Deadman Inc. opens it's doors...

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    "From Death Valley, weighing two-hundred and ninety-nine pounds, Theeeeeeee Undeeeeeeerrrrrrtaaaaaakkeeeerrrrrr"


    Welcome to Hell and the demon that will lead you into eternal damnation.

    Wrestlezone Forums! You disappointed me. Is that the best effort that you could put together?

    And you posters! The audacity to come out here week after week and claim responsibility for my disappearance. What I was doing was soothing the souls of my parents, because I had to explain to them, why, I would have to do the one thing I promised never to do.

    Wrestlezone Tournament! I will walk straight through the fires of hell to face you! And when you look into my eyes, you will understand why, I am the most feared entity in WWE. You will understand why, I am the reaper of wayward souls and you will understand why I am the Lord of Darkness. May the hounds of hell eat your rotting soul and you will rest in peace.


    He may not dress much like Satan anymore, but the Undertaker is still down with the devil, and will go medieval on this tourney's ass.
    At 6 foot 10, nearly 300 pounds, 'Taker is one of the most dominating and intimidating competitors to have ever set foot in the squared circle.

    His career spans four decades, yet has given no indication of retiring from the ring.

    His streak of 20 undefeated matches at Wrestlemania is not only unprecedented and unparalleled, but also most likely unbreakable and unsurpassable.

    He is a 7 time world champion, holding the WWE Championship 4 times, and the World Heavyweight Championship 3 times.
    He has held 7 tag team titles in his career.
    He won the Royal Rumble in 2007.
    He won both Pro Wrestling Illustrated and Wrestling Observer Newsletter's Match of the Year Award two years running (2009 and 2010).
    He pioneered one of WWE's most famous matches in the Hell in a Cell.
    He has, irrefutably, the greatest entrance of all time, to a point where his arrival to the ring is just as anticipated as his matches themselves.

    There is one word that defines The Undertaker in terms of the WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole: respect.
    Read any wrestler's autobiography and you will see that they all look up to 'Taker as one of the wisest, kindest, most influential persons in the business.

    And for his longevity and dedication, he deserves your respect too.
    Vote 'Taker, or he'll make you famous.


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