I support the home field crowd advantage, especially when it comes to guys like El Santo because it's a major factor, but the whole promotion advantage is really irritating.

    It might be because I don't really read into that aspect of the competition and just consider it a way to have regional finals, semi-finals and a grand final and to separate the top guys for as long as possible. What are your guys thoughts on this? And if you disagree, can you explain why you feel this way?
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    I don't pay much attention to the regions. If two guys are really close and one of them has an obvious "home field advantage" I may use it as kind of a tie breaker, but for the most part I'm going to vote for who I feel is the better wrestler regardless of region.
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    I don't understand why they shouldn't. Has the ECW region not produced Extreme Rule Matches during it's tenure? If it got its own distinct location advantage, why not other divisions in terms of booking and past success in said region? El Santo road a tidal wave in the International Region last year because he got placed in Mexico City. To me, where a wrestler falls in one of the four division adds to the variables that could alter an outcome. Why wouldn't you welcome that type of variable when it comes to mass voting? Otherwise, you have the same exact wrestlers moving forward each year.

    In the end, I'm pro vote how ever you seem fit as long as you can somewhat logically defend your choice. There is no harm in different voting methods and it provides for a more interesting tournament.
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    It does but its not a power thing. I think location matters more, but only in some matches. If misawa faced flair in Toyko, Misawa is going to win, if it happens in North Carolina Flair wins.

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